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Men’s Iceland Packing List: How To Pack For All Seasons

If you are a guy searching the internet for the best Iceland packing list, we got you covered! There isn’t much information out there when it comes to what men should wear in Iceland, so we created the ultimate guide of travel gear for men heading to Iceland below. This Iclenad packing list was created by a guy for guys, but if you are a woman reading this, feel free to modify and simply purchase your choice of clothing and gear from this list.

After visiting Iceland twice in the span of eight months and taking an epic Iceland road trip, we know the importance of being prepared for the crazy weather and memorable adventures that are found in Iceland. Figuring out what to wear in Iceland doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult and you can pick up everything you need online if you live in a warm place like we do.

Before we get started, we are going to discuss a few Iceland packing list tips to get you started and then we will move on to the actual Iceland packing list for men.

iceland packing list for men

Quick Tips For Your Iceland Packing List:

-A good Iceland packing list doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. When packing for Iceland, you should check out websites like Amazon if you don’t have a piece of gear and need to buy it quickly and affordable. You can even try a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime and get free shipping and returns on most items and then cancel your subscription once your Iceland packing list shopping is done. A lot of suggestions on this list are affordable and from Amazon so you don’t break the bank in Iceland!

-You don’t have to pack light if you don’t want to. A common misconception is that you need to pack as light as possible. When packing for Iceland, you will want to bring enough clothing and gear to change in case something gets wet. For example, if you are looking for what to pack for Iceland in March, you will need to bring heavier clothing than if you are packing for Iceland in summer.

-You may not be able to roll your suitcase very far depending on the time of year you visit Iceland. If you are traveling to Iceland during the winter or visiting during the off-season, understand that you may not be able to roll a suitcase very far as the ground will be covered in snow. We don’t advocate for backpacks if you don’t want them but keep in mind you may have to use a little muscle to carry your suitcase into your accommodation.

-It’s okay to use an Iceland packing list. Guys….we know you don’t really like to ask for directions…but packing for Iceland isn’t really a time you want to short yourself! If you have never been to Iceland before, at least glancing over an Iceland packing list for men is a good idea! We have gone to Iceland and tried [and failed] so you don’t have to! Shhh…we won’t tell anyone you read this if you don’t want us to!

-Do yourself a favor and pack enough warm clothes and layers. We have seen it time and time again. Many men don’t like to pack enough layers or warm clothes and end up secretly freezing their butts off. We have plenty of different options on our Iceland packing list for both winter and summer so be sure that you consider the time of year you are traveling to Iceland. This isn’t the time to skimp on what you pack for Iceland as the weather is very inhospitable and changes quite quickly!

The Ultimate Iceland Packing List For Men


Top Clothing For Your Iceland Packing List

The Ultimate Iceland Packing List For Men: What To Bring To Iceland | What To Pack For A Trip To Iceland | Best Packing List For Iceland

The most important part of your Iceland packing list is clothing that will keep you warm and dry. No matter what time of year you travel to Iceland, the weather is unpredictable. Similar to what to pack for Europe in winter, you are going to want good quality clothing that is waterproof. One second could be bright and sunny and then you drive five miles down the road you are standing on a beach in Iceland and it is a hail and wind storm. Preparedness is key and is especially important if you are going on one of the many tours in Iceland! 

Waterproof and Windproof Coat

No matter what time of year you travel to Iceland, a good jacket such as this Columbia Men’s Action Jacket is an absolutely essential item to make your Iceland packing list. Similarly, if you are looking for a Europe winter packing list, a solid wind and waterproof coat should make an appearance. Make sure that the jacket you choose is both waterproof and windproof as Iceland has a ton of waterfalls you will want to check out. We love Columbia products for travel [and no they don’t sponsor us!] and think they make the best winter coats for Iceland. I [Terrence] have worn two different Columbia jackets to Iceland and can testify that they are a must-have. Choose a more plain color like me or a jacket with a pop of color to stand out on the Icelandic landscape.

Light Thermal Jacket

Yes, Iceland is cold, but there may be some days when it is a bit warmer. Having a light thermal jacket with Omni-heat technology will allow you to ditch the heavy coat and still be warm. On the flip side, these jackets are made for layering under coats so if the weather turns cold, simply throw on your heavier coat over this lighter layer. If you are looking for what to pack for Iceland in March bring this jacket in addition to a heavy jacket. If you are looking to visit Iceland during the warmer months you may be able to get away with adding just this jacket to your Iceland packing list.

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Long Sleeve Shirts

When considering what to wear in Iceland, do yourself a favor and leave all your short sleeve tops behind. Even if you are a guy who runs warm, remember that the Icelandic climate is unfamiliar and unpredictable. Pack at least 3-4 good long sleeve shirts, depending on your amount of space and the length of time you will be visiting in Iceland.

Thermal Tops

One or two thermal tops are an essential addition to your Iceland packing list. A successful trip to Iceland is all about dressing in layers and that is no different for guys. Wear a long sleeve thermal top as a base layer under your regular shirt and jacket. You won’t believe what a difference that thin layer of fabric can make.

Fleece Lined Thermal Leggings

If there is one piece of clothing that you should pack for Iceland, this is it! Fleece lined thermal leggings are the barrier between your legs and the freezing Icelandic wind. Whether you are wearing ski pants, hiking pants, or just normal jeans, you are going to want thermal leggings underneath. One pair and you will be set for a few years worth of cold-weather trips. If you are in search of what to pack for Europe in winter, these are essential and should be included on any winter packing list. Guys….now is not the time to complain about leggings/thermals. Add these to your Iceland packing list and thank us later!

Hiking Pants

A good pair of hiking pants won’t break the bank and are something you will wear in Iceland and beyond. Don’t make the mistake that we did and spend all of your time in jeans because it is a surefire way to ruin all of your favorite pairs. Quality hiking pants don’t cost that much and are stain proof so you can go muck around in all the mud you want and your pants won’t be ruined. Men’s waterproof hiking pants are usually pretty thin and pack well so you can bring multiple options.

Snow Pants

Yes, Iceland is in the Arctic and it does get chilly. Snow pants should make your Iceland packing list if you plan to visit Iceland in the winter, fall or early spring. If you are planning a trip to Iceland during the summer, you should be okay to leave these at home and just layer under hiking pant, jeans or other travel gear for men. Just make sure that whatever pants you bring are waterproof! We were hesitant to wear snow pants in Iceland but after giving them a try, we can attest that it is 100% a good idea. Snow pants are reliable travel gear for men and should be included on any Europe winter packing list!


Although you will be outdoors for the majority of your time in Iceland, throwing one or two pairs of jeans into your suitcase won’t hurt. We love jeans because they are made out of a thick material and do well when paired with thermal leggings underneath. If you go this route, make sure to get some waterproof hiking pants for men to keep in the car or your daypack just in case you need to throw them on over your jeans.

Swim Trunks

You would probably never guess that swim trunks should make your Iceland packing list, but with hot springs like the Blue Lagoon, Iceland is full of opportunities to take a dip.

Shoes To Pack For Iceland

The Ultimate Iceland Packing List For Men: What To Bring To Iceland | What To Pack For A Trip To Iceland | Best Packing List For Iceland

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Save yourself a lot of trouble and leave the converse/vans/Nikes at home. They should not make your Iceland packing list because they aren’t waterproof and don’t have enough support. You are going to want to get yourself some sturdy waterproof hiking boots. You will be hiking on lava rocks, walking on black sand beaches, and hanging out near glaciers, so waterproof hiking boots are the number one type of shoe that should top your Iceland packing list.

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Cold Weather/Snow Boots

If you are visiting Iceland in the off-season, consider investing in some cold-proof snow boots. If you plan to walk on glaciers or it will be snowing in Iceland during your trip, these are a lifesaver. Regular hiking boots or tennis shoes will NOT suffice against the ground that never thaws or Icelandic wind. If you are looking for what to wear in Iceland during the winter or for something to include on your winter packing list, a solid pair of snow boots is it! 

Essential Iceland Packing List “Extras”

The Ultimate Iceland Packing List For Men: What To Bring To Iceland | What To Pack For A Trip To Iceland | Best Packing List For Iceland


Extremities such as hands, feet, and your head are the first things to lose heat. As a result, a solid pair of gloves that can stand up to the chilly Icelandic weather is a “must-bring” no matter what time of year you plan to travel. The best pair of gloves for Iceland should be thermal and not made out of cheap material like the kind you find at the dollar store. No matter what time of year you travel to Iceland, make sure that gloves are included on your Iceland packing list.

Snow Gloves

If you are planning to visit Iceland in the winter or off-season, consider bringing a pair of snow gloves. Snow gloves aren’t that expensive and will make a world of a difference when your hands are warm and dry. Guys….being warm and dry IS something you will want to be in Iceland so take this to heart! Gloves for Iceland are absolutely essential, especially when visiting during the winter!

Thermal Hat/Beanie

A thermal hat or beanie is the perfect hat to add to your Iceland packing list as it something you are probably familiar with wearing already and it does the job of keeping you warm. If you have a hood on your coat, it easily fits under there as well. You can pick up a cheap one from Amazon or dig one out from the back of your closet. It is the perfect easy accessory to keep you warm when figuring out what to wear in Iceland.


Since the weather in Iceland is so windy, skip packing a scarf that will blow off and choose a balaclava instead. They protect your face and neck from arctic winds for less that $10 and they won’t blow off like a scarf. Balaclavas tuck into your shirt and can be worn underneath a hat so you can enjoy all the protection they have to offer without all the bulk. If you are looking for what to pack for Europe in winter or Iceland anytime of the year, rest assured you will be happy to have a Balaclava. If there is one thing from this Iceland packing list we suggest you invest in, this is it!

Wool Socks

There isn’t too much to say on why you should pack wool socks other than wool is the single best fabric for keeping you warm and has been for centuries. We tried to do a winter trip to Iceland without wool socks and it was a huge mistake. Winter or summer, make sure to include a few quality pairs of wool socks on your Iceland packing list.


When packing for Iceland, consider tossing in a pair of sunglasses. If you plan to visit Iceland in the summer, the sun never sets and you will need to protect your eyes. If you visit in Iceland in winter, sunglasses are essential as the Arctic sun reflects off of the never-ending fields of snow. Sunglasses are an unexpected but extremely useful item to have on your packing list for Iceland. Bonus: they help protect against the wind!

Extra Food

Since going out to eat in Iceland is super expensive, bringing extra food is a great way to save some money. Even though grocery stores in Iceland are reasonably priced, it doesn’t hurt to pack some freeze dried meals. Buying them online or at your local grocery store will be a fraction of the cost of buying food in Iceland. Extra food is indeed a weird but useful thing to add to your Iceland packing list!


Luggage And Bags To Use When Packing For Iceland

The Ultimate Iceland Packing List For Men: What To Bring To Iceland | What To Pack For A Trip To Iceland | Best Packing List For Iceland

Carry-On Suitcase

If you plan to take advantage of cheap flights to Iceland on WOW air or a similar budget airline, packing everything in a carry-on suitcase will save you a lot of money. We travel with rolling carry-on luggage with spinner wheels. If you are hoping to fit this whole Iceland packing list on the plane with you, make sure to get one with decent interior pockets.

Waterproof Camera Bag

Iceland is a photographer’s dream, so if you are bringing expensive camera gear, make sure you are carrying a waterproof camera backpack. We use a Tenba Shootout 24L and it is the perfect size for all of our gear, sturdy for lots of hiking, and waterproof when we set it down on snow or wet ground. The Tenba Shootout is also “personal item” compatible so you won’t have to pay extra for it when flying! When looking for what to bring to Iceland, be sure to consider the fact that you need to keep all your gear safe from the elements!


Since you won’t be trekking your suitcase around, a daypack is the perfect travel item to carry your essentials for the day including a snack, extra clothing, water bottle, etc. If you want to add a daypack to your Iceland packing list, look for one that folds up so you can pack it in your luggage and take it out upon your arrival.

Electronics and Camera Gear That Should Make Your Iceland Packing List

The Ultimate Iceland Packing List For Men: What To Bring To Iceland | What To Pack For A Trip To Iceland | Best Packing List For Iceland


If you already own a camera and/or are a photographer, packing a camera is a no-brainer. If you are looking to upgrade to something light and affordable, We suggest the Sony a6000. That being said, we travel with the Sony A99 and it has been a trustworthy companion for a few years now. If you aren’t up for spending a lot of money when packing for Iceland, simply ensure that your smartphone camera is clean and works well! It is good to use in a pinch!


If we had to suggest two lenses to pack for Iceland, we would suggest the Tamron 15-30mm for landscape and wide angle shots and the Tamron 70-200 for capturing detail that is a bit further away. If you aren’t looking to invest in new gear to include on your Iceland packing list, whatever you have on hand will most likely be able to work just fine!


If you are looking for an easy way to capture great photos and videos during your trip to Iceland, a GoPro should top your Iceland packing list. You can invest in a GoPro that is top of the line or stick with an older model like the GoPro Hero 3. GoPros are durable and waterproof and perfect to pack for Iceland. If you already have a GoPro, add it to your Iceland packing list!

Mobile Wifi Hotspot

After traveling for years without a Global Wifi Hotspot, it is something we will never leave home without. If you want to travel to Iceland and stay connected so you can keep up with work or share photos with friends and family on Instagram, seriously consider getting one! We use Telecom Square and you can get 10% off services with the code Victoria10. That being said, if WiFi isn’t important to you, leave this off your Iceland packing list and simply use Wifi at your hotel, hostel, or Airbnb.

Compact Drone

If you are looking for a fun new tech toy to bring to Iceland, consider a compact drone! They are affordable and the quality is fantastic. You can even pilot them from apps on your smartphone. We have a Yuneec Breeze which takes fantastic photo and video and is very responsive and affordable at only $399. We also travel with a tiny foldable Dobby Pocket Drone which can literally fit in your pocket. Dobby Pocket Drone rings in at $275 but the quality isn’t quite as fantastic as the Breeze. Both drones are a great option for first-timers and Iceland is the perfect place to get your wings!

Quick Tips For An Iceland Packing List For Winter:

-Ski pants or windproof pants are a must. We said it above and we will say it again. Make sure to bring waterproof and windproof pants to Iceland, especially if you are traveling during the winter or off-season. Whether you are looking for a packing list for Iceland in March or what to pack for Iceland in October, there may be snow, ice, or rain and you need to be warm!

-Layers are your best friend. Guys, make sure to bring multiple layers of both socks, pants, and tops when visiting Iceland in winter. Your Iceland packing list will be a little more substantial in winter but that is okay!

-Don’t forget to add a swimsuit to your Iceland packing list. Yes, even though it is winter you will want to add a swimsuit to your Iceland packing list. Hotsprings are warm all year round and you may want to take a dip during your trip to Iceland. Swim trunks don’t take up much space so make sure to throw them in so you won’t regret it later!

Quick Tips For An Iceland Packing List For Summer:

-You can leave the snow pants behind but waterproof pants are still a good idea. You won’t need snow pants when visiting Iceland in June, July, or August, but you will still want waterproof pants on your Iceland packing list. Iceland has dramatic weather that changes quite often so you may run into rain or foggy weather. Nothing is worse than being wet and cold!

-Hiking shoes will suffice when packing for Iceland in summer. Don’t worry about bringing snow boots when traveling to Iceland during the summer but make sure your hiking boots are at least slightly waterproof. Our Men’s packing list for Iceland suggests both types and our favorite hiking boots that are waterproof too.

-Sunglasses are a must. Iceland is located in the high arctic, much higher than many people have ever visited. During the summer in Iceland, there is almost 24 hours of daylight and the rays of the sun are quite strong. Even if you don’t wear sunglasses often, make sure to add them to your Iceland packing list to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the Icelandic sun!

Feel free to choose the number of things to include on your Iceland packing list depending on the time of year you are traveling and the type of traveler you are. If you are hoping to backpack, you may want to bring only one shirt and one pair of shoes. If you are traveling with more luggage, you may want to have options! Keep this Iceland packing list handy and feel free to comment below with anything we left out!

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  2. Jennifer

    We lived in Iceland for a while and have been back five times. I have to disagree that you should leave your short sleeves at home. In fact, the summer can be quite warm and you can layer. But you’ll definitely want to be able to strip down to short sleeves when hiking and doing physical activities.

    Snow pants are also something we really don’t think is necessary to pack. Since tour operators for snowmobiling, ect provide clothing, then snow pants are just something bulky that takes up space. Instead, I’d recommend a good pair of thermals that you can put underneath your waterproof hiking pants. Serves the exact same purpose without the bulk for something you likely won’t even wear.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      This is very interesting! Maybe it depends on where you are from! We are from Florida and so ski pants were an absolute MUST when visiting in winter [March] and Fall [Nov]. We literally could not have done the trip without them! We also wore jeans and thermal fleece lined leggings under the ski pants. It all depends on the individual and how they deal with cold!

  3. Kerri

    Having just been to Iceland I commend you on this list. I think one of the things that most people would forget would be swimwear and sunglasses. Seems unusual but very useful. You’ve been very comprehensive and I am sure it will be highly usefull for so many.

  4. Marion Halliday (Red Nomad OZ)

    Not quite sure how I’d fit all that gear into carry-on luggage – but it’s amazing how many layers you can wear on the plane, right??!! Seriously, this is a great guide, not just for Iceland, but the principles apply to almost anywhere – you just add or subtract layers depending on the climate of where you’re going, right??!!

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Thank you! You would be surprised what a good packing job does to fit stuff in a carry on! Plus you can bring a backpack as a personal item so you are all good! 😉

  5. Paige W

    Great tips! I love seeing a packing list for men. My husband always has a hard time finding posts like these. Thanks for sharing! Also, I have to say when I was reading I misread Balaclava as Baclava and was simultaneously confused and in agreement – that’s a tasty treat 😉

    I have to ask what drone do you guys actually use – one of those two? We’re in the market for a drone, but are having such a hard time deciding!

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    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      We don’t at this time but are working on it! We suggest the same items just for women such a snow boots, hiking pants, waterproof jacket etc. We will create another post with our suggested brands though! Thanks so much!

  7. Thomas

    Hi I’m traveling to Reykjavik in July 2018. We plan on doing a hike and visit to the blue lagoon on a day tour while there. The rest of time will be spent in the city frequenting bars and restaurants. So given that, do you still recommend we pack all the various jackets, coats, snow pants, etc? I know we will need hiking boots and pants for the one day. Just curious how packing would differ for the less outdoorsy types.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Hey Thomas! Great questions! Since you are going in summer, you can forgo a ton of jackets since it will not be THAT cold. We still suggest bringing one heavier one and some long sleeve shirts because the wind in Iceland can be crazy anytime of the year! Don’t bring snowpants or a snow jacket or anything to do with snow! For shoes, make sure to bring a nice pair of walking shoes for the city as well! Have fun at the Blue Lagoon! It is quite amazing!

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  10. June

    How about phone charger and European electric outlet adapters? Vitamins/ meds
    Flip flops for public pools and bathrooms. Is a towel necessary to bring? Thanks.

  11. Pam

    Did you ever come up with your list for women with links? We are traveling to Iceland in September 2018. Wonderful and most comprehensive list we have read. Thank you for posting.

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