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12 Best Tuscany Villas + How To Book Your Villa In Tuscany

Are you trying to find the best Tuscany villas? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of the 12 best Tuscany villas! Tuscany is known for its endless wineries, beautiful countryside, and picturesque villages. Why wouldn’t you want to stay here? It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a villa on the beach, or a villa surrounded by vineyards, there are options for you! There are also plenty of villas depending on the size of your group. Most of these villas average around 10 people (not that that many have to stay there), but there are some that fit less and some that fit more.

Tuscany Villas offer many different experiences. If you stay at one of the Tuscany villas with a private pool, you can spend your days swimming and lounging in the sun. Some of the villas are in areas where you can tour vineyards, taste wine, or take a cooking class. There are also villas by the beach where you can relax by the water, or be adventurous and participate in some water sports. No matter what you’re looking for, there are villas in Tuscany for you!

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A view of the Tuscan countryside

12 Best Tuscany Villas + How To Book Your Villa In Tuscany

Villa Amélie Has A Beautiful View Of The Sea

If you want your Tuscany Villa to have a view of the sea, you should stay at Villa Amélie. Located in Ansedonia, Italy, Villa Amélie is a beautiful and relaxing Tuscany Villa. It boasts 4 bedrooms for 8 people, air conditioning, a washing machine, and a fully equipped kitchen. You can also relax in the hot tub during your time at Villa Améle.

If you want to go exploring, Orbetello, which is a town known for some pretty amazing beaches, is only 7 miles away. Ville Amélie is one of the best Tuscany Villas to stay in if you want to spend your time relaxing on the beach.

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Lounge on the terrace at Villa Amelie

Photo Credit: Villa Amelie Via Booking.com

Stay At Corte Delle Stelle For One Of the Most Beautiful Tuscany Villas With A Private Pool

If you are looking for Tuscany villas with private pools, consider staying at Corte Delle Stelle! It is situated at the top of a hill and away from the city and the noise. There are also some pretty magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. The villa is carefully designed with exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, earth baked tiles, and wood furnishings. There is enough space in this private villa for 8 people to stay. They also offer a kitchen, air conditioning, and a barbeque.

Although this Tuscany Villa is the perfect place to hide away during your vacation, there are plenty of things to do. If you visit during mid-September till late-October, you can tour the country house as the staff is making wine. You can get up close to this process and have a unique experience. From October to November you can see the process of olive oil being made. If you are staying at Corte Delle Stelle during a different time of year, you have other options. You can take a cooking class at Locanda Della Luna. Here all of the ingredients that you use come from the morning market or the kitchen’s garden. This way you know that all of your ingredients are fresh and in season.

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If you are looking for Tuscany villas with private pools, stay at Corte della Stelle

Photo Credit: Corte Della Stelle Via Booking.com

For One Of The Most Luxurious Tuscany Villas, Stay At Hortulanus Estate

Hortulanus Estate is located in the Seggianese countryside and is a beautiful place to spend your vacation in Italy. The estate covers almost 50 acres, and the villa is surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, vineyards, fruit trees, and chestnut woods, making this one of the best Tuscany villas to escape the business of the cities. Hortulanus Estate is dedicated to the preservation of the surrounding environment and its beauty. Hortulanus Estate also produces oils, wines, and other products from the gardens, giving you plenty to explore and enjoy during your time in Tuscany.

If you wish to leave the estate to explore, the pretty village of Seggiano is nearby. You can walk through the streets, or visit Giardino di Spoerri and the diffused oil museum for a sense of the village’s culture. There are also some sacred places that you can choose to visit, like the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Carità, the church of San Bartolomeo, of San Bernardino, the oratory of San Rocco and the ruins of the convent of the Colombaio. You can also drive to the summit of Monte Amiata, a now extinct volcano that offers a wide range of outdoor activities.

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Hortulanus Estate is one of the most luxurious Tuscany villas

Photo Credit: Hortulanus Estate Via Booking.com

Stay Near A Fortress At Villa Piazza Della Fortezza

Villa Piazza della Fortezza is one of the most unique villas in Tuscany, as you have a magnificent view of the nearby Montalcino Fortress that dates back to the 1300s. The villa has been carefully restored to retain the traditional details while adding some modern elements. Even though the villa is located within the city, it offers a private pool, garden, and large terrace, making it a beautiful oasis.

This villa is located only a few steps away from the traditional shops of the village. The villa offers some electric bikes as an option for exploring the village. The owner of Villa Piazza della Fortezza also owns a wine-bar nearby where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or wine tastings at a discounted rate! You can also choose to book a private wine tasting within Montalcino Fortress. How cool is that? There is also a nearby UNESCO world heritage site, Orcia Valley.

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Have a view of a fortress if you stay at Villa Piazza Della Fortezza

Photo Credit: Villa Piazza Della Fortezza Via Booking.com

For A Mix Of Traditional And Modern, Stay At Residenza Paradisea 

While the villa still keeps it’s Tuscany charm, you will not lack any of your modern desires while staying at Residenza Paradisea. The villa has been beautifully designed and is one of the most relaxing Tuscany Villas to stay at during your vacation. When you book through Booking.com, you will get the entire villa, but it is possible to only book one of the rooms through the villa’s website.

Located only 2 and a half miles away from Arezzo, one of the most enchanting villages in Tuscany, there is plenty to explore while at Residenza Paradisea. You can also take tours of some of the beautiful villages of the province such as Lucignano, Cortona, Anghiari. Florence, Siena, and Cortona are also all under an hour away by car, making it easy to visit some of Italy’s popular cities.

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For Tuscany villas with garden views, stay at Residenza Paradisea

Photo Credit: Residenza Paradisea Via Booking.com

Villa Maison Flora Is One Of The Best Villas In Tuscany If You Want To Explore Florence

If you are looking for one of the most convenient Tuscany villas to stay at while in Florence, think about staying at Villa Maison Flora. It is beautifully designed with Tuscany’s history in mind and displays many pieces of artwork throughout the villa. This is one of the smaller villas on this list of Tuscany villas, but depending on the size of your group, it could be perfect! There are two rooms with one queen bed in each, and the villa can house up to four people.

Because of Villa Maison Flora’s location in Florence, there is plenty to do if you want to explore during your time staying in villas in Tuscany. Santa Maria Novella is only 1.2 miles from the villa, and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is 1.5 miles from the property. It is also only five miles away from the nearest airport if you are arriving from another part of Italy or Europe.

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Stay at Maison Flora if you're looking for Tuscany villas in Florence

Photo Credit: Maison Flora Via Booking.com

Villa Localita Gello Di Antria Is One Of The Pet-Friendly Tuscany Villas

Are you planning on bringing your furry friend with you on your vacation to Tuscany? Then consider staying at Villa Localita Gello di Antria where your pet will be welcome. Villa Localita Gello di Antria is located in Arezzo and is only a short drive away from some popular sights. Of course, you could also choose to spend all of your time at one of the most relaxing Tuscany villas with a private pool. There are five rooms at Villa Localita Gello di Antria, and which one has a queen bed.

Whether you want to spend your entire vacation relaxing at the villa, or if you want to get out and explore, Villa Localita Gello di Antria is a great place to stay! It offers a fireplace for when it gets chilly, a barbeque, pool, and a magnificent view to entertain you while staying at the villa. 

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Villa Localita Gello di Antria has one of the prettiest views

Photo Credit: Villa Localita Gello Di Antria Via Booking.com

Stay At Villa Talosa, One Of The Most Relaxing Tuscany Villas

Situated between vineyards, Villa Talosa is the perfect place to enjoy the Tuscan countryside, no matter the weather. It offers a private pool, a jacuzzi, a large outdoor space, and a wine bar, giving you plenty to do during your stay at Villa Talosa. The living room features large french windows and a fireplace. There are also rooms on the second floor that all offer spectacular views of the surrounding vineyards.

Villa Talosa is a great place to relax and recharge. The surrounding vineyards and nature separate the villa from the nearby villages. It’s an excellent place to stay if you want to spend your vacation enjoying the amenities of your accommodation. If you want to get out and explore, Montepulciano offers some beautiful architecture and views. You could easily spend the day exploring all that this enchanting city has to offer.

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Relax at Villa Talosa

Photo Credit: Villa Talosa Via Booking.com

Stay At Punta Ala Rentclass Villa Betulla For Easy Access To The Beach

Punta Ala Rentclass Villa Betulla is set in Castiglione della Pescaia. It offers three rooms that can sleep six people, a patio, and a garden, which is the perfect place to relax. It is a great place to stay if you want to disconnect from the outside world (it does have t.v. and cable but there is no wifi.)

If you plan on spending your vacation relaxing by the beach, you should stay at Punta Ala Rentclass Villa Betulla! It is only a short walk away from the beach, making it one of the most convenient Tuscany villas to stay at if you are going to the beach. If you want to participate in some water sports as well, there are rentals on the beach so that you can snorkel, dive, or windsurf. There is also a nearby golf course, hiking, and horseback riding.

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Punta Ala Rentclass Villa Betulla has easy access to the beach

Photo Credit: Punta Ala Rentclass Villa Betulla Via Booking.com

Holiday Home C.S. Ronzano Is One Of The Prettiest Tuscany Villas With A Private Pool

If you are looking for Tuscany villas with beautiful private pools, Holiday Home C.S. Ronzano has you covered! The wood-beamed ceilings and stone fireplace really add character to the villa. It can also sleep up to 10, making it a great place to stay with a group of people. There is also a barbeque if you would like to do some grilling while staying at Holiday Home C.S. Ronzano.

Located in Cortona, there is plenty to do if you want to leave the villa to explore. The Etruscan Academy Museum displays a vast collection of bronze, ceramic and funerary items to explore. There is also a quaint hilltop church, Santa Margherita Cortona, which has a beautiful and ornate interior. You can also choose to take in some of the beautiful views that Cortona has to offer.

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Stay at Holiday Home C.S. Ronzano for one of the pretties Tuscany villas with a private pool

Photo Credit: Holiday Home C.S. Ronzano Via Booking.com

If You Are Staying With A Large Group, Stay At Villa Palazzo Bello Cetona

Most Tuscany villas on this list can sleep around 10 people, but if you stay at Villa Palazzo Bello Cetona, you can stay with a group of up to 20 people! It is the perfect place to stay with a large group. The villa itself is a beautiful stone building with wood-beamed ceilings and terracotta floors. There are 10 bedrooms in total, with each one being able to sleep two people, whether that’s on one queen bed or two twin beds. It also has 4 different living rooms, giving your group plenty of space to spread out throughout the villa.

The estate itself takes up 400 acres, yet it is still a very convenient location if you would like to explore. Just under 2 and a half miles away is the medieval center of Cetona. The town surrounds a hill fortress that was constructed around 900 A.D. There are also spas and other small towns located nearby, and if you would like to visit some of Tuscany’s more popular towns, Siena, Florence, and Pisa are only an hour to an hour and a half away. If you would rather stay at the villas, there is a private pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas, as well as a garden and terrace.

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Villa Palazzo Bello Cetona can sleep up to 20 people

Photo Credit: Villa Palazzo Bello Cetona Via Booking.com

Stay By The Ocean At Villa Anna

Set right on the coast of Italy, Villa Anna offers beautiful views and easy beach access. You can also relax by the pool, or soak in the jacuzzi. Villa Anna has been designed and decorated with the beach in mind. The focus of this villa is the outside, with your attention drawn to the terrace, pool, and views. The inside is designed to be very modern and is very spacious.

The villa is in Castiglioncello and is surrounded by many shops and restaurants that are within walking distance. If you want to get in the water or relax on the beach, Villa Anna is right by the beach. There is also the option of participating in water sports while staying on the coast. You can rent anything that you will need if you want to windsurf or dive.

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If you want Tuscany villas with a view of the ocean, stay at Villa Anna

Photo Credit: Villa Anna Via Booking.com

Tuscany is a wonderful place to spend your vacations and it’s even better in Tuscany villas! There are so many options when looking for villas in Tuscany though, that it can hard to choose. This list helps you decide on where to stay, whether you want to stay at the beach or near vineyards, if there’s 2 people or 20, or if you want a private pool. Enjoy your stay at one of the best Tuscany villas!

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