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The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Paris In The Spring (Weather, Tips, Etc.)

Visiting Paris in the spring is a magical and memorable experience you won’t soon forget. Ever watched the movie or heard the term” April in Paris?” That is because this is a wonderful time of year to visit the most romantic city in the world! The weather during spring in Paris will be a bit cold [Paris has an average temperature of 47°F in March and 60°F in May], but the entire city will be in bloom and you are in for a real treat!

Springtime in Paris is generally defined as March-May, but March may still experience colder weather while May can actually be quite hot. Spring in Paris means April showers and beautiful May flowers and most importantly, fewer crowds to fight. This time of year is still the “off-season” so the city will be less busy and more pleasant than other times of the year. With a few tips and this handy guide by your side, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful trip to Paris during the spring!

The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Paris In The Spring

The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Paris In The Spring

Average Paris Spring Weather

The average weather in Paris in the spring is a bit rainy and chilly, with the spring “thaw” coming in late April and all throughout May. The weather begins to improve in March, but you can expect a great deal of rain in March and through April. If you are visiting Paris in the springtime, it is a great idea to bring an umbrella or buy one at one of the grocery stores in Paris during your stay. Since it is wet in March and April, you can expect the possibility of at least one potential day of snowfall during those months!

Paris observes Daylight Savings Time so the sun sets early during the beginning of spring in Paris, but as soon as the time changes, you get to enjoy more daylight hours than if you visited during the fall or winter. You will have only 6 hours of sunshine during March in Paris but if you visit Paris in May, you will experience 9 hours on average! This is a huge difference and either way, there is still plenty to see and do when you visit Paris in the spring!

Spring weather in Paris can be rainy or sunny!

Average Spring Temperatures In Paris

Like many cities, Paris in the springtime can oscillate between chilly and more pleasant weather. The average temperature for Paris in March is 47°F, the average temperature of Paris in April is 52°F, and the average temperature of Paris in May is 59°F. As you can see, the temperatures are not freezing but not hot either. You are still going to need a coat, hat, and gloves, as well as waterproof shoes, but you won’t be freezing to death. Paris in the spring is certainly more enjoyable than many other cities!

If you are looking to visit Paris in the spring, rest assured that the weather really isn’t all that bad. During one of our trips to Paris in April, we were wearing dresses and shorts, and then a few days later we were back to boots and long pants. You won’t show up to Paris in the springtime and be shocked by the temperature change, especially if you live in a place that experiences a spring with a wide range of temperatures. The warmer the weather the quicker the flowers will come into bloom.

Check out these average Paris spring weather highs and lows to get an idea:

March Temperatures For Paris: 54°F high and 41°F low

April Temperatures For Paris: 60°F high and 45°F low

May Temperatures For Paris: 67°F high and 52°F low

Temperatures and weather for Paris in the spring | Eiffel Tower in Paris and pink Paris fashion | Paris travel tips

How To Get To Paris In The Spring 

If you want to spend springtime in Paris, you are in luck! Transportation prices, especially flights, are very low, especially during the beginning of the spring, so you will save a lot of money flying in at this time! The main airport in Paris is Charles de Gaulle and it is about an hour outside of the city. Paris Orly airport is the secondary airport that hosts more local European flights. Once you land, you have the choice to take an Uber or Taxi into the city or choose to take Parisian public transportation which is easy and affordable. We always take the RER train from Charles de Gaulle from the airport directly into the heart of Paris.

If you live in Europe or you are already traveling within the country, then you may arrive on one of the many high-speed trains that run into Paris instead!  The main train stations in Paris are Gare du Nord, Gare de Lyon, and Gare de l’Est. If you want to take the train into Paris, book in advance so you can save additional money on your fare. Spending springtime in Paris is a wonderful time to visit the city while also saving money on traveling there!

Book transfer here: Charles de Gaulle And Orly Airport Transfer

You can take the train to paris if you want to visit in the spring

Getting To/From The Airport In Paris

If you are are flying into Paris for your springtime adventure, you are going to have to transit the hour it takes to get from the airport into the city. Charles De Gaulle Airport is the main airport in Paris for international arrivals. Paris Orly is the second most popular international airport in Paris but much less popular than Charles De Gaulle.

If you are flying into Paris Orly, you can take the bus into the city center which only takes around 15-20 minutes. Since you are traveling in low or shoulder season, the traffic should be light and you shouldn’t have any issues!

If you are flying into Charles de Gaulle, you can take a private taxi or uber, take the RER train, or take the bus. Depending on which stop you need to get off on and where you want to go in Paris, one may come out easier than the other. For example, we recommend taking the bus over the RER if the RER has more than 2-3 transfers and you are carrying a lot of luggage. Either way, the prices are affordable and the time passes quickly as you make your way into the city! A RER ticket from Carles de Gaulle into the city costs about $10USD and is good for the whole ride.

How to get to Paris from the airport

How To Get Around Paris In Spring 

Choosing how to get around Paris in the spring will depend on the weather and your preference! If the weather is good, you can take some of the brand new electric scooters popping up around the city or try your hand at renting a bike. These usually only cost a few dollars to get started and are a fun way to see the city and enjoy the pleasant temperatures.

If you are in good physical fitness, you can take the Paris Metro! The Metro is a fast, affordable, and easy way to get around, and is great when spending springtime in Paris because it will shelter you from any possible bad weather! The Paris Metro will run rain or shine so you always have an affordable transport option, even if the weather turns ugly. You can purchase a metro ticket for 1.90 Euros, a booklet or 10 tickets, or a weekly metro pass, depending on your needs. We always choose a booklet or a weekly pass when we visit.

If you are not able to walk up and down a lot of steps [elevators are rare] or you are in a wheelchair, we recommend taking an Uber as it may be easier and safer. The Paris bus system is also quite easy to navigate and you can use the same tickets you purchased for the Paris metro for the bus system as well!

Book here: Discover The Heart Of Paris By Bike

Biking is a popular way to get around Paris during your trip in the spring

What To Pack For Springtime In Paris

Springtime in Paris is probably one of the most difficult times of year to pack for, because you don’t know how the weather is going to pan out! That being said, if you are traveling closer to March, your best bet is packing more “winter” focused gear and if you are traveling more toward May, your best bet is packing more “summer” focused gear. Dressing in layers is key so you can easily go from warm to cold weather with ease. Packing waterproof shoes and outwear is also important as it does rain often during some of the spring months in Paris!

When we visit Paris in the spring, we always pack rain boots, a few dresses with leggings underneath, and a waterproof coat because the weather still is chilly, especially for us Floridians! A light long-sleeve or thermal top works well too. Just be sure to see what month you are going to visit, check out guide to weather and temperatures above, and check the current local weather the week before you leave and you should be all set!

  • Fleece lined leggings. We don’t care if you are a guy or girl, if you are packing for springtime in Paris, you need to bring fleece lined leggings! We actually bring two pairs each so that you can double them up if you want to wear a dress or you can take one layer off if the weather warms up! Fleece lined leggings are the perfect thing to add to your spring packing list for Paris because they don’t take up much space and they keep you warm under slacks, jeans, or dresses! They are also great to wear on the plane.
  • Long Colorful Dresses. Victoria swears by these long floral dresses and they are so cheerful and perfect for Paris in the spring! They come in many colors and are great with leggings underneath and a light sweater for warmth!
  • Thin Long Sleeve Thermal Tops. If you are heading to Paris in March or early april, we recommend bringing 2-3 thin thermal tops. These tops are affordable and pack up very small all while keeping you extra warm!
  • Waterproof Boots/Shoes. Although you can probably get away with bringing canvas or lighter shoes to Paris in the spring, we do not recommend it! We brought these Hunter Boots on our last springtime trip to Paris and they were well worth it! They are a little pricey, to begin with, but you can find cheaper versions like these that just isn’t the brand name. If you don’t like boots, don’t worry, but we highly recommend packing a waterproof shoe of some sort!
  • Waterproof Coat. waterproof trench coatWe love this and if you are packing for Paris in Spring, you are going to want to bring a waterproof jacket or coat along with you too! If you are visiting later in the spring, you will be okay with a light leather jacket or sweater, but if you visit earlier, we highly recommend something waterproof yet fashionable!
  • Cute Floral Scarf. A lightweight scarf is your best friend when packing for springtime in Paris! Layer one over your dress or jacket and make sure to choose a floral and “happy” springtime color for an extra “pop!”
  • Colorful Beret. The spring is the perfect time to break out your French beret! We love wearing berets in Paris and always buy them online from Amazon before we leave! You can choose many colors and the weather in spring will be warmer and will allow for wearing berets which we love!

What to Pack for Paris in the spring | Packing for paris in April, May, And March

Top Things To Do In Paris During The Spring

Springtime in Paris is just bursting with new life and excitement! Whether this is your first trip to Paris or you have been before, the city truly comes alive during the springtime as the end of winter is being celebrated! From colorful flowers to fun events, there is always something to see and do during Paris in the spring!

Explore Paris By Electric Scooter

Bikes are SO last year [just kidding if you love biking do it!] and scooters are IN in Paris! You can rent electric scooters in Paris from companies such as Lime Scooters and tool around the city going at least 15-20mph! The scooters are lying all over the city and you simply download an app which shows you the GPS tracking of each scooters location. You find which scooter is close to you, scan the scooter with your app, and away you go! We are totally obsessed and sometimes get scooters just to tool around for the fun of it even if we have no real place to go!

Renting scooters in Paris is a great way to get around during spring in Paris!

Beat The Rain And Visit One Of The Many Museums In Paris

Museums are a highlight to explore in Paris and if you are visiting in the spring, they will be less busy than the high season! Millions of people travel to Paris from all around the world to visit museums and there is no better time to enjoy them than when visiting Paris in the spring! If you are visiting the Louvre, make sure to buy a timed entrance ticket so you aren’t stuck waiting over an hour in line to buy a ticket!

You can buy a Louvre Entrance Ticket here and choose your time that you want to visit. Make sure to budget at least 4-5 hours at minimum for exploring the Louvre. Visiting one of the many fantastic museums in Paris is a great way to get indoors if a springtime shower decides to rain on your parade [heehee see what we did there?]

If you have already seen the Louvre, check out one of the other fantastic museums to explore in Paris such as the Musee d’Orsay, the Musee de l’Orangerie, the Holocaust Museum, Musee Rodin and many many more! Click here to book your Musee d’Orsay tickets in advance! You won’t want to miss one of the many amazing museums during your spring visit to Paris!

Book here: Louvre Skip The Line/Timed Entrance Ticket

Book here: Skip The Line/Louvre Scandals Tour

Book now: Musée d’Orsay Reserved Access 1-Day Admission Ticket

Visit the Louvre in Paris during the spring to see some of the best art! | Paris fashion at the Louvre during your Paris itinerary

Walk Or Bike Along The Seine And See The Flowers In Boom

Walking along the Seine River is the best during springtime in Paris because all of the trees and plants are in bloom. The best place to stop is the gardens near Notre Dame Cathedral. The blossoms are bright pink and picture perfect and you really will want to make sure you take some photos to commemorate the occasion. If you don’t want to walk, you can take a public bike and enjoy a ride as you view the best and most beautiful blooms in Paris.

Book here: Electric Bike Tour Of Paris’ Hidden Gems

Springtime Flowers in Bloom at Notre Dame in Paris

Learn The Secrets Of French Cooking With A Culinary Class

The French are world-famous for their cooking and there is no better time to learn their ways than a visit to Paris! Springtime in Paris is a wonderful time to take a baking or cooking class because the weather may be cold or rainy and you may be looking to get indoors and try something yummy. Plus, you can take your skills back home and use them for the rest of the year! There are so many options for cooking and baking classes, what you choose is really up to your tastes!

Book now: French Macaroon Baking Class

Book here: 2-Hour French Bread Making Class

Book here: Learn The Secrets Of French Pastry From A Parisian

Take a French baking class during your springtime in Paris trip

Enjoy The Warmer Weather From The Top Of The Eiffel Tower

Springtime in Paris is the perfect time to have a picnic at the foot of the Eiffel Tower! The weather is warmer, the grass is greener, and the days are longer and perfect for enjoying lunch or dinner outdoors. Spring is also the perfect time to actually ride up the Eiffel Tower as the weather is finally nicer, but the lines aren’t as long and crazy like the summer and the weather isn’t cold like the winter. If you choose to ride up the Eiffel Tower, we highly recommend booking your tickets online so you can save money and skip the lines that will be there [they just won’t be as bad as the ones during the summer which as insane!]

Book here for discounted entrance: Eiffel Tower: Second Floor Priority Access or Summit Ticket

Check availability here for dinner which we have done for Victoria’s birthday and highly recommend it: Dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel with Priority Lift Tickets

Have a picnic by the Eiffel tower is a great thing to do in Paris in the spring

Where To Stay In Paris In The Spring

Where you are going to want to stay during your spring trip to Paris will depend on what you want to be doing and your personal preferences. If you ask 10 different people, they will probably give you 10 different answers on the best areas of Paris to stay. Here is the thing, there really is no bad area to stay in Paris, and all areas are well connected by public transportation.

If you are truly looking to see how the locals live, we highly recommend renting an Airbnb during your time in Paris. We love staying in Airbnb when in Paris and have paid anywhere from $45 per night for an “entire home” private accommodation to $200 a night for the same thing. The prices will be much cheaper during Paris in the spring so you are in good luck! Booking an Airbnb is also a wonderful way to try cooking at home, maybe using the skills you learned from your cooking class above!

Redeem Now: Get A Free $40 Airbnb Coupon

Our recommended areas to stay in Paris in the spring would be near the Eiffel Tower, near the Arc De Triomphe/Champs Elysees, and near the Louvre. If you are looking to save and travel on a budget, Montmartre is a great place to stay and where we scored a $45 a night Airbnb which was quite lovely! There really is no “bad” area to stay in Paris so we can really only give our personal recommendations for areas, hotels, and Airbnbs that we love.

Hotel Recommendations In Paris:

  • Hôtel Elysées Bassano, Paris.  This four-star hotel is located in a fantastic area in between the Arc De Triomphe and the Seine river! It is moderately priced, for Paris, and the rooms are spacious and modern! It is also 0.8 miles away from the Eiffel tower which is an easy walking distance for most. Check price and availability here! 
  • Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel, Paris. If you are looking for a hotel in Paris that is right next to the Eiffel Tower, this is it! Just steps away from the base of the famous Eiffel Tower, this four-star hotel delivers Parisian charm. If you are visiting Paris in winter, be sure to walk along the Seine and share some delicious crepes under the Eiffel Tower! Check price availability here!
  • Hôtel Eiffel Petit Louvre, Paris. If you are looking for a more affordable Eiffel Tower hotel in Paris, check out this one! It is only a few blocks further from the tower than our suggestion above, but it is a bit cheaper. The rooms are clean and modern and pretty luxe for the price! Check price and availability here! 
  • Sofitel Paris Baltimore Tour Eiffel Hotel, Paris [Luxury Option]. There are many luxury hotels in Paris you really can’t go wrong! As we said, we love a good Eiffel Tower location and the rooms are well done. You are also close to a Metro if you need easy access to transportation! Check prices and availability here! 
  • District République, Paris [Budget Hotel]. If you are in the market for a good budget hotel, we like this one located in the 10th district. It offers free wifi and is located near metros and bus stations so you can easily get around. The rooms are clean and many attractions are within walking distance! Check prices and availability here! 

Airbnb Recommendations In Paris:

The thing about Airbnb’s is that sometimes a host will take a listing down so we apologize if one of these listings is inactive when you try to book. We try and update as often as possible to reflect current listings. We are only going to recommend “entire home” Airbnbs where you will get to stay in the entire home by yourself, without sharing with anyone! You can also use our code and get $40 off your booking in Paris!

  • Charming Studio near the Canal Saint-Martin. This adorable studio is oh-so-cute and so very affordable! We love that Airbnb in Paris are affordable yet allow you to live like a local. This one has many reviews [over 200], is in a good location, and has great ratings! Plus, it has the cutest street view! Check prices and availability here! 
  • 5 minutes near Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Mars. This is our very favorite location in all of Paris! Walking distance from the Eiffel Tower and the Seine as well as near more shops and restaurants than you can count! It is so cute and colorful we can’t resist this listing! Check prices and availability here! 
  • Charming Parisian Studio. This little studio offers the best of both worlds between a hotel and an Airbnb. It comes with a full kitchen and is comfortable and clean with a couch, TV, and separate bed! It is quite cozy if you are spending winter in Paris! Check prices and availability here! 
  • L’Etoile du 7éme – 2-bedroom, sleeps 4 [Luxury option]. If you are on the hunt for a luxury flat in Paris, this one will not let you down! It is stunning, romantic, massive, and in a fantastic location! If you are looking to go all out on your winter trip to Paris, consider booking a luxury Airbnb location! Check prices and availability here!
  • Lovely & bright studio 10 min from Moulin Rouge [Budget Option]. If you are looking for a budget Airbnb option in Paris, head to Montmartre! It is a haven for lovely affordable Airbnbs without sacrificing the authentic Parisian charm! This one is so cute and has a whole kitchen and is located in a great area that we have stayed in before! Check prices and availability here! 

Where to stay in Paris in the spring | best Paris hotels

Where To Eat In Paris

Paris is internationally famous for their food and it is no surprise! There is every type of cuisine imaginable, and you can pick whatever type of food suits your fancy. From Asian and Indian fare to Italian and traditional French, there are so many wonderful types of food to choose from. We are listing some of our personal favorites below, but don’t be shy and go out and find some new favorites for yourself as well!

  •  Breizh Cafe Breizh Cafe offers galettes and crepes along with local ciders and beers. They have both an indoor and outdoor sitting area, in case you want to try eating outside in Paris in the winter! The food was delicious and the drinks were great! We recommend a galette for dinner and a crepe for dessert!
  • La Catrina TaqueriaIf you are looking to experience some Mexican in Paris, this is the place for you! Their tacos are out of this world and the location is right next to a Metro stop and a Velib bike station. Their Hibiscus juice is a highlight! We did say Paris had every food cuisine, right?
  • PapelliAuthentic Italian in Paris? You are going to love it! As we said above, Paris is an international city so it makes sense to try all different types of food! The pizza at Papelli is so amazing and their appetizer of bread and olive oil is scrumptious! There are multiple locations around Paris to make getting around easy.
  • La Taverne de ZHAO. This Chinese restaurant is our all-time favorite restaurant in Paris! We go every time we visit! It is the perfect place to visit when traveling to Paris in winter because the food just warms your soul. Try the tofu with egg of a thousand years. It looks weird, but it is one of the most delicious things ever! This is our favorite places to eat and we cannot say enough about it!
  • Les Fondus de la Raclette. We went here for Victoria’s birthday and it is literally the perfect spot for a Paris dinner especially if it is colder outside. Raclette is a cheese dish that came from the French Alps and skiers eat it after coming in from the slopes. This restaurant mimics a ski chalet and the food is so delicious! Come hungry because they give you a ton of food and so much cheese you have enough to take home

Where to eat during springtime in Paris | best places to eat in Paris

Additional Reading To Help You Plan Your Spring Trip To Paris

Planning your trip to experience springtime in Paris doesn’t have to be hard or confusing! We can only share so much information in this post which is why we created these posts below just for you. They will make your planning much easier and more enjoyable so you have a wonderful visit to Paris in the spring!

Visiting Paris in the spring is a real treat and we know you are going to enjoy your time in one of our favorite cities! From warmer weather to fewer tourists, you really can’t go wrong when you choose to spend springtime in Paris. Our advice is to book a flight during spring to save money, choose your desired Airbnb, and pack waterproof clothes and shoes that you can easily layer. If you simply follow the tips we have laid out here, you will have a great visit to Paris in the spring.

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