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5 Free Things To Do In Monaco

If you are broke but still want to check this fancy city off of your bucket list, there are plenty of free things to do in Monaco! Monaco is known for being a Mediterranian playground for the ultra rich and posh crowd….and it certainly did not disappoint! That being said, the vast majority of us aren’t walking around wearing fancy watches or driving designer cars. That doesn’t mean we can’t all experience this small-but-mighty city for free!

Staying on the Italian side of the nearby French/Italian border will save you buckets. If you drive, public parking in Monaco is free for the first hour, and only a few euro after that so you will be near many Monaco points of interest. If you are looking to use public transport, you can ride a bus from one side of Monaco to the other for cheap as well as you discover all the free things to do in Monaco. The best part? All of the “must-hit” sites are within walking distance and the downtown is very small which means you won’t have to pay a dime!

Top 5 Free Things To Do In Monaco

1. Let the views sweep you off your feet

Monaco view

Landscape lovers rejoice! Monaco offers stunning vistas that perfectly combine the sea, city, and mountains. If you are driving into the country, there are plenty of pull-outs that you can stop at and safely enjoy the views. Pull outs are safe and one of the best free things to do in Monaco. If you are visiting the city during sunset, take advantage of photographing some fantastic vistas from these viewpoints. You could even break out your trusty travel tripod and photograph the city after dark using long exposure. The opportunities are endless and you will fall in love.

2. Check out all the fancy, expensive cars

monoco cars 2

Pretty sure it isn’t every day that you can get up close and personal with the likes of Rolls Royce, Ferraris, Bugattis etc. all in one parking lot. The best part? Eying all these pricey rides is totally on the house and one of the top free things to do in Monaco. Head down to Le Casino Monte-Carlo and feast your eyes on the exotic car line up. The cars are perfectly situated for photos and the people watching in front of the casino is impeccable. Keep your eye out for ultra-rich businessmen, ladies in fancier clothes than you can imagine, and guys totally obsessed with trying to take pictures of cars as they pass by. You have to put this at the top of your list of what to see in Monte Carlo!

3. Go yacht shopping

monoco yaghts

Okay, you really aren’t going to buy a 10 million dollar boat, but you can sure as hell go look at all the ones docked in Monaco’s harbor! From run-down fishing boats to the fanciest yachts you can imagine, the marina at Monaco has enough boats to keep you entertained for hours. Stroll along the harbor and pay attention to the interesting yacht names and which countries they are registered in. Who knew finding free things to do in Monaco could induce this much daydreaming? Don’t forget to make up stories about the yachts you pass and those folks who are aboard! Bet they are enjoying the Monaco tourist attractions just like you!

4. Walk the famous Circuit De Monaco racetrack

Monaco racetrack

Monaco’s downtown racetrack is super-famous and has made an appearance in many movies, including Iron Man 2. For free, you can explore the Circuit De Monaco, which is used as an actual road if a race isn’t going on. Walk in the footsteps of many a movie star and take in the stadium seating and construction men preparing the guardrails for the next event. Even though it isn’t one of the free things to do in Monaco, seeing a real road race at this famous track could be something to budget for! Thousands visit Monte Carlo every year for car races and

5. Stroll through the Japanese Gardens

Monaco Japanese Garden

It is very rare that you can access a Japanese Garden for free, let alone in a big city! Take advantage of this complimentary experience by dropping by and enjoying the waterfalls, little bridges, and Koi fish. The garden is close to the sea and the casino, so it is an easy pit stop during your stay in Monaco. The Monaco Japenese Gardens are like an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city and casinos. For a brief moment, take a few deep breaths and take in one of the most relaxing free things to do in Monaco.

Monaco Landscape

How did we do? What are your favorite things to do for free in Monaco? Have you ever visited? It is never too early to start shopping!

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5 Free Things To Do In Monaco | What To do In Monaco When You Are Broke | Monaco Itinerary for one day | Tips for visiting Monte Carlo | Monaco Travel Tips and itinerary | Best things to do in Monaco | How to visit Monaco on a budget

5 Free Things To Do In Monaco | What To do In Monaco When You Are Broke | Monaco Itinerary for one day | Tips for visiting Monte Carlo | Monaco Travel Tips and itinerary | Best things to do in Monaco | How to visit Monaco on a budget


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