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Our Experience Visiting La Catrina Taqueria, The First Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Paris

catrina with beer

We are from Florida. We have the pick of the litter when it comes to Mexican food. When we travel, we get cravings. It is only natural. If you love authentic Mexican food as much as we do, you have got to check out La Catrina Taqueria during your stay in Paris. They hosted us for dinner while we were in the city, and we want to give you the low down. Check it out:


La Catrina Taqueria

La Catrina Taqueria

La Catrina Taqueria is perfect for those of us on a budget. Their prices are extremely reasonable, especially for dinner in a big city. We are burrito lovers, and 7.50 is right in our price bracket. We suggest one of their “Formulas,” where you get to pick 3 tacos and the drink of your choice.


catrina app

We are Americans and we like big portions. #sorrynotsorry. In Europe, Americans continually pay high prices and leave wanting for more. La Catrina was a pleasant surprise. For an appetizer, we ordered the nachos and the guacamole. The guac must have had at least 3 avocados in it. We have never been served a larger portion at any restaurant we have ever gone to. We finished our chips, got a second helping of chips, and still had some left over to eat with dinner.


La Catrina Taqueria

La Catrina manager Mouhib Barrak tells us that “La Catrina makes its own authentic hibiscus juice. Hibiscus juice is good for the heart, blood, and body.” Being from Florida, we have seen Hibiscus trees, but have never tasted the juice. It was tasty and very refreshing. Mouhib told us that La Catrina rotates their homemade juice and often feature Hibiscus, pineapple, and watermelon in the summer.


catrina tj dish

catrina vj dish

Let’s be real. You probably care about the food the most. We tried every single type of taco and the quesadilla. The beef taco had an interestingly sweet twist, the mushroom taco was savory, and the quesadilla was traditional. The curdled creme on the pepper taco was a nice touch that we weren’t used to. Mouhib explained that “everything we do is homemade and all dishes and ingredients are prepared in house. Each plate is authentic to Mexico and prepared in the same way you would see in a Mexican taqueria.” He also told us that all La Catrina cooks were Mexican. We were jealous that they get to live in such a cool place!


catrina inside flags

catrina inside tiles

Some Mexican restaurants try to be all uppity and modern. La Catrina likes to stick to the basics. We learned that all interior decor, including the ceramic tile bar, was imported directly from Mexico. As a diner, this really tied the entire experience together and made us feel a little closer to home in a far away country. Keeping with their authenticity, La Catrina does not serve sour cream with dishes since it is a Tex Mex invention and not strictly Mexican. We learn a new thing every day!

For the price, downtown Paris location, and fantastic food, you should check out La Catrina Taqueria when you are in the City of Lights. Everyone needs a little Mexican food on their vacation, right?! We sure do.

You can find their website HERE

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Have you visited La Catrina? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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