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20 Perfect Paris Photography Locations And Where To Find Them

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Paris photography locations? It is no wonder that taking photos of Paris is so popular, the city is one of the most famous and photogenic in the world! Whether you are looking for Paris photography locations for Instagram, searching for the perfect family vacation photo spots, or are a professional photographer looking to capture unique views of the city, you have come to the right place!

This list will include the best Paris photography locations including some of the most iconic and also some secret and lesser-known spots. Although some of these Paris photography spots are well-known and popular, they are for a good reason! Don’t write off a spot just because you have seen lots of photos of it! There is nothing like traveling to Paris and capturing your own take on one of the many Paris photography locations.

This list will include multiple Paris photography angles of popular locations such as the Eiffel tower so you really are getting the best guide! We will include Google Maps to the direct location so you are able to easily find it when you are photographing Paris during your trip!

Perfect Paris Photography Locations And Where To Find Them | instagram spots of paris

20 Perfect Paris Photography Locations And Where To Find Them

The Eiffel Tower From Rue de l’Université Is One Of Our Favorite Paris Photography Spots

Rue de l’Université is a street that dead-ends right in front of the Eiffel Tower! It is one of the best Paris photography spots to blend the Eiffel Tower and the street together in one photo because it is a dead end road. Even though Rue de l’Université is a dead end, there are still a lot of people that try and park there or turn around there so you will have to dodge traffic but it is nowhere near as busy as other Paris photography locations.

Rue de l’Université is a great photography spot in Paris at any time of the day but go at night if you are looking for fewer crowds and wonderful night photos of the Eiffel Tower. This little dead-end street is near residential neighborhoods so make sure to be quiet and respectful of those who live there when visiting this cute Paris photography location!

See Google Maps Location Here

Eiffel tower photography location in Paris

The City From The Musée d’Orsay Clock

Musée d’Orsay is one of the most popular museums in Paris [next to the Louvre], but it also has a secret Paris photography location! For stunning views of the city and a unique photographic perspective, visit the Musée d’Orsay clock face! The clock looks out over the city and up over the Montmartre district and the Seine River. This is a much less popular Paris photography location so if you are looking for something new, this is the place for you!

There are a variety of ways to shoot the city from the Musée d’Orsay clock, but our favorites are shooting just the cityscape itself or shooting a person or the clock in silhouette format! Everyone loves clocks and silhouetting a person with the city of Paris in the background makes this a truly memorable Paris photography location! If you are going with your family, how cool would it be to do photos here of your children overlooking the city?

See Google Maps Location Here

Perfect Paris Photography Locations And Where To Find Them

The Montmartre Vineyards Are A Totally Secret Paris Photography Spot

The Montmartre Vineyards, also known as Vignes du Clos Montmartre are truly a hidden gem and a wonderful Paris photography spot you must visit! The vineyard is over 800 years old and is the last remaining one in the city! This is one of those spots that you most likely never heard of until now and you certainly won’t find in most guidebooks! The Montmartre Vineyards are the perfect Paris photography location if you love off-the-beaten-path places or you have been to Paris before and are looking for something unique!

The thing that makes The Montmartre Vineyards the perfect Paris photography spot is that they change during the seasons so you are in for a real treat no matter what time of year you travel to Paris! They may be green and vibrant, they may be brown and dead, or they may be golden as their leaves change during the fall! We highly recommend The Montmartre Vineyards as the ultimate cute and quaint Paris photography spot you won’t find all over Instagram.

See Google Maps Location Here


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The Les Colonnes de Buren Art Installation At Palais-Royal

The best part of visiting Palais-Royal in Paris is the very photogenic art installation in one of its courtyards! This art installation is called Les Colonnes de Buren and was erected in 1986. The installation consists of many black and white striped columns that rise up from one of the courtyards in the Palace. There are some short ones you can stand on and some taller ones that are great for the background and it is a wonderful stop on any Paris itinerary! 

Les Colonnes de Buren is a wonderful Paris photography spot, especially if you go early in the morning to beat the crowds. If you are looking for an Instagram-worthy spot for Paris photography, Les Colonnes de Buren is quite a popular and photogenic choice. If you want those pastel pink vibes, go early for the morning sunlight!

See Google Maps Location Here

instagram photography spots in Paris

Port Debilly On The Right Of Pont De Lena Bridge Offers Unobstructed Eiffel Tower Views

Port Debilly is the name of the little bank of the Seine in front of the Eiffel Tower and offers wonderful unobstructed Paris photography views of the Eiffel Tower. This location is located to the right of Pont De Lena bridge, the bridge that runs in front of the Eiffel Tower, and is down by the waterside. It is one of the coolest Paris photography locations for night photos of the Eiffel Tower but works no matter what time you visit!

This spot makes for great night photography because you can get boats in the shot, do long exposure photos of the river, get the Eiffel tower at night, and do it all without people being in the photo! This is an awesome Paris photography location if you are looking to sit along the bank of the river for some awesome Instagram or family photos that feature the Eiffel Tower and are free from tourists! Just make sure to walk down the steps to the little road that runs underneath the Pont De Lena bridge!

See Google Maps Location Here

Perfect Paris Photography Locations And Where To Find Them | Eiffel Tower photos | instagram photos in paris

Saint Chappelle Is A Stunning And Lesser-Known Place For Paris Photography

Saint Chappelle is another Paris photography location that is popular, but nowhere near as well known as many other sites in the city! In fact, many people who travel to Paris have never even heard of Saint Chappelle! It is located less than 5-10 minutes walk from the more popular Notre Dame Cathedral on the same little island in the middle of the Seine River!

What makes Saint Chappelle such an alluring Paris photography location is the fact the small chapel is full of floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows. These windows are breathtaking and unlike anything else you have seen before in your life! The entire church is basically one giant stained glass window! When we visited this Paris photography location, it was extremely busy because the entrance was free, but we were easily able to angle the camera up and shoot the windows that way. If you are looking to get people, or yourself, in the shot, we recommend visiting Saint Chappelle either early or late for the best Paris photography opportunity!

See Google Maps Location Here

saint chapelle paris photography

The “Sinking House” In Montmartre Creates A Playful Optical Illusion

When walking up the hill to Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre, there will be a building to your right that is pink and white and looks like a gingerbread Parisian home. If you photograph the building on an angle next to the hill and then turn the image, it will appear as if this building is actually “sinking” into the ground! This Paris photography location creates a unique optical illusion to add some playfulness into your images!

The Sinking House is easy to find, simply get yourself to the hill leading up to Sacre-Coeur, look to your right, and angle your camera in such a way that the building appears to sink! If you are having a hard time, there are plenty of inspiration photos online, including ours here, that will help you figure out how to capture this cool optical illusion in your Paris photography.

See Google Maps Location Here

sinking house in Paris | things to do in Paris | montmartre in paris

The Arc De Triumph From Champs Elyeese Is A Dangerous But Perfect Paris Photography Location

Looking for a dangerous yet epic Paris photography spot? There is a little circular dot in the middle of the Champs Elysees right in front of the Arc De Triumph. It is in the middle of the road, but it is a divider so no cars are supposed to go over it. This is a great spot for Paris photography because you can capture the Arc De Triumph and the cars, but no people in the shot!

When you are standing on the Champs Elysees facing the Arc, the dot is literally in the middle of the road. Sometimes this spot is very popular and there is a line so make sure to take your shots quickly! It is also a great spot for night photography in Paris because you can get some wonderful light trails from the cars as they go by! Just be careful when visiting this Paris photography spot because it literally is in the middle of the road but well worth it!

See Google Maps Location Here

photographing the arc de triumph in paris | paris travel tips

Montparnasse Tower Provides You With A Bird’s Eye View Of Paris

Montparnasse Tower is located in the south of Paris and is a giant futuristic looking tower with an observation deck on top. The tower is 59 stories so you get quite the majestic view of the city! This tower lets you see views of all of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower from above! There is a fee to enter, so if you are looking for free Paris photography spots this is not the location for you. Believe it or not, tripods are allowed, so if you want to shoot the city by night or are looking to photograph the sunset, you can bring a tripod to aid your photography.

Montparnasse Tower is also a great spot for taking the family as kids love the view and looking through the binoculars on the top deck. Make sure to go early if you want to catch sunset so you have time to set up, choose your angle, and figure out how you want to capture the City Of Lights!

See Google Maps Location Here

Perfect Paris Photography Locations And Where To Find Them

The Louvre Pyramid Is A Can’t-Miss Paris Photography Location

You can’t have a list of Paris photography locations without suggesting the Louvre Pyramid! The Louvre Pyramid is photogenic no matter what time of day you visit! If you go during the day, you may have to combat a lot of people but you will be able to get as close as you want. You will also be able to wander the surrounding halls for different and unique angles of the Louvre Pyramid!

If you decide to photograph the Louvre Pyramid at night or after-hours, you will not be able to get up close as there is a fence that is locked at night. We do not recommend trespassing and jumping over this fence, but you can bring your tripod and a good zoom lens and shoot from beyond the fence. Keep in mind that the lights shut off at 1am so make sure to go before then if you want to make the Louvre Pyramid one of your Paris photography locations!

See Google Maps Location Here

Perfect Paris Photography Locations And Where To Find Them | louvre pyramid in paris

Notre Dame Cathedral Offers Many Paris Photography Options Both Inside And Out

Notre Dame Cathedral offers so many amazing Paris photography options! You can pick one or do all that the church has to offer! This is a great photography stop to combine with Saint Chapelle, mentioned above. First off, you should photograph Notre Dame from the front and feature all the resident pigeons flying around the shot!

Second, you should photograph Notre Dame from the back because the church and the design is stunning! We even recommend walking across the Seine River to take photos that include the back of the church, the river, and possibly even a passing boat or two! You will totally love the architecture and it won’t disappoint!

You can also enter the Cathedral to take photos of the stained glass rose windows inside and the stonework as well! Finally, if you want more views of the city from above, walk up into one of the bell towers for an up-close view of the architecture and sweeping views of the city! Notre Dame is basically four Paris photography locations wrapped into one stop so you really can’t go wrong!

See Google Maps Location Here

notre dame cathedral is an photography spot in Paris for instagram

notre dame in paris

The Trocadero Offers Picture-Perfect Eiffel Tower Views Day And Night

The Trocadero is another Paris photography location like Notre Dame above that offers multiple angles all in one spot! The Trocadero is the giant building that sits across the Seine River from the Eiffel Tower. We recommend shooting the Eiffel Tower from the steps leading up to the Trocadero and sitting on the wall/banister for some cute photos! If you are taking shots for Instagram or with your family, this is the perfect place to visit! Even if it is crowded, you can get away with shooting the Eiffel Tower without many people being in the photos!

You can also photograph the Eiffel Tower from the top of the Trocadero, even though this location can be quite crowded unless you go early in the morning or late at night! You can also shoot the Eiffel Tower from the bottom of the Trocadero near the fountain. Sometimes the fountains have water in them and sometimes they don’t. When we visited Paris in winter, the fountains did not have water in them and we were able to walk down inside the fountains for some great views of the Eiffel Tower. The views from the Trocadero are the perfect Paris photography location by both day and night!

See Google Maps Location Here

torcadero in paris couples photos in paris eiffel tower in paris

La Mansion Rose Is A Wonderful Paris Photography Location For Simple But Beautiful Images

If you are looking for something simple and quaint, yet memorable to photograph, head to Montmartre and find Paris’ “pink building.” This building is called La Mansion Rose and is also a working restaurant so you can stop and grab a bite to eat if you so desire! La Mansion Rose is popular with Instagrammers, but not really anyone else because it is a little off-the-beaten-path!

You can visit La Mansion Rose while you are in Montmartre and it is cute during the morning and afternoon. If you don’t want to get anyone in your shots but you still want wonderful light, La Mansion Rose photographs best during sunrise as it will be bathed in soft light that will really accent the pink exterior. Remember to be respectful when photographing this location as it is someone’s business!

See Google Maps Location Here

cute pink building in Paris | instagram locations in Paris | paris itinerary stops | things to do and see in Paris

The Opera Garnier Will Add Opulent Grandeur To Your Photos

If you are looking for a Paris photography location that looks like a palace inside, The Opera Garnier is the place for you! The theatre room itself is spectacular and impressive to visit and the regal reds and golds look stunning in photos! Even better, walk around The Opera Garnier and the palace for stunning views in the hallways of the detailed artwork on the ceilings and walls.

When photographing The Opera Garnier, make sure to shut your flash off and boost your ISO a bit so that your images won’t be so dark. We recommend shooting on manual for the best results, but smartphone photos work well too at this Paris photography location! This gives you a bit of a different perspective for photography in Paris as you will be shooting indoors instead of outside! The Opera Garnier will not disappoint you!

See Google Maps Location Here

opera garnier in paris

Sacré-Cœur And It’s City Views Provide You With Plenty Of Paris Photography Options

Sacré-Cœur is the highest point in all of Paris! This Catholic Church is located high on a hill in Montmartre and overlooks the entire city! Like Notre Dame, it offers a variety of Paris photography shots to add to your collection. First off, you can photograph the church itself, which is stunning and all white! You can also go inside and shoot the church that way as well!

You have the option to go up inside the dome of the church and get sweeping views of the city of Paris as well as the Eiffel Tower. While the tower is tiny and far away, it is a unique vantage point and quite cool to see, especially at sunset or sunrise. Finally, there is a platform in front of Sacré-Cœur which is perfect to take your own couples photos, family photos, or shots of the city itself! Simply walk up to the railing and start shooting! You really can’t go wrong and Sacré-Cœur offers a Paris photography option for every type of creative!

See Google Maps Location Here

view from Paris basilica | paris things to do

couples photography in Paris

Pont Alexandre III And Any Bride Across The Seine Offer Unique Perspectives Of The City

Pont Alexandre III is the fanciest bridge in Paris and a popular Paris photography location. It is decked out in gold and metal and looks wonderful in the background of photos or all by itself. Just because you have photographed Pont Alexandre III Bridge doesn’t mean you are done! Once you have shot this famous bridge in Paris, there are plenty more to explore!

We love the bridge in front of the Eiffel Tower, the bridge in front of the Louvre, and the bridge in front of Notre Dame. All of these bridges in Paris allow you to change up your photography and either photograph the bridge itself, the bridge in the background, or from the bridge over boats that are passing by along the Seine!

See Google Maps Location Here

bridges in Paris | paris in winter

paris portrait photography

The Top Of The Arc De Triumph Offers The Best Sunset Views Of The Eiffel Tower

Did you know that you could go inside and on top of the Arc De Triumph? If you didn’t, don’t worry! Many people don’t know about this cool tip! That being said, the top of the Arc De Triumph is one of the best Paris photography locations out there and one you totally need to visit! The best time to visit for photography purposes is during sunset and it is totally the best place to watch the sunset over the Eiffel Tower.

Unlike other Paris photography locations where you are much higher than the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triumph allows you to photograph the tower from a mid-level location that is located near the tower. This is why it is one of our favorite spots! There is a small fee to go inside the Arc De Triumph, and it is also open one day a month for free. We accidentally went on a free day and the lines were so long! Tripods are not welcome so make sure to plan in advance!

See Google Maps Location Here

eiffel tower sunset view from the arc de triumph

The Moulin Rouge Is A Famous Can’t-Miss Paris Photo Location

If you are taking photos in Paris, you can’t miss some shots of the Moulin Rouge! The famous red building is located in the Montmartre District which means you can easily combine it with multiple other Montmartre locations listed here so you can hit them all on the same trip if you want! The Moulin Rouge is also easy to find and is located near Metro locations so you can quickly hop out and get some great photos.

When taking photos of the Moulin Rouge, of course, you can visit at any time of day, but we recommend sundown or nighttime! The best Paris photography of the Moulin Rouge is done when the famous red lights turn on and you can really bring them out when you visit at night or as the sun sets! There is a safe space in the middle of the road where you can take photos of the Moulin Rouge from a distance!

See Google Maps Location Here

Moulin rouge is one of the best paris photography locations

Avenue de Camoëns Perfectly Blends Buildings With The Eiffel Tower

Avenue de Camoëns is a wonderful Paris photography location, especially if you are photographing people. We love Avenue de Camoëns because not only do you get a view of the Eiffel Tower peeping over the buildings, you get all of the cute Parisian homes in the foreground. You can sit or stand on the cement railing and it is a wonderful spot for fashion, family, or fun photos!

If you are looking to just photograph the landscape, don’t pass up Avenue de Camoëns either! It makes for great vintage-style images when transformed into black and white and you will love how the Eiffel Tower ads to the image without taking away too much!

See Google Maps Location Here

The Rainbow Homes Along Rue Crémieux Is One Of The More Charming Paris Photography Locations

Never heard of Rue Crémieux? Don’t worry! It is a new, up-and-coming Paris photography location, so if you want to shoot it before it gets too popular, now is the time to visit! Rue Crémieux is a street located on Paris’ eastern side near the banks of the Seine. It is relatively easy to find, once you have the name, and photographs best in daylight instead of at night time.

Rue Crémieux is essentially a bunch of cotton-candy-colored homes that are perfectly lined up in a row along the street. It can get busy because a lot of people shooting for Instagram flock to this Paris photography spot, so we recommend visiting during the early morning hours for soft light and to have the place all to yourself! It is such a cute slice of Paris and still relatively secret so you won’t want to miss it!

See Google Maps Location Here

Best Instagram places in Paris | Paris photography spots

Photo credit: Nina Tekwani

The Carousels At The Foot Of The Eiffel Tower Offer A Playful Photographic Perspective

If you are looking for a playful and whimsical take on Paris photography, consider shooting one of the carousels at the Eiffel Tower. There are two, one right in front of the tower on the right side of the Seine River, and one across the Seine in front of the Trocadero as mentioned above. You can’t miss them, and they are essential to photograph at any time of the day!

You can either go at dawn to photograph the sunny glow around the carousel or come at night to capture a long exposure shot as the Eiffel Tower gleams in the background and the carousel spins in the foreground. Depending on what angle you are looking to shoot, you can choose the closer or the further carousel to focus on at this Paris photography location. Each offers a unique perspective and you really can’t go wrong!

See Google Maps Location Here

Paris photography of Eiffel tower and carousel during your paris itinerary

Map Of The Best Paris Photography Locations

We get it, some of you are more visual and want to see a map of the best Paris photography locations! We put them all together in a Google Map that you can bookmark or download or you can simply save this map here during your planning process! Each one of the Paris photography spots is named for you so you can easily see what it is and where it is in relation to our post here!

Google Map Of Paris Photography Locations

Map Of The Best Paris Photography Locations | Map Of Paris Instagram Spots

These Paris photography locations are sure to excite photographers of any genre! Whether you are shooting for Instagram, landscapes, cityscapes, families, or portraits, you are sure to find something you love in Paris! What is your favorite Paris photography location? 

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