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Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life

Note: Hi! This post is going to be written in first person by me, Victoria. It is very personal but is meant to educate, not make anyone feel bad for me. If you want to find the outcome and not read the whole post, scroll 3/4 of the way down. Thanks for reading! 

2016 was going to be my year. I was finally going to be living my dream of traveling the world with no strings attached. I had a brand new travel blog to share my stories. I had a loving and supportive boyfriend to travel with. I had my own business managing social media. I also had made the choice to get a copper IUD.

If you have or had a Copper IUD and are experiencing unexplained symptoms or any side effects from the Copper IUD please join my Copper IUD Support Group On Facebook! 

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Me barely being able to walk up a hill in Washington. My first abnormal experience

The decision to get a copper IUD was an easy one. I didn’t want to take any hormonal birth control and copper was a natural element already found in the body. The IUD  could stay in place for 10 years which meant I could easily travel without having to worry about anything. I was sold. Or so I thought.

Insertion was a super-easy and painless process. I had my copper IUD placed mid-February. I was told by doctors and a variety of online medical and drug websites that the only real copper IUD side effects I would experience were heavier-than-normal bleeding during my first three periods and possibly for the first 6 months. Since I already experience heavy bleeding normally, this wasn’t a huge concern.

I went on my first trip of 2016 in January to Arizona. This was pre-copper IUD and Terrence and I had a wonderful time. A week post-IUD we traveled to Washington. Although we didn’t immediately peg anything as wrong, Terrence noticed a change in me. He kept these feelings to himself because I was super stressed about our impending three month trip to Europe.

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Terrence and I the day we both noticed something was off but couldn’t identify it

After Washington, we came home for three days, packed, and set off on what was supposed to be a dream trip backpacking Europe with no plans for 3 months. Instead of being a dream, it was absolute hell for both of us. During that time, we did a great job putting on a happy face for social media and our family and not complaining.

Less than a month into the trip, March 2016, I began to experience extreme left-lower-quadrant abdominal pain. I had no idea why and it wasn’t around the time when my period was supposed to come. I had never felt pain like that in my life. When my first period post copper IUD did come, it was heavier than ever before and filled with clots.

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Me in Prague pretending to be happy. Super fake smile.

Since we were backpacking, I barely managed to carry my 40lb pack for 3 months. I was weak and could barely walk up a hill which made hiking impossible. I had to stop hiking and rest every 30 seconds. I felt like a wimp who was out of shape. The first time I experienced this horrible chest pain was when I was in Washinton on a hike in Olympic National Park and it continued throughout all of Europe. I would get so tired and be in so much pain that I could barely hike to a hidden castle in Innsbruck and didn’t even bother hiking up Slieve League Cliffs in Ireland until Terrence made sure it was worth it.

I would get so tired and be in so much pain that I could barely hike to a hidden castle in Innsbruck and didn’t even bother hiking up Slieve League Cliffs in Ireland until Terrence made sure it was worth it. I was upset that I couldn’t fully enjoy my time abroad and knew deep down that this had to be more than just being “out of shape.” I wish I had known then that the tiny copper IUD in my uterus was completely to blame.

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Me in Ireland with barely enough strength to finish 1/3 of a beautiful hike

Like the adominal pain, I have begun to experience extreme bloating in March 2016. I thought that I was just “fat” and that sit-ups, working out, and eating better would bring my tummy back to being flat. I was dead wrong. My stomach still remains bloated to this day, December 30 2016. My tummy is/was “pregnant” bloated and it is very painful. Having a permanently “pregnant” stomach without actually being pregnant is very disheartening and did nothing for my body image, something I hadn’t really struggled with too much in the past until this year.


Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Me visiting the Italian Riviera and concealing a VERY bloated stomach.

Terrence and I were arguing over tiny stupid things daily. He was secretly unhappy because he had noticed a massive change in me and he wasn’t sure what to make of it. I was NOT the person he had known for two years and I was certainly not the person who he fell in love with. I knew this wasn’t “me” but just assumed it was from the stress of the trip and the very stressful 6 month period we had leading up to it. Even during the stressful end of 2015 I handled the situation like a grown adult and didn’t suffer negative effects. Little did I know the copper IUD was to blame for literally all of these problems.

As soon as I arrived home from Europe I went to see my gynecologist and received both an internal and external ultrasound. The copper IUD was in place, there was no inflammation, and all ovarian problems were ruled out. I saw the copper IUD inside of me correctly placed with my very own eyes. My doctor told me to go see a gastroenterologist and once all GI problems were ruled out, only then was I to come back to a gynecologist. My mom suggested to take out the copper IUD but I assured her medical professionals said it wasn’t the problem.

I went to see a gastroenterologist and she immediately scheduled me for a dual endoscopy and colonoscopy. In addition to the extreme tummy pain, I was also experiencing constant constipation which I had never experienced in my life.

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Terrence and I giving it our best try in Germany

The procedures both came back negative/clean except for the fact that I had general irritable bowel syndrome [IBS] which explained the constipation. I was relieved that it wasn’t cancer or anything worse. I lived my life in peace for a little over a week and then BAM, the pain came back with force. The GI doctor prescribed more drugs with a ton of side effects and I opted out and went with her more natural suggestion of peppermint oil.

I also learned that I had severe anemia and was immediately put on heavy iron supplements. Doctors told me that it was the result of my heavy bleeding, which was a copper IUD side effect. This explained why I was feeling so horribly tired during Europe and why I could barely walk one flight of stairs without feeling like death.

I took the entire summer off of travel to deal with health issues. I had blood work drawn more times than I could imagine and a ton of invasive tests done. Despite all of that, the pain remained unexplained and the constipation raged on. I was also dealing with an almost constant period.

Although I love my Diva Cup, I was wearing it an average of 25+ days per month. I was living on Advil instead of only taking one pill a month and in all honestly, I don’t think it did anything. The pain would sometimes start during the middle of the night and would last for about 2 hours. If it happened at 3 am, I knew it was futile to fight so I just scrolled social media or did work for clients instead of sleeping. The only thing worse than dealing with health problems is dealing with unexplained health problems and having no answers. Isn’t that what medical professionals are paid to do?

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Me at Cape Kiwanda Beach in Oregon during a particularly bad bout of constipation

I’m a big girl and can handle pain. It was annoying and it hurt really bad, but women are taught to put on a smile and power through cramps from a young age so I was already prepared to handle it gracefully. What really threw me for a loop was how much my mental health was affected.

From March until December 2016, I was crying 5-6 days a week. A WEEK! That meant I was crying almost every day. I ALWAYS had a negative outlook on everything. This really bothered Terrence because he is always positive. I constantly tried to explain to him that it wasn’t that I didn’t WANT to feel positive, it was that I literally couldn’t. When I looked back on my life, I had never felt like this before or dealt with situations with such moodiness. I knew it wasn’t me. I knew it would end and I saw the end of the road, my happiness, but I had no idea what I had to do to get through this hard time.

My mind was in a fog, I was constantly tired, I was super sensitive and weepy, and everything, I mean everything, was a huge ordeal and made me upset. I even got upset and cried because of a shirt Terrence decided to wear to Walmart. I KNEW it was completely stupid to get upset over the things I was getting upset over and at the same time it was more powerful than me and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Me at Proxy Falls right before I got upset for no reason

Every single trip Terrence and I took this year, save Arizona [pre-copper IUD], ranged between disappointing, sub-par, or terrible. Even if we had some semblance of fun for a short period of time, we would end up arguing or fighting over something stupid and I would end up crying pretty much every day.

Europe was the worst because we hadn’t even identified there was an unexplained problem and we didn’t communicate. NYC in July made everyone feel on edge. I cried in his parent’s apartment for reasons I don’t remember and I always knew I wasn’t having that much fun. Oregon? Iceland part 2? All AMAZING for our art and professional lives but terrible for our relationship and our mental state.

It actually got to the point where we were scared to go on trips because we knew the whole time would be filled with fighting, crying, making up, and then doing it all over again. I felt like I was living a lie. On the internet I was happy and living what most people dream about. My travel blog had taken off, my social media management company was thriving, and I was working with a ton of great people in the tourism industry. Large newspapers and magazines were featuring us and saying we were #couplegoals. I felt the furthest from it. It was a terrible and dark time that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Me in Innsbruck, Austria pretending I wasn’t exhausted after walking up a hill

I decided to continue to seek professional help and was told that I was NOT depressed [thank goodness] and that I was burnt out [makes total sense]. This was the explanation for the constant crying and sadness. I knew it would take time to retrain myself to possibly resemble the person I used to be. I started yoga. Despite these continued efforts, I kept crying, feeling down, and getting upset over things I knew were unreasonable. At this point, we were in mid-November and I was angry that I still didn’t have answers.

I scheduled a second opinion gynecologist appointment for December 8th, 2016. I explained my symptoms to my new doctor and without hesitation in the slightest, he told me my copper IUD had to go. He took it out and sent me on my way without any further information.

IMMEDIATELY, and I mean the same day, the blood cleared up and I was able to take out the Diva Cup. Discharge returned to normal which was something

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Me at Disney feeling amazing, happy, and pain free

I hadn’t experienced for 11 months. I was overjoyed by such a simple bodily function.

The pain? It was GONE; nowhere to be found. I was tentative because I knew it could attack me at any moment. But it didn’t. One week passes, then two, then three, then almost a month and nothing. No pain at all not even a tiny twinge.

The week after the copper IUD was pulled, my mom had planned a girls weekend trip to Disney for my sister and I. I was dreading it and knew it would be horrible but I planned to go anyway to make my mom happy. It was FAR FROM horrible! For the first time this year I actually had FUN on a trip. I wasn’t tired, I stayed up late and went swimming until midnight, and I dealt with the crazy holiday crowds with grace. There was no fighting or arguing in the least. I thought that perhaps these two nights away had cleared my burnout.

Almost immediately after the copper IUD was removed, my mood and mental state improved. The sudden change was like something unrealistic out of a movie but it was my life. I wasn’t crying or despondent every single day. In fact, I haven’t cried at all since it was removed. My heartbeat returned to a regular speed after 11 months. I had energy and was actually happy and not just putting on a happy face. I was actually enjoying life.

Although I had looked up information about copper IUD side effects before, I decided to again. Once again, nothing conclusive came up. Instead, I decided to simply Google “too much copper in the body.”

This is how I learned about COPPER TOXICITY. I stayed up till 1 am reading countless medical articles explaining the side effects of too much copper in the body and I was in literal shock. Every. Single. One of my abnormal symptoms WERE LISTED!!

Mind in a fog? There! Supersensitive/weepy? How could that POSSIBLY be there?! Constipation and IBS? THERE! Racing heart? Anemia? Mood swings? Concentration problems? Cold hands? Feelings of extreme sadness and lack of control? THERE, THERE, THERE, THERE, and THERE!

Never in my life did I dream that a “safe” copper IUD could impact my life that much. Even searches for copper IUD side effects didn’t turn up the same results that searching for too much copper in the body did. It’s like the drug companies and doctors don’t want women to know. NOT ONE TIME was I told by any healthcare professional that it could be the copper in the IUD that was causing such an immense and noticeable reaction from my body. I had to figure it out myself.

All along, I KNEW that this wasn’t how I acted for 22 years of my life. The coincidence between every symptom starting all at the same time and getting the copper IUD placed seemed like it was just that, an accident, when in reality, it had everything to do with it. I wasn’t having a breakdown and there wasn’t anything wrong with me other than I had too much copper in my body. As soon as the metal was removed, I improved overnight [not exaggerating].

I suffered at the hands of a tiny foreign object inside of me for 11 months but that doesn’t matter anymore. There is something overwhelming and powerful about having ANSWERS! About knowing that I was right…this wasn’t me and this wasn’t how I normally act. Answers that told me IBS and anemia just don’t start, they are a result of copper toxicity. Answers that explained why I cried almost every day for 11 months and all of a sudden just stopped. Answers that told me why everything was a big deal and why fighting occurred.

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Me feeling positive, happy, and stress-free on a date night with Terrence

Terrence and I? We haven’t had so much as a disagreement. He feels like he can talk to me again and has noticed an immense change in behavior and health. He stood by me and loved me even though I was VERY unlovable for a very long time and for that I am thankful.

Every trip of 2016 was sad and full of stress, fighting, and hard times. That part really sucks since my professional life was so wonderful while my personal was so terrible. The part that is great? My next trip is going to be amazing and Terrence and I won’t have to fear it. Or the trip after that. Or the one after that! I will never feel like I felt at the hands of a copper IUD/copper toxicity again. I’m still in shock that my copper IUD was “all it was” but am thankful, so thankful, I found the answer.

11 months of 2016 sucked because of a copper IUD that screwed up my body. I am now back to normal 110% emotionally, and many physical aspects have mended. I am hoping that my IBS, constipation, and extreme bloating will clear up as my body heals, and I’ve already noticed improvement from the bloating.

If you made it this far, congratulations and thanks for reading. I did not write 3,000 words to make anyone feel bad for me, but to educate women everywhere and to provide closure for myself after such a trying year. If you are experiencing anything abnormal after receiving a copper IUD, I encourage you to research copper toxicity and compare your symptoms.

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

Me walking away from 11 months of unknown medical problems and into the future [not really but let’s just pretend]

DO NOT WAIT like me. I could have gotten the IUD pulled in June and saved myself a ton of hell but I didn’t. There are things doctors and drug companies don’t tell you and don’t want you to know. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If something isn’t right, there is no harm in removing the copper IUD “just to see what happens.”

Even though it happened during the very last week of 2016, I found out what was REALLY wrong with my body and that copper toxicity and a copper IUD was to thank. I accomplished a lot this year in my professional and travel life even though my private life was so tumultuous and I’m looking forward to continuing to live WITHOUT copper in my body. During these trying times, I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to go back “to the way I was” emotionally, but I’m thrilled to report it happened, it is real, and I am back to being me!

Goodbye copper IUD, you ruined my life for 11 months. Hello, rest of my life, I can’t wait!

Please consider joining my COPPER IUD FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP and sharing your story with others in this private group.

184 thoughts on “Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life

  1. Gloria

    Thank you so much for telling your story.

    I had to travel from one airport to another and in the rush going through security left my medicine at the airport in the States. Get to Serbia, find a Dr have a complete physical and EKG for $25. Come to find out the medication I’m taking is banned in Europe and Asia. Will be going to Serbia for a absolute complete medical checkup in 2017 including seeing a dentist to get all my old fillings removed. When I talked to the clerk at the hotel he told me that Europeans from all over come to Serbia for medical and dental needs.

    1. lynsey Burnside

      Thanks for your story. I had the copper uid in for 3 years. I was extremely bloated for first few months. Then it died down. My periods were a lot heavier. But this last year was definitely the worst. The exhaustion alone has me in such a depression. It’s like j can’t even brush my hair. The though is exhausting enough. I argue with my partner for the littlest of things. As if I’m so needy!! That’s never been me!! I feel live I’ve 1 good week, right after my period, the other 3 I’m so hormonal!! I feel so depressed. Unhappy, etc. It’s awful. So….I went and got it removed today. Quick pain for 2 seconds. But as I finished my period yest, I don’t know yet if I feel better as this is normally how I feel right after it, for a week then back to hormonal, or because it’s been removed and I’ll continue to feel a little bit more upbeat. I don’t feel the immediate better that other people do. But hoping this comes over time??? Any help will be appreciated. I’m worried sick this is how I’m going to be forever. But fingers crossed having that removed will see me improve slowly over time. Esp the exhaustion. That alone being a extreme depression. Thanks for reading. Sorry it’s so long. Good luck everyone xx

  2. Michael Sheehan

    Thanks for sharing your interesting story. I’m delighted you feel SO much better now. Most medical interventions have positive and negative effects. We all hope for just positive outcomes, and usually it is pretty obvious (but not in your case) when there are significant negatives, that may make stopping the obvious course. Often we end up trying to manage the side effects while maximising the benefits. IUDs had gone out of favor in the 70s because of infection (from the Dalkon Shield especially) but are now increasingly popular with very low infection rates. Now folk more frequently turn to using Mirena (Plastic and Progestin IUD). Im no expert in ObGyn, but the science shows that Copper IUDs dont in general increase risk of Copper toxicity (except directly to sperm by causing the detachment of the the heads from the tails), so your total body reaction was not a common one. It is relatively easy for physicians to deal with common reactions, but more difficult to diagnose unusual reactions especially if the physician is not very experienced or doesnt take the time to ask ALL the right questions. Glad you finally got to the bottom of it and I wish you and Terrence all the best for a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

    1. S

      Hi! I’d like to chime in on this comment. Science is flawed as of now when it comes to this iud, it’s currently blood testing. Copper is deposited in your tissues and will only show up in tissue testing. There is NO WAY to know how much copper is making its way into each females body with this iud. I became a paranoid schizophrenic with this iud and 1 year post removal I am back to myself. No history of mental illness, never taken a pill and I was on the highest level of Zoloft with this iud. It’s poison and women deserve better.

      1. Monica Schultz

        I have been having all sorts of issues since getting my copper IUD 3 years ago. At first I thought it was me, so I got out on anti-depressants and anxiety pills (that caused other issues). Got off of those and anxiety continues and I am exhausted all the time. I work all day, get my kids taken care of after work and school and I’m in bed by 8:30, completely wiped out. I’m bleeding all the time and when I’m on my actual period, I literally soak a super tampon and a pad every hour for the first couple days. I think it’s time to get this thing out to see if it is the root cause of all these issues.

      2. Natasha

        Hi. I am probably getting my copper IUD removed but there is such conflicting info out there. Even the site coppertoxic.com, I’d read in its entirety gives conflicting info. It says that the bio-unavailable copper is stored in your liver. Later in a separate section it says inorganic copper (the type in the iud) bypasses your liver and goes straight into your blood. Wouldn’t it then show up on a blood test? It says it usually doesn’t show on blood test, only hair analysis because of it being stored in the tissues but wouldn’t that last statement about bypassing liver and going straight into blood contradict this. Maybe I’m just not understanding. Anyone that can clarify for me would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

        1. SP

          I know blood is homeostasis so it has a tendency to level itself out. I personally had blood tests taken when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the iud in and they all came out normal. The HTMA hair testing that I took post insertion showed copper toxicity.

    2. kelsey yancey

      I can’t even explain the misery I am in. I get it out tomorrow. I’m so weak, and tired, my fiancé is tired. Health care , is paper work and procedures. Theirs no real care. It’s all done on percentages. 1 out of 10 girls had problems ,” where good to go, insert that copper”!

  3. Corynne

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I can understand the pain as I deal with it on a monthly basis (no copper IUD just natural state for me). Thank you for being brave enough to share your struggle.

    I can’t wait to see the beautiful work you guys create in 2017.

  4. Bethany

    Thank you for writing this. I follow your work on Facebook and it’s beautiful. Even more beautiful is how the two of you managed the last 11 months of pain together. My husband and I have been through our own ups and downs and unexplained health issues that went undiagnosed. It’s a testament to your strength, both of you, to come through that. Happy traveling!!

  5. Sara

    Thank you for sharing your story!!
    I’ve been dealing with the copper IUD for 2 1/2 years now, and my side effects keep getting worse and very time I talked to a Dr about it they always resured me that it wasn’t from the IUD. But after doing a lot of research and reading a lot of testimonies I have decided that my IUD has to go!!

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Yes!! The doctor’s won’t tell you, it is up to you to ask for it to be out. I promise your body will begin to normalize immediately. Please keep me posted.

      1. Casey

        Follow and Away.. I hope you get this message so long after this post was posted. I’m mind blown reading all these comments. I’ve been have abdo/bowel issues for a few years (also had the IUD for 1.5 years) and I am always bloated and sore! I’ve been on a gluten, dairy, sugar free diet for 5 weeks with no change in my bloating (except a more regular bowel routine) and low FODMAP for almost two weeks with NO CHANGE. Did you or anyone have bloating 24hrs a day?? My boating tends to get worse as the day goes on and I can’t figure out if it’s the food I’m eating or this bloody IUD…

      2. Anita

        I too have had the copper iud in place since April… my anxiety and depression has been unbearable to the point where I literally don’t know who I am anymore having it removed this week am hoping the paranoia brain fog numbness anxiety and panic will disappear because I feel I can’t be happy about Anything since it was inserted ….

        1. Dee Tee

          Hi just wondering if all your symptoms have gone away?
          I just had mine removed a couple of hours ago, I don’t know what to expect. Just hoping i go back to normal. And also hoping that it was the reason why my depression and paranoia got worse. My doctor assured me not to take it out, she said the Copper IUD has nothing to do with it, (fingers crossed)

          1. Fa2

            Dont belive them, this is the symptoms of thousands of people. Check out the Facebook groups to Ask questions.
            Good luck ❤️

          2. Follow Me Away Post author

            It 10000% does! I have lingering symptoms for 2 years until I started Hemp oil. It is legal everywhere and you can get it from Amazon.

      3. Nadine

        Hello Victoria,

        I can’t believe what I’ve just read! What an awful time you went through and all because of a small piece of copper!
        I had a copper coil put in less than 24hrs ago and several hours later my stomach grow to the size of a 5 month pregnant lady. I’ve been in such pain that I’ve been unable to sleep for more than an hour or two. I recognise the pain as IBS due to the fact I suffered with it for many years before having my children.
        Unable to sleep I started to look online to see if it was at all possible it could have anything to do with the coil. I of course couldn’t find anywhere to confirm my thoughts, but then I started looking into copper poisoning and I came across your story.
        I am in shock and now I’m feeling extremely concerned about what could possibly be going on inside my body and so incredibly quick after only just having it put in. It actually hurts my stomach when I sit down or push slightly on it!!
        The problem I have is I’d only had it put in as an emergency contraception after a condom came off inside me during my fertility window. So I need to leave it in for 3 weeks for it to work! Then I had planned to keep it in after that period of time, as I do not get on with any hormone contraception.
        As selfish as I may sound, I do not want another pregnancy as my partner and I are finally getting married after 14yrs and two beautiful children.
        I of course while be contacting my doctor but who knows what they’ll say??

        Hope you get to read this and many thanks for sharing your story.

        Kindest regards

        1. Follow Me Away Post author

          After it is in for the 3 weeks I HIGHLY recommend taking it out before you have so many problems! There are so many women in my FB group and the majority of us do condoms and natural fertility tracking 🙁 Good luck!

          1. Nadine

            Thank you for your quick response.
            Turns out I have a nasty infection in my uterus from having it put in. I’m now on two lots of strong antibiotics for the next couple of weeks. Along with prescribe painkillers.
            Condoms and fertility tracking it is and thankfully my husband to be has agreed to go under the knife!
            Again thanks for sharing your story and for your response. 😊

  6. Dessy

    Hi there,

    I’ve had issues ever since I got mine in FIVE years ago. I just keep blaming other things, but I have now I have run out of things to blame. I love my life. I have some job stress and money stress, but all normal and part of life.

    I can’t think of why I’ve been having such horrible anxiety and mood swings (especially around PMS time). I never had PMS before, but I know things can change after so many years. Those are the things I don’t know if the IUD has impacted. I do know for sure it is the cause of my cramps (painful stabbing cramps), anemia, and bloated/tired feeling.

    I want to try removing mine, but I can’t tolerate hormonal birth control. Do you know anything about fertility monitors or spermicide? I really want to see if I can get healthy again, but I don’t want the stress of worrying about pregnancy.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      My health is beyond worth it. We currently have been using condoms for 6 months because im not about to be putting any more chemicals in my body after tha expereince!

      1. Dessy

        Thanks for the quick reply. I’m really set on trying removal in the near future. It’ll never really be perfectly convenient, but eventually I will have to try. Did you find that you sometimes felt ok with the IUD in? I find I have 1 or 2 good weeks, followed by very bad weeks the rest of the time. I remember when I first got mine in, it was an immediate change for the worse, but after five years, it’s hard to remember what normal is like. Even good weeks are never really great.

        1. Follow Me Away Post author

          Yes once in a while everything was okay but you will notice and IMMEDIATE change when you take it out. It was a transformation and was quite crazy to be honest! I highly suggest it and you can always put it back in if you want! Using condoms is a small sacrfice to make for my health!

          1. Dessy

            For anyone interested and looking for help, I’m going to post an update when I get mine out. I actually just found a ton of scientific research that does show real life measured increases in copper levels and other effects on the body. Things that many people swear are not medically supported! I don’t understand why people ignore the evidence, but I’m not going to one of them. Thank you so much for your blog, you pushed me to do some real digging.

          2. Follow Me Away Post author

            Of course!!! Yes it is CRAZY the amount of stuff the doctors didn’t even know about! So so crazy! Good luck!

      2. Celina Dabdoub

        Same thing happend to me i looked into my thyroid and candida heart problems headaches migraines pid,mental fog forgeting everything loss of taste weakness,after telling each and every dr i think its paraguard all of them said it wasent possible too little copper. Oh yes it is possible that thing is poisen in your blood/ body be very carefull when chosing this device i think it should have a warning copper toxicity can occur and heart problems even aneurisms . Women are dying and dont even know the cause. This makes me so upset. Thank god u knew the difference this thing ruined my life for 1 year. Could barley take care of my family. BEWARE OF PARAGUARD. THEY DONT CARE WHO THEY HARM ONLY THE

  7. Bluediamond27

    Thank you for sharing your story! I just had my Copper IUD taken out this morning after having it in for just a couple of months. I noticed so many unusual symptoms since I had it inserted and new something wasn’t right. I did a lot of intense research and decided to get it removed. My symptoms ranged from Brain Fog, Aching headaches, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, moodiness. Such a horrible experience I felt immediately relieved as soon as it left my body!

  8. Abby

    Hi! Thank you so much for writing this! I already emailed you about getting mine out, but I figured I’d post a follow-up in the comments for other women who are looking for information. 🙂

    After having it for one month short of eight years(!), I had my Paragard removed last Wednesday, so almost a week ago. The relief was instant. It definitely hurt for about 10 minutes afterwards (but NOTHING close to the pain of insertion), and I felt super tired the rest of the day. I’m sure my fatigue had something to do with the nerves that built up before the procedure. The next morning my bloated belly had gone way down, and I just felt lighter, calmer, at ease. I’ve weighed in every day, and my weight is fluctuating a lot– anywhere from losing two pounds to losing zero. But if I didn’t know the number on the scale, I would swear I feel five pounds lighter. I can see it and feel it.

    The most important changes for me so far have been three big things: an increased energy level, decreased anxiety, and the near elimination of some bladder issues. And I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that these issues I’ve dealt with for years are starting to get better in a matter of days.

    On Saturday, I did a 40-minute treadmill jog. On Sunday, I biked 3 miles to an hour-long outdoor yoga class and biked 3 miles home. And on Monday, I biked 22 miles around my city. What?! And during all of these, I never felt worn out or cranky or hopeless or felt the fear that my body was going to give out on me. Like I’ve felt for a while. Never once did I think, “I just want to go home” or “I don’t want to be doing this anymore.” I felt strong and beautiful and full of life and so, so thankful to be healthy.

    And the bladder issue: for the past few years, when I need to pee, it hits me like BAM…if I don’t go immediately, it feels very uncomfortable. And sometimes it feels so bad it makes me nauseated and anxious as hell. So road trips and bike rides and hikes and things where I didn’t know where I could use the bathroom were pretty scary.

    Last night I was journaling about my weekend, and I realized that I hadn’t felt that insane urge to pee all weekend – not during my 22-mile bike ride, not when I was at the mall for two hours, not when I was having a beer with a friend for two hours. I felt normal.

    For years I’ve forgotten what normal feels like. I’m not saying that my IUD caused all of my problems but… wait, maybe I am saying that 🙂

    1. KB

      I am so happy to find your post. I am bleeding at least 14 days a month heavy, and spotting. I have no energy, bloating and fat around my waist like never before. My partner is getting a vasectomy and I’m getting this thing out of me in a month or two. I can’t wait. GOODLUCk to you, thanks for sharing

      1. Follow Me Away Post author

        Ugh! I am so sorry this is happening to you! Take it out ASAP and things will begin to look up! Good luck!

  9. Sarah

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve had some concerns about my copper iud causing my extra spotting and cramping, but it never occurred to me that my exhaustion, worsening moods and mind fogginess could be connected. Reading your blog gave me the final push to make an appointment next week and get it out. Anything else I should expect about the days/weeks after removal? Was there bleeding?

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Hello!! So excited you will get it out! Nope, no side effects after removal at all, just immediate improvement of all the mental and physical aspects!

      1. KELLY

        I am so glad I found your story I have had an cooper coil for 6 months and I started getting really bad breathing problems I felt like someone was sat on my chest the doctors did bloods and X-rays but all was clear then they said it could have been from cleaning products as I was cleaning for a friend so i stopped it didn’t get any better I then started getting heart palpitations I was getting tired had anxiety I have lost a stone in the past 5 months I felt so low I had no energy to do anything the doctors said I had asthma and gave me steroids and inhalers and that my tiredness anxiety was down to having an 10 month old baby and that I had depression so they gave me tablets to help but they did nothing.. Then I started with really bad pains in my stomach and a constant ache in my lower back. So a week ago I don’t no why but I had a thought all my Simptoms started a few weeks after having the coil so I had a look online and couldn’t believe how many woman had the same symptoms from this. I came accross your post tonight as I went and had my coil out today and I wanted to no how long it takes for the symptoms to go I’m so glad I ready your post thankyou so much for sharing xx

        1. Follow Me Away Post author

          Hey Kelly! I actually HATE that you found my post because that means you went through hell too and for that I am so so sorry!! How are your symptoms now? You should notice an immediate change in a week, especially in your mood! Please let me know!

  10. Stephi

    Thanks for the share! I had my copper IUD in for about a year and was told repeatedly that there was no way my negative symptoms were related to the IUD itself. I struggled with BV for the first time in my life (which completely ruined my sex life and confidence), serious moodiness which led to me walking out of a job and suicidal ideations, SEVERE bloating, fatigue and just an overall feeling like there was something wrong with my body. Then one day, I was so overwhelmed with life and being tired and I had this sudden urge to just get that thing out of me. I removed it myself (painlessly) and had such an immediate sense of relief. Every day since I have felt more and more like myself. I have more energy, less anxiety, no more disgusting discharge….there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. <3

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Wow Stephi! That is so amazing to hear that you got it out and things got better! How is it going so far? I still find myself struggling to be 100% even almost a year after I got it taken out! The bloating is still there 🙁

      1. Stephi

        Mentally I feel much better! My bloating is still present as swelling in my feet and ankles…a little bit in my belly…but the near double chin I was rocking for most of the last year is gone!

        1. Val

          Wow! Thank you! As I read this I cried…likely, no big surprise…. I do not have the pain you did but have had major issues. It just all clicked recently that my issues are in Complete alignment with insertion. Amongst major emotional changes I have developed alopecia and have lost almost all my hair. My bleeding is so heavy, I am now anemic and struggling to bring my iron up, I cry daily, my hands are freezing, I can’t even be woken up After 9 Pm most nights, like DONE, in a different way then being a parent for over a decade has ever done to me! I have mood swings and chocolate cravings! Like you said… there! there! there! I have been in research mode, because am convinced the iud is ruining my life! I just got back tests saying I do not have toxic levels of copper in my Body, but I KNOW IT! Thank you for sharing your story! It was the tipping point I needed to trust my body’s and get this thing pulled!

  11. Åsa Lundborg

    In sweden we have crated a FB group, its called kopparöverskott/kopparförgiftning.
    It has over 3500 members and its growing. Many of the women have bad experiences from copper IUD. Is there a similar in England ?

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Wow!! That is insane! Thank you for sharing! I am from the USA so i don’t know about the UK but I think a lot of people experience the problems but don’t speak up about it because no one wants to tell us what is really going on! This is inspiring and maybe I will start an american group as well! Thank you for commenting!

  12. Maryanne

    Thank you so much for writing this it confirmed everything I was thinking. I started noticing a change in my mental and physical state just a few weeks after the IUD was put in but I figured that it was my body adjusting. I cried all the time, I was angry all the time, couldn’t focus on things that were second nature to me, I thought I was losing my mind. I started researching more about copper and found the articles on copper toxicity and I knew it had to go. I had my IUD removed yesterday and I feel like a new person today. I’m shocked that Doctors don’t tell you about this because if I had known this was possible I would’ve had it removed much sooner.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Thank you for commenting and I am SO SORRY that horrible experience happened to you 🙁 I am also shocked that doctors didn’t mention a single thing! They told me to go away until I was sure there was nothing else wrong with me. I didn’t go back to that doctor! So glad you are on the mend now!

  13. Eleanor Guilfoyle

    Thank you so much for writing this post, i’m so happy I found it! I also had my copper coil removed after having it for just under a year. I developed crippling social anxiety and low mood over these months, something I have never experienced before and received therapy as a result. A week since removal I am unfortunately feeling no different, however I am now optimistic that this will pass. I am just wondering if you took any supplements in order to amend your copper levels. I have been told taking zinc supplements helps?

  14. Lindsey


    I am wondering what method of birth control did you switch too? I love the ocnvenience of my iud but since having it put in my sex drive has decreased and I have almost unbareable periods. As well as I am also tired ALL the time.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      I just use Condoms now as I REFUSE to put anything else in my body! It just isn’t worth it!

  15. Denise

    Thank you so much for this, I’ve had mine in a year to this day, it was my last resort as synthetic hormones don’t agree with me, i keep asking doctors to investigate but they just keep telling me it’s all in my head etc. My partner knows something is off with me, he’s assuming hormone levels, me? I’m convinced my body is reacting to the copper … periods every other week, lower abdominal pain almost constantly. I’m having an ultrasound tomorrow but I’m definitely going to read up on copper toxicity. I cannot thank you enough, I knew it wasn’t all in my head. X

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Oh my gosh WOW! Thank you for your comments! I am so so sorry that the doctors are telling you YOU are the crazy one! Take it out instantly and within a week you will feel better. It has been 1.5 years and I still have terrible bloating from it which sucks 🙁 Please keep me posted!

  16. Kendall

    I am about to remove my IUD this week, and although my story isn’t as severe as yours, it was also horrible to travel with. I was trekking in Nepal and my abdomen was so bloated that I could not wear my hip belt. One night, the cramps made my digestive system so upset that I was up all night writhing in pain, with cramps radiating down my legs. I am an athlete as well, and I find that when I push it hard, my body gets so much more inflammation than it did when I didn’t have the IUD. I also found my breasts swelled twice the size every month from PMS. Not to mention the EXTREME bloating at all times of the month. I am so looking forward to not looking pregnant anymore. So relating to your problems with travelling with it. My boyfriend also really noticed my changes in mood, especially while travelling. I am naturally blessed to have a great natural cycle, and really question why it’s taken me a year to remove the IUD. I think we will try Natural Cycles. One question: Did you find your bloating got a lot better? It’s so hard on the body image. Sorry you’ve had to go through so much. Love from Canada xxx

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Hey Kendall!
      I am sooooo sorry that your experience has been horrible too. I am sorry to say that for me the bloating has NOT gone down as I got IBS and other GI issues because of the IUD. When i get home from this trip I am going to try a low Fomap diet which is supposed to help with reducing bloating. Please keep me posted!

  17. Judith Shikutwa

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I have the same problem, going up to acid reflux, heartburn, mood swings….. My mum insisted that the problem could be caused by the copper IUD in me. I was a bit reluctant but again I thought the pain is just too much. I made the decision to remove it and YES I removed it yesterday. I am hopeful that I will give a testimony like you!!! Be blessed!!

  18. Cynthia

    Thank you for sharing this! I had a gut wrenching feeling about the iud as soon as I set an appointment to get it inserted. My whole personality and behaviour have completely gone off the deep end since last year. Repeatedly I had ideas last year that I should get my copper iud removed, but I was still sexually active and did not want to get pregnant despite knowing I didn’t want this foreign object in me. I am currently severely anemic, have ruined my relationship, am now single, hurt family and friends with my paranoia, have had almost unending racing thoughts, OCD, manic mood swings, negativity, felt like I was a passenger in my own body(felt like a I had no control), and have felt like shit physically since I had the iud inserted. I could list so much more. I am getting my iud removed asap and will be getting myself tested just so I have the tests to prove that copper has ruined my life. Thank you for your post!! Best of health to you and your loved one.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Oh my gosh I am SO SO sorry to hear this! It is 10000% The IUD and you should start to see improvements immediately!!! I felt the exact same way you did and it really sucked. Please let me know what happens!

  19. Princess Mayo

    Hello, I just read your story and thank you for sharing. I had my copper devil taken out this morning. Had been bleeding for 4 weeks. Tried to take it for 2 weeks. Went to the emergency room they did nothing but say it was an abnormal period and take motrin. No help at all. Long story short 2 more weeks passed, stil bleeding heavily, clots the whole shabang. I saw my obgyn and she said let’s yank that thing out. She explained i should’ve never gotten it in the first place. We had a long talk and I love her after that. Now I just waiting to see when the bleeding will stop. It’s been ruining my life.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Oh my gosh im so glad that you got it out!!! Please keep me posted on if it gets any better! Good luck!

  20. nanor

    hi. i just read your post and i’m wondering where was the abdominal pain you were talking about.
    i had my iud inserted 2,5 years ago. last year i started having left sided abdominal pain(at the level of the belly button) and im wondering if its due to the iud. I never had serious gastric problems before but its been almost 9months i am feeling this disconfort.
    i had my iud removed last week by the way because of bleeding and very strong period pains.
    i went to see a surgeon and my family doctor. i did an echo and blood tests, everything seems normal. i am afraid to do other test for nothing.
    sorry for the long post?

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      YES!!! That is EXACTLY where I had my IUD pain! If all of the tests came back normal I bet that is what it was! It went away immediately after being there for almost a year! Good luck!

  21. Kate

    Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for telling your story, it really helps to find support from other women when it comes to our health. I have had my copper IUD for just over a year. Though it came with a few more mood swings than usual and heavy periods, this was not a huge change from before my IUD and I was willing to accept these things if it meant not taking hormones. A few months after my IUD in spring 2017 I started having bad auto immune problems, which i had experienced before but never that bad. I was also diagnosed with sever anemia and have spent a lot of money getting transfusions to make myself feel better. Recently I became the .8 % and got pregnant on my IUD unbelievable for several reasons as my boyfriend of a few years and I are extremely careful even on the IUD. I also know 5 other women who also experienced pregnancy on the Copper IUD and do not feel that the statistics are correct when it comes to this method of contraception. I think the next step is to take the IUD out. Anyway, I want to thank you for sharing your story and for all the other women who commented, it has been very comforting:)

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Oh my gosh I am SO SO sorry!!! This is all so horrible! I had anemia too! I bet you could have saved a lot of time and trouble by taking it out but of course the doctors NEVER suggest that! Please take it out so you can get on the mend!

  22. Bethanie

    I like all the other ladies here are thankful for this post. I was in misery for three years and couldn’t figure out why. Aside from the fact that i was bleeding most of the month and had the worst periods imaginable (including going through Super Plus tampons in an hour or less on day 8 and 9 of my period!!!!! Which previously only lasted three days) i didn’t recognize my other symptoms as related to the IUD, severe bloating, unimaginable pain, irritability, anxiety, easily frustrated, etc. I had even developed incredible hip pain in both hips the past 4 months, and when i got it out two days ago (i know waaaayyyy too long) my hips immediately improved along a huge feeling of relief. When the doctor showed it to me it was completely covered in blood clots. Now of course scouting the internet i find all these stories of copper toxicity and the incredible issues that come along with it, which includes an increase in estrogen. ? I had enough thank you very much.

    Anyway, I am thankful for your post and others like it. I’m definitely spreading the word.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Thank you for spreading the word and I am SO SORRY this happened to you! It is a true shame we have to educate ourselves from random blog posts on the internet instead of doctors and specialists telling us up front or immediately! Get well soon!

  23. Amber

    Hi! I just had my stupid paragard removed today, after being talked to and looked at like I am crazy. I had the paragard for about 6 months and I’m the last 2 months have seriously thought I was going crazy. I became very detached and anxiety like I’ve never had before. I have had to take lorazepam just to sleep almost every night for the last month. If anyone has had the anxiety and anger and all uncomfortable feelings/emotions, about how long until you felt a difference?

  24. MaKayla

    This story has just validated me in so many essential ways!!! I just had my copper IUD removed today after having it for a little over a year. My insertion was during my senior year of college, so it was easy to think “I’m just feeling this upset/stressed/anxious/etc. because this is such a hard point in my life!” but after graduating, getting a job I wanted, moving in with a best friend, having a great relationship, and still feeling all these things I realized that I really just wasn’t..feeling good? Like. Just an “I’m not feeling good, but why?” frustration. But, like you say, these things aren’t listed in the “IUD ISSUES??” articles, and I was too afraid to read about copper toxicity, because I would start researching and I would have an ACTUAL PANIC ATTACK. And then doctors say nothing is wrong unless you’re experiencing symptoms of your IUD being displaced…which I wasn’t…so…. But reading your article, and the community of comments you’ve created is SO SO comforting right now. And makes me feel so hopeful about my choice to have it removed because now I know that I’m not being weak when I think that maybe the IUD was to blame, and I’m looking forward to how things will improve. So, thank you for writing this article, and creating this space because it means a lot to me to hear all of this. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Thanks for helping me feel better too!!!!

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Thank you so much for commenting! Every time a woman comments it makes me angry because I know another woman was screwed over by the IUD too and I am so sorry you have the same experience as me! I am very glad you got it out and you will be on the mend soon! Look into ways to detox from copper too! Good luck!

    2. Follow Me Away Post author

      Hey! So sorry for your experience it is very similar to mine! I am sorry for not responding sooner as I was sick. Please keep me posted if you start to feel better! Thank you for commenting

  25. Ivy

    I have currently had my copper IUD in for about a year and a half and it has been the worst decision of my life!! I feel like a lesser version of myself every time I see my extremely bloated belly and can feel how much less energy I have to even get out of bed on days that I know when my cramps are at the WORST. This article has let me know that it’s not worth turning into a completely unhappy and miserable version of myself when I could be happy and healthy without it! Thank you and I hope you are doing well without this death trap of birth control!

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      YES!!! It is NOT YOU!!! I am so glad you will get it out! Please keep me posted on how you feel and if you improve

  26. Kara

    Hi! Wow! I’ve had mine in for 8 months. I’m planning to get mine out ASAP. I’ve watched myself go down hill tremendously in the past few months. Ive been seriously thinking I’m loosing my mind. I just figured life has been kinda rough lately so I just chalked it up to that but everything has been rough. I can’t deal with even little things like I normally would. I’m always on edge I can’t think straight. Pre iud I only felt like that one day out of the month right before I’d start my cycle. Now it’s like I feel like that every day. I’m very foggy in the head to the point I’m thinking I’m loosing my mind. I’m very sensitive and emotionally unstable crying very easily massive anxiety all the time which I’ve always had a little bit of general anxiety has been normal for me but I think twice about leaving my house because it’s gotten so bad. I’m feeling very weak, also my hair is getting very brittle and my nails are splitting and I’ve never had this problem before and for some reason I’ve had this back pain and muscle weakness that started around the same time I got it put in and won’t go away. . Thank you for your blog. This has finalized my decision and made me realize that it’s really not me. Here to hopefully everything going back to normalcy.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Oh my gosh I am SO SORRY!!! That sucks and is horrible and please get it out and feel better!!!!

      1. Kara

        Update: I went to see the doc today.I told the doctor about my back symptoms and she said it was the IUD. She said depending how your uterus is tilted depends on where the pain may radiate. She said since mine sits back that it would make sense my back would hurt and that people complain about that a lot with different pains. Some down the legs if your uterus is forward ect.. the pain is because she said the copper iud is made to inflameand irritate the uterus so sperm can’t stick and that’s why it’s so good to have to prevent different cancers because your body is always concentrating on that area.( which I think would be crappy because if you think about all that energy being used at a constant struggle to fight it would absolutely do damage to you in other ways like psychologically or physically). But that’s why the bloating she said and sometimes a lot of pain. That is how it works. She also said it was possible that it could of slipped down into my cervix too and that if we did a ultrasound we might of deemed if that was why. She said since I wanted it out because I couldn’t tolerate the excessive bleeding it wouldn’t of been any reason to keep it anyways. So I got it yanked out!! She said everything should be back to normal in 2 weeks.I’ll do a follow up on how I’m feeling in a month.

        1. Follow Me Away Post author

          Thank you so much for the update!!! So glad you got it out! It is so stupid that our bodies literally fight with themselves for YEARS for this darn thing! Please keep me posted on how you feel after getting it out now! I hate the bloating!

          1. Kerri

            I just found this article after searching IUD pain! I have had mine (copper IUD) for 6 months and am having intense abdo pain that started 4 days ago. My periods have been heavier and are increasing in frequency (every 3 weeks instead of 4). It just feels wrong, although nowhere near the intensity of your experience!!! I’ve tried almost every other form of contraception but my body isn’t compatible with artificial hormones or ‘man-made’ devices! I’m terrified of getting pregnant again (I had it inserted after a pregnancy that did not continue due to medical reasons), but I can’t keep this IUD in my body. I’m booked in for the day after tomorrow to have the evil thing removed! Thanks so much for your article…..I’ve struggled to find information on this topic.

          2. Follow Me Away Post author

            Ugh!! I am so sorry! That is so terrible! We are using condoms now and it is working just fine I will NEVER do hormonal or copper birth control otherwise! ther is hardly any information out on the topic too! It really sucks

  27. Kara

    Kerri, my pain radiates from my back and wraps around to my abdomen and is still there for now. I hope it will go away after a few weeks like the doctor said. I know how you feel though before I had the iud I had hardly any pain my period lasted only 4- 5 days one heavy day and the rest light so I figured it wouldn’t be bad to have a 7 day period again, boy was I wrong! the iud made me bleed for 2 weeks! I’m not trying to get pregnant either. But There are other options now. Monitoring apps. Which I’m going to have to try. There is one called natural cycles I’ll be looking into. But I think the first step is recording your cycle if you haven’t already. I have been for years on women’s log which is free but worth the $3 to buy it. Now I gotta see how messed up my cycle got from this stupid thing now that’s out.Good luck ! I’m going to need it too.

  28. Nina

    Hi, thanks for Sharing your story. English isn’t my First language, so please excuse any mistake.
    Today I got my copper IUD Out (Yesss ?), after 16 months.
    I had the same bad experiences. Battled a Lot with my beau, sadness, anger, period last almost two weeks, pains (like hell over my hole body, back, hips, tailbone, as if someone ist trying to rip out my uterus ). My skin got worse more and more and my milk protein allergy too. And my GP couldn’t explain my symptoms either. I’ve read about copper toxity in several german alternative medicine Websites but it seems my GP dosn’t know anything about it in conjunction with IUDs and told me to wait and try and that I should (don’t know how to write correct:) that I should make or have a test about yellow Body weakness(?). But I decided by my own: No thanks, just get it out, it’s enough! So today was the day. And never again. Wish you all the best and again thank you very much for sharing.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Good job and no worries your English was great! I hope it starts to get better for you!!!! And that the pains go away! Please keep me posted!

      1. Nina

        Thank you, you’re so Kind. ? I will give you an update.
        Next step is to detox my body to get my vitamin and mineral balance back in shape (like it was post UID).
        Enjoy your journeys. Greetings.

  29. Shirisha Gardas

    Hello all n Victoria
    I am so glad n relieved I came across this page. I am having almost all the symptoms since I got my copper IUD inserted nearly a year ago in July. Shortly after that my 8 months baby had an accident in a swimming pool n was revived.. and then my anxiety attacks started and I was a zombie for several weeks and NOT to mention all the other symptoms mainly bloating, chest burn heavy heavy bleeding n cramps all over my belly n lower back. My doctor sent me to a family psychologist and it helped with my anxiety for a while but I still suffer with severe bloating n chest burn no matter how healthy I eat and be physically fit. And all these cramps are giving me nightmares.last week my mom and husband pointed out that all this started shortly after that stupid IUD got in to my body. I feel like my kids are glowingly up without a mom as husband is taking care of them since my health issues started. Now I decided to get that thing out from my body next week even though my doctor thinks it’s not the cause of all these problems. Hope I am gonna get through it and I feel more positive after reading Victoria’s Andy all others stories. Thank u n sorry for such a long post:)
    Denmark Europe.

  30. Sabrina

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m Brazilian and, here, the doctors repeat non-stop that the copper IUD can’t possibly cause what I’m experiencing unless I had Wilson’s disease, which they say is unlikely I do.

    I’m constantly bloated, gained a lot of weight, have an ovary cyst and pain exactly on the same spot you first described yours. My clothes won’t fit my belly anymore and I’m tired of dieting all the time with no results. I inserted it on December 2017 and, till this moment (end of July 2018), nothing improved. Actually, things only got worse.

    I scheduled an appointment this week to take it out, but I would still be doubting my intuition if it wasn’t for your text. So, once again, thank you! Hope you’re completely fine now 🙂

  31. Daniela

    Hello there Victoria,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am 21 years of age and I’ve been looking through birth control options and recently went in for a consultation to discuss the Copper IUD option because it sounds amazing knowing that it is not hormonal and can last up to 12 years. I have set an insertion appointment 2 weeks from now, but now I’m not too sure if I want to “try” this option out after researching more about the side effects and reading through the negative experiences that different women (including yourself) had. It sucks that doctors think it’s easy to have their patients “try” different options despite of the potential health hazards and the medical expenses that they could go through. That’s why I am very glad you shared your story because it can spark other women to share their own IUD stories as well and hopefully help people understand what the Copper IUD can do to them physically and emotionally.

    I may be asking for a lot but I would love for you to give me honest advice. Should I really get a Copper IUD knowing that my health could be a potential hazard?

    I honestly feel like I do not want to because health is truly important for us as women and there are other options.

    Thanks again Victoria and I can’t wait until I hear from You!


    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Hello Daniela! Please DO NOT get the copper IUD. It has long lasting effects I still feel it now and it has been almost 3 years. It has completely changed who I am as well as my sister and so man other women here and in groups on FB. I recommend NOT doing it. If you do the pill or something else at least when you take it out you feel better this the copper messes with your chemical makeup and it is truly NOT worth it. I have been using Condoms for 3 years and haven’t used any chemical BC since

      1. Daniela

        Thank- you so much Victoria for your words and advice! I will take it into consideration because it is sad to know that you and many other women had to experience such pain and are still trying to come back after long time!

        Best of luck and thanks!

  32. Leanne MacKenzie

    I can relate so much. You give me hope! I’m on year 4 of recovery after 3years of my IUD trying to kill me. I can barely remember when I felt well. Thank you so much for the resources ?

  33. Sara

    Thank you for sharing this! When I got mine placed, I noticed a change in me about a week later. Normal things would make me angry, and I began to battle anxiety almost daily. Panic attack, heart palpitations, and pain in my knees became norm. I could totes relate to so many things in your post. Thank you so much for your honesty. So, I got my IUD out today……and I will update you on my mental and physical state.

  34. Hayley

    Hey girl I’m so sorry you had this experience although wow I feel like I could’ve written this myself! I had the hormonal one (Liletta) in for 9 months and I, too, had extreme negative side effects – brain fog, depressed mood, anhedonia, anxiety, rapid mood fluctuations, irritability, constipation, bloating, fatigue, list goes on and on and it severely negatively impacted my relationship. The fatigue and brain fog also impacted my work, making it so difficult to get out of bed without feeling exhausted and even harder to think on my feet (something my job often requires). I just had it taken out two weeks ago and have completely done a 180. I can’t believe how terrible my quality of life was due to the device, and how incredibly better it is now.

    I was very dissatisfied and frustrated by the response of my medical care team. Doctors and friends tell me to go for the copper one but hearing the exact same story from someone using one of those makes me not want to go near an iud again. I know everyone responds differently especially due to the fact that we all have different levels of hormones and our bodies are all different, but if I could go back in time and never do the insertion I would. I really think there is a disconnect between the experiences of many women and what information many pharmaceutical companies and doctors provide regarding side effects. Hopefully something can be done to increase the visibility of how bad things can get and people can stop downplaying serious, life-changing complications!

    Sticking to condoms for now!

  35. Nouf

    Thank you very much for writing about your experience. And Thanks to all the lady who keep sharing about theirs as well.

    After being on the birth control for almost 8 months, I decided to stop it and look for an alternative. Especially that i notice the amount of Sadness and Madness i get whenever i’m on the pills, and how i shift dramatically once i stop them. The effect was immediate!

    So, after discussing it with my doctor and my husband we decided to go with the copper IUD.

    The worst decision that i have ever made in my Life.

    Insertion was painful, I spent a few days after it being in pain especially the first night it was Awful.
    I kept taking my painkillers for three days, then the pain stopped for almost four days. I was happy, because i had planned a trip for us to go away and enjoy ourselves for two days.

    But boy was I wrong !, the pain returned and I was almost spotting for the whole time. It was the worst trip, i was in pain and consuming a lot of painkillers made me nausea. So I stayed in bed the whole time and contacted the GP emergency but they said there was no need for me to go and everything is fine and normal.

    Got back home, made an appointment with my doctor because i was complaining from the following :
    – pain in the left side of the abdomen
    – cramps all time
    – lower back pain
    -tired and fatigue
    – had no energy at all
    – stopped going to the gym, stopped going out at all.
    – emotional

    Her answer was that it can’t be the IUD so she checked if it was placed right, and ordered me to get an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that everything was in place, and nothing is wrong.
    By that time, I was being treated for IBS, and she recommended me to see a psychiatrist as she thinks i’m depressed.

    Everything happened within two months, I took the IBS medication and went to see a psychiatrist.

    But that has nothing to do to the constant pain and cramps that I was still having. So i decided to take it out. It didn’t worth it.
    I stopped my life and activities because of this stupid thingy.

    I didn’t even want to see it when she took it out ! That’s how Mad i was.
    I couldn’t do simple activities, i had no energy at all.
    I was tired all day and no one believed how i felt. And no one understood it.
    I cried a lot, i was being a crybaby.
    I cried in front of my coach gym, which i still feel embarrassed till this day.

    Now, i’m 10 days free.
    I feel so much better ! healthier and happier.
    I have energy.
    I can go to the gym.
    I’m glad i took it out.

    Again, Thank you for your post. And i find it very interesting how we all go through the same symptoms and get diagnosed with the same things! Yet, no one believes that the only thing in common is the IUD.

    I did a hair test and found that I have copper toxicity

  36. Floral Reynolds

    I think it’s important to point out that all of these symptoms also occur with a hormonal IUD with no copper. Clearly a copper IUD wasn’t a good fit for your body, but it’s just as likely that a woman with Mirena or Skyla will have the same experience.

    Copper toxicity also relies heavily on environmental factors. If you live in an old home or travel to places where copper piping is still used, you’re going to have a lot more copper in your system. Or if you drink out of copper mugs, etc. I’m not saying that copper didn’t cause your problems, I’m just saying that it might work for some women, the same way that any other birth control method might or might not (in terms of side effects and life interruptions). Natural family planning works for some, not others. The pill works for some, and not others. Vasectomies work for some.

    I AM glad that you got better and sorry that you had such a shitty year. I hope this doesn’t come across as witchy, it just made me think about all the issues I’ve experienced and watched others go through with different methods.

  37. Sierra B

    It’s genuinely hard for me read this post and all of the other stories without tears. I think someday soon they may be happy ones, but today I’m just sad to possibly opening my eyes to the realization that the first year of my marriage has been taken away from me.

    I’ve been married now for 1 year and 2 months. A few months before the wedding I got the copper IUD inserted, as I’ve never taken hormonal medication, and I didn’t want anything to affect my mood or how I live my life, so it felt like the safer option. I’d take physical pain over mental pain any day.

    A couple of weeks after that, I remember getting into my first argument with my then fiancé. He was wanting me to do something with him on the weekend, and I was somehow defending the fact that I should stay inside all day. I was feel super anxious and I didn’t want to see anyone or be around anybody. This was suuuuuuprr I like me, and I’m very social and before this I had always been the one to make plans and want to explore on weekends.

    After that first argument, we began to argue fairly frequently. I would always be the instagator, and it would usually have some to do with my feeling anxious or overwhelmed and not feeling like he was being sensitive enough to that. This has continued to present day. I have been much more tired, I haven’t had energy to do the things I loved that brought us together.

    Aside from my relationship, I’ve put in my notice at work two times this year. TWICE. And both times, my coworkers (whom I’ve worked with for years) have convinced me I’m so important to them and they value me as a team player and have barely convinced me to stay. I’ve been feeling all year like they “bully” me and that I’m just too overwhelmed and leaving work too many days with anxiety attacks for this to be a safe work environment.

    With all of my anxiety and depression, I started therapy 2 months ago and have often cried to my therapist saying that I have no idea why this is the most depressed year I’ve ever had in my life. The hardest part was when I looked at my life, I only had positive things to say. I had this new kind, patient, and loving husband. I had this great job. I had a supportive family. Nothing should be upsetting me and yet I was riddled with anxiety and so deeply sad all the time.

    However, last night over a couple of drinks with a girlfriend I mentioned that although I used to have a normal sex drive, it’s been completely non existent for several months now, and it was killing me that I didn’t know why or what was wrong with me. She asked me what birth control I used and if I thought that could be the case. I said I didn’t think so because I had chosen non hormonal birth control and I didn’t think it was supposed to affect me like that.

    This conversation led me to google the affects of copper iuds, and somehow I was lucky to come across this story, and I’ve read most of the stories in the comments. While I’m so happy to have finally found a solution to why I’ve been a completely different person this year, I’m also so completely devastated, and honestly so angry that this could happen to me and ruin what had the potential to me the best year of my life.

    I’m so lucky to have the loving husband I have, and the coworkers I have that support and love me, but I could have really ruined so many amazing things in y life because of this. I can’t wait to get this out. You will never know how thankful I am that I stumbled upon this post, or how much you have truly saved my life.

  38. Rebecca Furman

    Thank you so much for creating that facebook group. I just read this today, one month after removing my IUD (because i was trying to find out how long it would take for the bloating and weight to go away), but I wouldnt have removed it if it werent for the facebook page. At first I tried to ignore everyone’s comments, because I thought it was making me paranoid, I even removed myself from the page. But I couldnt forget everything everyone was saying. I was only in my 4th month, and my family asked me if I was pregnant. I had gained 20 pounds, and couldn’t handle the pain from my breasts even when I walked, my joints started popping, old injuries swelling up, I didnt want to go anywhere or do anything because I couldnt stand how I looked, my scalp was burning, and i didnt fit in any of my clothes anymore. So after the fourth month, I went to have mine removed. The doctor was about to ask if I had tried to see if the side affects could be related to anything else, including aging, and I stopped her in her tracks. I knew from that facebook page that doctors would try to say it was anything but the IUD, and I wouldnt have it. I was like, “either you remove it, or I will remove it myself”. So I am still waiting for the side affects to go away. Taking a lot of vitamins, getting more active again. Hopefully, I can lose the weight. I feel like I have lost some, and I am starting to recognize myself again. But since removing it, I have had a UTI, severe constipation, and a yeast infection. I guess I was wondering if you had any side affects after removal? Thank you for everything again.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Hello! I am SO GLAD you got it removed! Yes, I still have constipation and bloating. Check out LOW FODMAP diet to take down the bloating. I also started walking for exercise and eventually running. I walk after dinner and it really helps my digestion and my bloating. For the first time in 2 years I finally feel confident enough to wear a bikini on my last cruise because of the walking which has helped me lost weight. I highly recommend just walking after dinner, speed walking, for 15-20 minutes to help digestion! I also found coffee works with constipation for me!

  39. Johanna

    Thank you so very very much for sharing your story!! You helped me so incredibly much. There is barely any information out there on the internet concerning this insane topic, so your website was one of the first and only ones that made me feel understood and also made me realize what had been my problem all this time I had been suffering.

    I had my copper IUD for approximately one year. I constantly had extremely heavy and long bleading and I was in strong pain for almost ten days a month. I was thinking of getting it removed. However hormonal birth control had been out of question for me so I let it be. Half a year after I got my IUD I started feeling extremely tired, I didn’t have motivation to do anything and I couldn’t contrentrate at all. I am studying Biology full time, so it’s basically the most important thing for me to be able to focus and I got desperate. I was getting anxious and depressed since I had to drop out of courses. My level of energy, motivation and ability to focus decreased more and more and I went to see various doctors. None of them could help me in any way.

    Around christmas 2017 my IUD finally just fell out by itself. I found it in my underpants. At first I wanted to get it implanted again but thankfully my gynecologist was on vacation and I started to realize that since it had fallen out, I was feeling a lot better so I didn’t get it implanted again.

    As I have still been feeling tired and depressed after the coil had fallen out, I didn’t really make that connection between my problems and the IUD.

    Two weeks ago I got diagnosed with semi-severe depression. I was always an extremely happy woman, very energized and people described me as the person that made everyone laugh all the time. I don’t feel like myself anymore and from the beginning I kind of knew that there was a cause for my misery which didn’t come from myself, from my psyche. I just know my body the best despite what all the doctors had been trying to tell me. I have been looking for that “source” all this time. None of the doctors could find anything. They already wanted to prescribe me antidepressants without even trying to find out what the cause for my depression could be.

    Since I’ve now found quite a few websites concerning this exact problem I got my copper values tested and I am now detoxing on copper with zinc and chlorella algae. Even after the IUD fell out I still have alarming copper levels in my body which I am now trying to get out. Unfortunately the detoxication process has a lot of side effects such as headache, racing thoughts, skin rashes. I have no idea how long I will have to endure this terrible condition but now that I know its cause I am very motivated and willing to do anything to fight against it!

    Maybe anyone has experience with detoxing copper and could give me some advice!

    Regards from Austria!

  40. Brenda

    This is EXACTLY what I am feeling. Had the copper IUD inserted 6 weeks ago. Have been bleeding every single day. I normally get bad periods so I was prepared for them to be worse. BUT the last six weeks have been unbearable. Extreme fatigue, dizzy, heart palputations, headaches, anxiety, terrible pains unlike normal cramps. I feel terrible. I want to try to wait it out another month, but I feel absolutely awful.

  41. Beth H

    Thank you so much to everyone for sharing their experiences. I first tried Mirena and had it removed after about 5 months because I felt like a monster – extreme mood swings, depression, etc. I’ve had Paragard for about a year and two months now and am THRILLED to be getting it removed in less than 2 weeks. I’ve gained probably 15-20 lbs in the past 6-8 months and lately have been experiencing extreme bloating and indigestion. For many months, I’ve struggled with those same extreme mood swings as when I was on the hormones…I hate it that so many of us are struggling with these same issues but am very grateful for this type of forum where we can support one another.

  42. Eden

    This was a good article, I’m in a position right now where I was thinking of getting the copper IUD in a few months. I am 24 and have been on a high estrogen birth control pill for the past 10 years. The pill works amazing for me however after a recent scare of possible breast cancer I have decided I do not want to take hormonal birth control anymore, I live with my partner who I have also been with for the past 10 years, and I know condoms are not a long term solution for us or our relationship, and we will not be ready for kids anytime soon. So that pretty much leaves me with the copper iud option. I suppose I could always try it and now that I know to look out for these symptoms I could have it removed sooner rather than later if necessary. I’m mainly worried about the intense cramps, which was the reason I went on the pill in the first place. Maybe I should just consider getting my tubes tied? I wish there were more options available.

  43. Britt

    I was wondering if any of those who had their IUDs removed had a serum copper test performed. I suspect the problems I’ve been experiencing are related to my IUD. All of my symptoms are echoed in all of these stories! However, the whole reason I got it was to avoid using hormonal birth control, since I’ve such horrible experiences with it. I feel like I’m left with little else contraception wise.

    I want to be sure that it’s the IUD that’s causing these issues. I would expect serum levels to be high enough to confirm this if it’s truly the underlying cause. Just wondering if anyone had this test done, and if anything appreciable came back.

  44. Fs

    Where did you have your tummy pain? Upper or lower stomac? Left or right side? How long did it take untill you were all better?

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Tummy pain was the lower left side and it got instantly better after I took out the IUD and I haven’t had it again for 3 years!

  45. Pam

    Thank you for sharing your story. Wish I could have found this earlier. I got removed my paragard iud today and feeling much into myself. I have shared the same symptoms except abdominal pain. I am feeling like someone pulled 100 pounds off my head. Your story made me clear what I was in doubt. I still have a question that what are you currently using birth control ?

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Hello! Im so glad you found it at all! I currently use condoms because I don’t want to put anything foreign in my body again! Also tracking my cycle! Thank you!

  46. Hilary

    This article and comments have given me hope for the first time. I had a copper IUD inserted in early July, and I just haven’t felt like myself. The bleeding during my period was more intense than usual, and was bleeding through pads in the night. Then the intense lower abdominal pain started. I went to see my gyno and they did an ultrasound and found it was inserted correctly and shouldn’t be causing pain. It was less intense for a few days and just felt like bad menstrual cramps, but it wasn’t during my period. Again, my doctor said it was likely just my uterus getting used to the IUD, and it would subside. He also suggested it might be a GI issue and unrelated to the IUD.

    Then the pain got so intense and it was on the lower right side, so I thought maybe it was appendicitis. I went to the ER, and they did a CT scan, blood work, and internal and external ultrasounds. Nothing. Though I was still in intense pain, there was no clear cause so they sent me home.

    The pain migrated to the lower left, and continued. It wasn’t constant, but a few times a day I’ve have 5-10 minutes of excruciating pain. I went to see my primary care doc, and they ordered another CT scan and more tests. She said she couldn’t see anything obvious on the scan, but set me up with a visit to the GI specialist. She also prescribed heavy-duty antibiotics in case it was a bacterial infection in my colon.

    All this time, I was having daily abdominal pain, unexplained crying and anxiety, lethargy, hair loss, constipation, and a general feeling of not wanting to do anything but lay on the couch and watch tv. I was dreading work each day, which I normally loved.

    My GI appointment was earlier this week, and they did a colonoscopy that came back totally clean. No infection, no colitis, a totally healthy colon. I cried when the doctor gave me the news even though it should have been good news. The pain was back as soon as the anesthesia wore off.

    Then I found this post and read all your stories. Everything lines up with your experiences: abdominal pain, crying easily, anxiety and depression, hair loss, back and hip pain, intense bleeding, bloating. I’m so glad I found this info, and it’s the only thing that explains everything I’ve been experiencing. I have an appointment later today to remove my copper IUD, and I can hardly wait. I’ll follow up, but I just want to say thanks for sharing your stories and helping me feel like there’s hope.

  47. Kim

    I got mine taken out yesterday after a horribly similar experience. Crying all the time, feeling too depressed to get up and shower and do things I usually love, picking fights with my loved ones, having intense anxiety about things that are only mildly stressful, having cold/very clammy hands and feet, not feeling rested no matter how much I slept. I had a rapid heart rate that came down the same day I got it removed. The discharge stopped the same day too. I was having severe diarrhea after everything I ate, and nausea whenever I smelled food. I lost 12 lbs in the 3 weeks that I had the IUD. After reading this article and realizing that this all started when I had it inserted (which was the most painful experience of my life by the way, I had a vasovagal reaction and passed out from the pain) I made an appointment to have it removed. But I didn’t even get to the point of being able to say I wanted it taken out because the ultrasound showed that my body was expelling it and it was crooked, probably why I was experiencing intense pain. My body knew the copper was toxic and doing everything it could to get it out. It also gave me an UT infection that spread into my kidneys so now I’m on antibiotics. This stuff is so dangerous I can’t believe they don’t want people about this as a potential side effect. I’ve seen multiple doctors and none of them have believed me when I have suggested my mental health struggles came from various forms of birth control. I am so sore and my kidneys are in pain but overall I feel like a completely different person now just a day later. My mood has changed drastically. Thank you for writing this article, I think it saved my life.

  48. Elle

    Im so glad i came across your story today I’ve had my iud in for a little over a month now i was really apprehensive about getting it in the first place as im very sensitive to hormones but i just had a baby in august and wanted a birth control that i wouldn’t have to really think about plus my dr recommended it.
    Almost immediately the bleeding began and is still going on then the diarrhea non stop and ive never really had cramping before until now its every single day now i have indigestion and heartburn so im seeing a GI specialist now my anxiety attacks have gone through the roof i have a had 2 full fledge panic attacks this past month chest pain the bloating is insane i was losing weight then i almost doubled my weight gain its insane i thought i was dying or going crazy until i started looking up information aide effects ect. Im glad im not alone in all of this the bright side is i get mine removed next week im so excited again thank u for sharing

  49. Josefin Walldén

    I get so mad. Nobody told me the side effects of the copper iud and even when I try telling my doctors about my struggles, they are completely denying that it can possibly have anything to do with it. Suffering from a previous eating disorder + general low self esteem I would never have gotten my IUD in the first place if I knew looking 5 months pregnant would be a side effect. Getting it removed next week though. I really, really hope my bloating will go away. My self esteem has gone down to 0 and my eating isorder is back, to “compensate” for my huge stomach. Has your bloating still not gone down? Have it at least gotten better if not? What are the causes even, am I completely powerless in this and bound to look like a pregnant 18-year old for the rest of my life because of a stupid mistake I made, or has the iud just triggered something I’m able to fix again? Thanks for writing this btw, not I know I’m at least not alone.

  50. Kara

    Hi there! I’m an x-copper iud user and posted my experience here , see my comments. I gotta say I was really freaked out by the weird bloating too. Looking back it threw everything out of wack for me, my whole diet and exercise routine and my whole emotional state of being which it is in itself is all directly linked to the response to a foreign object that is being rejected from in your body. The anxiety the excessive bleeding the bloating etc…I’m still trying to get to where I was pre-iud but the good news is that the bloating is first to go. It took about 2 cycles for me. Just drink lots of water and be sure to eat really clean so your body can repair itself faster. It’s the key to everything food and water are the energy for the mind and body. Give it the right fuel to work with and you should get back on track. Good luck everyone!

    1. Casey

      Hi. I’m mind blown reading all these comments. I’ve been have abdo/bowel issues for a few years (also had the IUD for 1.5 years) and I am always bloated and sore! I’ve been on a gluten, dairy, sugar free diet for 5 weeks with no change in my bloating (except a more regular bowel routine) and low FODMAP for almost two weeks with NO CHANGE. Did you or anyone have bloating 24hrs a day?? My boating tends to get worse as the day goes on and I can’t figure out if it’s the food I’m eating or this bloody IUD…

  51. ALily

    Thank you. Thank you so much for being brave, open and honest.

    I had mine fitted 7 months ago. I thought I was the only one.

    Just read this whole article thinking “oh my god yes me too!”. After being in agony for the last time, and all the side effects and severe IBS (copper…ibs…who knew…no one told me!!!!!!) Mine is coming out tomorrow. And I cannot wait.

    Thank you for reassuring me I wasn’t going crazy and sharing your story.

  52. Ari

    Thank you so much for sharing. I got my copper iud less than six weeks ago. The first week I started having anxiety, but I told myself I was making it up. However, things started getting progressively worse. I started losing motivation to work out, then I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning no matter how much I slept, I started being plagued with intense fear of everything, and then came the irrational anger. I feel like I am pushing this huge boulder just to get through my day. I’m trying to keep all my emotions and thoughts under control so that I don’t explode on anyone and I have no motivation. I have to force myself to get through the simplest tasks. I’m getting mine removed next Tuesday, but it feels like it’s so far away. I feel like I’m at this device’s mercy until it comes out…

  53. Nattie

    I had heart palpitations when I had a paragard mini-iud. I did some research and actually maybe it’s the nickel in there that could be the cause of some of the issues. Yes, there is nickel in there too. Just a thought.
    Best of luck to all women out there x

  54. Yasmin

    Hi there, I’m so sorry to hear you went through this. It seems utterly bizarre to me that you were experiencing these symptoms and no doctor made a suggestion that it could be your contraception. In the UK all of what you have described is made very clear ESPECIALLY the heavier periods and abnormal bleeding before you have the copper coil. I just can’t fathom how they let you continue for 11 months without removing it to see if that improved the situation at all! I’m sure you are put off entirely, but I have the hormonal coil, which lasts 5 years, has much less hormones that any oral contraceptives and makes periods lighter (for me they are gone which is amazing for travel!)

    Thank you for sharing xx

  55. Brianna

    This article and the comments that follow are quite terrifying. I had my IUD put in Friday. So far I have had zero issues and was really hopeful that this was the contraception for me. I have never been on birth control before and thought I was doing my body a favor by choosing an option that had no hormones. My question is, do you all believe these symptoms are universal and happen to all women who try the IUD? I have done so much research on birth control and the one thing I learned is that no two women’s bodies react the same. Am I dooming myself by waiting to see if I have adverse side effects or should I just assume it will happen to me too and get it removed?

  56. Samantha

    Great post, thanks for sharong. I have had the Gynefix frame less copper iud for nearly 13 years now (am on my 3rd one now). I had no problems with cramping, heavy bleeding and thought it was great. Prior to iud I was mega fit, exercising nearly every day. But this past 5 years my energy levels have declined terribly, I have not exercised in about 2 years now due to the awful fatigue and lack of motivation to do anything, social anxiety and just want to stay in the house. I’m so depressed and emotional and my memory is scarily poor. I had thoughts a year or so back that it might be the iud but tried other things like going gluten free, vegan etc to see if that would help plus loads of supplements but I have been reading loads and time for this c*ap to come out. Have started 50mg zinc anx feel that has already helped my energy a bit. Just wondering if anyone has had chronic sinus issues with copper iud that went away after removal? I have been tortured with that too.

  57. Britny

    Did anyone struggle with anxiety for a bit after having the IUD removed? The brain fog has lifted thankfully. However, it’s been a week and I’m still struggling with the increased anxiety, OCD, panic symptoms…

  58. Abbi @ Spin the Windrose

    Victoria I was gripped reading your story, thank you so so much for sharing such a personal experience.

    I wish I had found your post before having mine fitted! I had my IUD fitted five days ago and after some horrible cramping it’s starting to pass. However I have noticed the bloating (in fact while searching for bloating I found your post). I didn’t even stop to consider that the impact of the copper in you might be bad, I asked my doctor about this before having it fitted and she told me not to worry as it’s perfectly safe.

    My reasons for choosing the copper coil is because I’ve been on the Pill for ten years and I want something hormone-free. I struggle with SAD during the winter months and this year has been particularly bad, so I’m trying to do anything at all to keep the depression at bay.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am of course hoping I won’t experience the same thing, but your advice to ‘listen to your body’ is something I will take away with me and be sure to remember.

    Abbi x

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      YES!!! I have SAD too! I NEVER knew copper was bad i just assumed it would be healthy and natural! Thank you for commenting! <3

  59. CoplerFREE_Ti!

    Oh my goodness!! I had a VERY similar experiece with the copper IUD.

    I had my IUD placed in March 2016, all was good in terms of side effects, besides what I already expected, i.e., my cycles were a little heavier than normal and more cramping than normal, but it wasn’t unbearable it only lasted a few months, so I was impressed, so far. It was a carefree time, in terms of a healthy sex life, with protection from pregnancy and nobhormonal side effects… or so I thought.

    I am a mom of two girls and totally not looking to have anymore children, at this time. So this birth control was a no brainer, for me. There has always been stressors in my life, but none too great that I couldn’t move past. But here I was lingering in solemnness and dwelling in self-doubt. I grew very irritable, angry, withdrawn, anxious, depressed, sad, unhappy, pessimistic and any other negative adjective that you could think of. In the meantime, I started a new job: more money, flexibility, work from home, what more could I ask for, right?! WRONG!! It was a new environment, from the clinical field, so I was excited to learn something new.. This was approximately 1 year post IUD insertion… I developed a “sour stomach”, which had me constantly nauseous, constipated or loose bowels, and the inability to eat a full meal in one sitting. I lost a lot of weight in a years time, due to the sour stomach symptoms, that were ALWAYS present.. I developed migraines, alleries, my purse had become a mobile medicine cabinet! And lets not forget all the mood/mental changes I was experiencing.. my social/romantic life started to dwindle away, too! I develop such a negative outlook on everything in life, parenthood included, I just would rather not be bothered.( but THANK GOD FOR SUPPORT SYSTEMS!!). Everything was too much for me to bear, and I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how to climb out of this hole of darkness that surrounded me, constantly. I became such an emotional wreck, if I wasn’t yelling, I was crying. If I wasn’t crying I was tuning the world out and being numb to feelings. My mental state was often foggy, thoughts were often lost and quite frankly, I just wasn’t myself.

    Over the next few months, I search the Internet for side effects of the copper IUD. I found blogs, of women who’ve experienced depression, anxiety and sometimes worse; but because there was no hormones in this IUD there was no direct correlation, that I could find to directly link the non hormonal IUD to the symptoms I was experiencing.

    In the same timeframe, I encountered so many mood swings, extreme PMS two weeks prior to my cycle starting, constant G.I. problems with no explanation as to why, I was a hot mess! It wasn’t until I had had enough, I’d left and started several jobs in a years time, had counseling sessions, tried to reframe my mind, meditations, etc.. yet still I couldn’t get out of bed, my body was sooo worn down physically and emotionally, I wanted to sleep all day! The things I used to do with my children/family/friends, just simply weren’t fun anymore; any little thing could ruin my time. It wasn’t until I decided I’d had enough, that I decided to look up the effects of COPPER, in the body. And LO AND BEHOLD, ALL the symptoms that I have been experiencing, were there, in black-and-white!! Including, the least favorable, darkened stool! I IMMEDIATELY, made an appointment to have my IUD removed and I am not sure if it was a figment of my imagination or not, but I literally felt the mind fog, clear away! It has only been a few days since having my IUD removed, but already I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am so excited to see what life has to offer now and I’m so glad that you shared your story!

    I’ve heard of vitamin overloading, but never once did it cross my mind, that a tiny Copper IUD, could cause such an overload and wreaking so much havoc on the body?!

    GOOD RIDDANCE, ParaGard!!!!
    Ladies, BE AWARE!! Check out the affects of COPPER OVERLOAD and/or COPPER DEFIENCIENCY before making your decision to get the COPPER ParaGard IUD. There are no hormones, but there’s NOTHING but COPPER!! And MODERATION is key with EVERYTHING, including natural supplements, such as copper!

  60. Faye

    Hey guys! I had my copper coil fitted in November 2017 and slowly I have developed more or less all these symptoms! I have consistently put it down to ‘bloating because of ovulation, things i have eaten, weeping because I am stressed or hormonal’. But recently the bloating is just too much, have been constipated for about 2 months. Have palpatations and anxiety all the time!

    I have had numerous tests done, ultra scans, gyne …. they say I have general IBS and just hormonal. My partner has noticed a massive difference in my moods.

    Thank you so much for all posting in this blog! today I am getting my coil out and will post with updates! hopefully the bloating will go straight away!!

  61. Jennifer

    Sorry, this will be a long post. First, thank you for sharing your story and I’m so sorry you had to suffer through that especially far from home! I have a kind of different one. I got the IUD because my doctor’s believe I had a massive stroke at 27 due to estrogen of the bc patch so obviously I needed something with no hormone and decided on the copper IUD. The only positive was not having to worry about getting pregnant. The negative: Super long, VERY heavy periods to the point of being slightly anemic. That was a strain on my relationship because neither of us was interested in sex during that time of the month but it was so irregular and a mystery as to when it would come and go. I also noticed my lack of motivation and energy and most recently, terrible mood. I thought it was just PMS but now I’m thinking maybe not. So after a little over a year and debating with myself about this, it’s time to let it go. It’s very comforting to know it’s not just me.

  62. Candice

    Wow I can’t belive this thread is a few years old and I’m barley finding it today, so after 10 years of having my copper iud, I will be having it removed. I’ve always had somewhat heavy periods but with the iud I did spot before my actual period where as before I never did. About 4-5 years ago I started having upper stomach pain on a daily basis, only think I wanna stoke was I had mild gastritis but no meds or natural remedies help. I’m in constant state of loss and confusion because I wish I knew what was wrong with me. It would be a miracle if I take my iud out and that was the issue all along…

  63. Liz

    I feel so duped by the closed-mindedness of certain healthcare professionals. Really shakes my faith in the field and any systems I hold in high regard. I am so SICK of hearing people rave on about how it’s “impossible” that the copper IUD would cause any problems like this. What they really mean is, no one has bothered to take the experience of women in pain seriously enough to do further research on this device.

    I’ve been feeling like absolute crap for over a year now–anxiety, suicidal ideation, fatigue, racing heart, skin issues, aches, and so much more–and it hadn’t crossed my mind that the IUD had anything to do with it. I knew something was wrong, but I thought I was developing an autoimmune disease or something. I am getting my IUD out tomorrow, and I really hope that it brings some relief. My mental and physical state have been unbearable the last few months. I’m really scared that I’ll get it out and STILL have no relief.

    Thank you for sharing; it’s painful to hear your story and I’m sorry you had to deal with this experience, but it’s been so validating to read testimonials of other women who have experienced similar symptoms as well as conflict about whether they could really have been caused by the IUD.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      YES! This is exactly how I felt too!!! GOOD LUCK! If you live in an area where you can get Hemp Oil Extract I HIGHLY recommend it. It has transformed me over the past two months and I am in shock after YEARS of no answers! Good luck!

        1. Follow Me Away Post author

          Too much zinc is actually SUPER SUPER bad! From what I’ve read on different holistic sites! So just be careful!

          1. Liz

            Thanks for the tip! Is hemp oil extract the same thing as CBD oil? At my local health food grocer they sell hemp oil and CBD in many forms so I’m kind of overwhelmed!

          2. Follow Me Away Post author

            Omg YES! Luckily my boyfriend did ALL the legwork! This is the one that I use and I have bought THREE more since. https://amzn.to/2X1PVFE I also recommended it to my friend and aunt and it has WORKED. Im going to do an addendum to this post where I talk about what I use and how it literally cured me after three years of copper-induced anxiety. I was VERY skeptical because i didn’t have any hope left and last December my friend suggested it to me because it worked for her. My BF bought it for me for christmas and I haven’t had a single problem since December 26. It is UNREAL! Go in with an open mind!

          3. Liz

            Awesome! Ordered that kind. I’d love to see a post about your regimen that has helped you heal. I got the Paragard out last Thursday and already feel more stable and myself—no crying fits or insecurity for the longest spell in a long time!! I’m not on Facebook but if you have another platform to connect with other women experiencing this I’d be interested!!

          4. Follow Me Away Post author

            Sadly I do not have another way to connect with other women, but you are always free to update me! I am going to do an update to this post with my progress sometime this month!

        2. Donna

          Thank you for your post. I had a copper IUD in for over 10 years and had no idea that there were side effects…I think I had every symptom possible, but just kept getting treated for the individual problems. I remember starting with cold hands, diagnosed with raynauds, severe nausea and reflux (treated with acid blocking drugs), then severe anemia (treated with iron), heavier periods all of the time. With all of that came chest pains, heart palpitations, anxiety, tinnitus. Last year I finally had a uterus only hysterectomy and the IUD removed of course. My iron levels are up, but I still have symptoms and am only now beginning to figure out that the copper IUD may have caused all these years of issues. I have begun following the Medical Medium dietary protocols for detoxing heavy metals from my body. I’m happy to think there may have been a reason for all these issues and not that I was crazy! I suggest looking into the Medical Medium books or blogs for more on detoxing metals.

    2. Liz

      Wanted to post an update: Three months after removal and feeling so much better. Like, SO MUCH BETTER. If you are debating getting it out just do it. The results were practically instantaneous for me.

      I feel so much like my old self, and I only realized this after re-reading a journal from about a year ago (at which point I’d had the IUD for 2.5 years). I can’t believe how sad, tired, and angry I was all the time. The anger really struck me–I was getting this horribly anxious rage on a regular basis, where I just wanted to crawl in a hole and never interact with a human again. I feel so much more in control of my emotions.

      My energy level is amazing. I will never again take for granted a lack of general fatigue. I am able to and interested in exercise again, and I don’t wake up thinking “I can’t wait to go to bed tonight.”

      Also, my skin and hair have been in much better condition. Not sure I can give this credit entirely to the removal of the IUD, but my hair isn’t falling out and my skin is much clearer and glowier that before. I swear the IUD made me look haggard, with undereye bags and a dull complexion and limp, fragile hair.

      I couldn’t be happier with this decision. I’m on condoms and the rhythm method for pregnancy prevention, and the effort is so worth it for me to feel like a normal human being again.

      My heart is with everyone currently dealing with this issue, and I hope you find comfort and relief soon. <3

      1. Follow Me Away Post author

        omg i am sOS SOSO SOSOSS OSOOOO happy to hear this!!! This is so so good to hear! I am so glad you are on the mend! Many hugs to you!

      2. Jess

        Liz I love this thank you for your update! I have anxious rage too!! Not to mention so many other symptoms already listed so I’ve finally started to think about all of this and it truly is mind blowing. I’m making an appointment on Monday to get mine out and I have had it since 2017.

        And thank you for sharing Victoria, I was tired of stumbling across pointless articles where no one was talking about this. These stories have confirmed my fear and I cannot wait to take this thing out!!

  64. Katherine

    Hello! I got a copper IUD a year ago when I started dating my current boyfriend. It felt wrong from the moment it was there – nausous, cramping – okay, it was first week. I get it. But then I also had the extreme mood swings, depression, constant terrible bloating and unexplained weight gain even though I was basically eating nothing. I took it out after three weeks, and just THREE WEEKS of having a paraguad in me I suffered IBS for a year, still recovering from it now.
    For your IBS and bloating, I would suggest to get some spore-based probiotics. Basically, the copper toxicity smashed out a lot of the good gut bacteria in your body, and you need to replenish them. I got a medical probiotic while in Europe, and felt so much better after the full cycle of treatment.
    There should be more information and research out there about the side effects of IUD. But the thing is that research requires time and money, and companies have no incentive to broadcast these negative results that will undercut their revenue, despite what they are doing to our bodies. What is “scentific” therefore becomes what is profitable. It is so wrong.
    I am glad that I got it out as soon as possible, (not soon enough because I was travelling as well for the three weeks in between), and thank you for sharing your experience so more will know about it.

  65. Casey

    Hi. I’m mind blown reading all these comments. I’ve been have abdo/bowel issues for a few years (also had the IUD for 1.5 years) and I am always bloated and sore! I obviously only thought it was food intolerances or some kind of bowel conditions I’ve been on a gluten, dairy, sugar free diet for 5 weeks with no change in my bloating (except a more regular bowel routine) and low FODMAP for almost two weeks with NO CHANGE. Did you or anyone have bloating 24hrs a day?? Or did it change throughout the day?? My boating tends to get worse as the day goes on and I can’t figure out if it’s the food I’m eating or this bloody IUD… I can wake up with a kind of normal tummy (although I swear it used to be flatter) then even drinking water or having a shower increased my bloating instantly.. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED 🙁

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      I had bloating a LOT of the times. It was worse with onion or garlic. I’m not sure thigs will change if you still have the IUD in so if you take it out give it a try? Good luck!

  66. dimakatso

    victoria where have you been i ma definetely taking it out ever since i had the iud inserted my legs around have been swollen like i am pregnant i have finally made an appointment to take it out , i have been to different doctors and have been presribed all different sorts of medication

  67. A.J.

    Thank you for this post, and to everyone who left comments! Reading everyone’s experiences here is so validating. I have had the copper IUD for almost 2 years, and ive had a range of side effects but like you said in your article I’ve been trained by our culture to push them down, fight through them, take pills. The final straw that pushed me to get the IUD out was that I had almost constant suicidal thoughts for almost 2 weeks. I began having suicidal thoughts around the time of my period 4 months ago but wrote it off as just being hormonal and/or stressed. I have been dealing with a death in my family for the last 6 months and some work stress. I thought that was setting me off, and I’m sure it was contributing. But I’m sorry – I am not a suicidal person! This last month with the concentrated period of suicidal thoughts made me feel completely insane. And my sweet, loving boyfriend tried to support me but I started hating him and it made me cringe to even be looked at or touched by him. I had an urgent care doctor remove the IUD 3 days ago. I couldn’t stand one more day of suicidal thoughts and hating my boyfriend, and all the OBGYNs I called were at least 2 weeks to their next appointment even when I described my urgent symptoms. I’m so grateful the urgent care I called had someone on staff trained for OBGYN who had done IUD removals. The removal was 10% of the pain of my insertion experience. I took IB Profin when I was in the waiting room at the clinic but still felt pain. But again, not nearly as bad as insertion – after insertion I could barely get out of bed for 2 days. Now after removal I’ve been bleeding like a light period for the last 3 days. I’ve been feeling very worn out and still unexplained sadness, but the suicidal thoughts stopped pretty much immediately after removal. Also I felt almost instant relief of pressure in my abdomen, and felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me. In the car after leaving the clinic I realized my lower back had no pain for the first time in a long time – I hadn’t correlated the copper IUD with the back problems I’ve been having the last 2 years. I completed physical therapy for lower back pain last year, which helped it but there was still a constant dull pain which I simply got used to. But all of a sudden it was gone as i sat there in my car without the IUD in my body anymore. And it has been gone since! Each hour that passes I feel like water filled with unexplainable sadness and heaviness is draining slowly from my body and spirit. And I’m feeling my natural, happy personality coming back. I’m taking time away from my boyfriend for now and working out of town this week and weve agreed to not communicate while I go on this healing journey by myself – that’s what feels right for me right now. But I looked at a picture of him last night for the first time since I last saw him 3 days ago and I felt a tiny recollection of what it felt like to love him. I am feeling confidant that my body is normalizing hour by hour now and I will be able to feel love for him again. I cant explain to you how terrible it’s been to look at him for the last week and feel like I’m looking at a brick wall that is in my way. This is a man with whom I’ve shared a loving relationship that has been beyond my wildest dreams of what love can be. It’s been a heartbreaking experience to lose my ability to feel that when I look at him. It’s only been a week but it feels like eternity. I cant decide which is worse – having had continuous suicidal thoughts or suddenly and completely feeling total numbness and disdain toward the love of my life. And he’s been nothing but supportive and loving to me. Anyway, in summary my progression to this acute mental and emotional condition the last 2 weeks has been a slow and steady one since I had the copper IUD inserted almost 2 years ago. I did have some instant relief – no more suicidal thoughts thank God!! But my recovery overall is going somewhat slowly. But happening!! I’m so relieved to be healing and I feel hopeful for the first time in a very long time. I just joined the Facebook support group about this topic, thank you Victoria and Terrence for sharing your story and making a place for this conversation!! ♡♡

  68. Samantha

    Thank you so much for this story, I have had the copper coil in my body for 19 years, replacing 3xs. That from the age of 21yrs old to 40! I have always suffered with cramps, heavy periods, back pain since insertion. The last 8 yrs have been hell. Mood swings, anxiety attacks, depression. 12 days of PMDD before bleeding.(then 7 day heavy bleeding). Leaving 1 week of no exssive emontions out of 4 weeks. Lots of BV, Yest infections, headaches. Food cravings. Last yr my marriage broke down due to such extreme moods, over thinking(racing thoughts) ADHD diagnostic in late 30s……. this little thing,…a metal coil …. causing all this??? Lots of Drs appointments for anxiety and depression. Time off work… Thank you for this and many other stories out there. Today I got this coil out of me!!! We cannot all have such similar stories something must be wrong! The dr was trying to convience me to go on the pill or implant… no way , I need to detox my body.. Never would I have kept this conterception had I for 1 min thought it was linked to all of the above! How long does it take to heal? Thank you all for sharing your stories I read them all…

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Everyone’s healing process is different. For me it was going on year 3 with immediate healing after the first week but then nothing after that. I started taking hemp oil in december and that changed everything for me! Good luck!!

  69. Vicky

    Has anyone noticed reoccurring sinus infections once their IUD was fitted? I usually would get one sinus infection a year, transitioning from Winter into Spring but since getting my IDU in November 2018, I’ve been getting one VERY BAD sinus infection every month. Weird! It’s March 2019 and I’m my 5th road of antibiotics.

    Thanks everyone!

  70. Amy

    Over the last 2 years I’ve had so many problems, back pain, stomach cramps, headaches, bloating, even bladder problems and more. The worst part was the anxiety and mood swings!
    I have bipolar disorder so just kept putting it down to my meds not working anymore, I tried lots of different ones but none helped, then I found this article and realised all this started when I had my copper coil inserted.
    Because of you I had my copper coil removed this morning and maybe I’m imagining it but I already feel different… it’s hard to explain but i suppose i feel happier and calmer?
    I’m hoping the next week or so will confirm a change but I wanted to comment to say thank you for opening my eyes and hopefully helping me!

      1. Amy Benns

        Thought I’d post an update. In this short time I have already noticed such a change! I’ve felt happy for the first time in years, I suddenly have energy and motivation again, I can eat without feeling like a hippo after, I feel so much calmer!
        I had a driving lesson on Monday and for the first time i didn’t get flustered or angry, my instructor even commented on it!

  71. India Hamilton

    Wow, I am totally shocked! I had the same experience buut lol… I had my copper taken out 1 week after getting the copper uid ha! It was so funny to me reading what was to me almost the exact same story that you wrote regarding symptoms and reactions you listed… I mean wow, I really could relate and felt like it was me telling the story! I can relate and I’m glad I got that iud taken out! Thank you God!

  72. Kara

    I am in tears after reading this! I have been struggling with digestion, depression, mood swing and so much crying! I have been constipated for over a year maybe two and have sought so many gut tests and tried candida diets with no luck. I am bloated every day and feel uncomfortable in my own body. I recently had a friend go through some similar symptoms due to breaths implants and have explant surgery. eventually I started thinking the foreign object in my body could be causing my health problems but any time I researched side effects or challenges with a copper iud I was left with Painful and abnormal periods, spotting, and dislocation. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story!

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      YES! That is EXACTLY what it is! I am so so sorry this happened to you! I hope you get better!

  73. Llewellyn

    “Besides this important fact, the IUD device is made out of a plastic, called Low-density Polyethylene and even though this type of plastic is considered less toxic than other plastics (as most plastics have hormonal disruptive effects), it still may pose risks of leaching estrogenic chemicals.
    The copper IUD also contains barium sulfate to render it radio-opaque and thus making it easier to see on an x-ray. Although barium sulfate suspensions are generally considered to be safe and non-toxic at proper dose levels, partly because barium sulfate is highly insoluble (meaning it does not dissolve well in water). Barium sulfate can often, however, cause cramping , constipation or diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, sweating, ringing in your ears, confusion, fast heart rate or pale skin and weakness.

    The copper IUD also prompts the release of leukocytes and prostaglandins by the endometrium. Prostaglandins control hormone regulation, so here we see again that the copper IUD has an indirect effect on hormones and can create imbalances. According to this study, copper ions inhibit many enzymatic processes and one effect of the copper IUD which may be directly due to the inhibition of metabolism of prostaglandins is the shortening of luteal phase of the cycle. The inhibition of prostaglandin metabolism by copper would have an effect antagonistic to that of progesterone. The endometrium would therefore be more sensitive to changes in progesterone and the fall of progesterone shortly before menstruation, this would explain the findings that women with copper IUDs experience a slightly shorter luteal phase than women without IUDs and that menstruation starts with elevated progesterone levels compared with those of control subjects.

    With all this being said, the claim that the copper IUD is non-hormonal and therefore safe compared to synthetic hormonal birth control is misleading as it still can mess with your hormones and can cause severe longterm health problems.”

    Read more: http://womenagainststirrups.proboards.com/thread/142/copper-iud-non-hormonal#ixzz5m3vW0c5Y

    1. Shamika Armstrong

      Hi I’m shamika. I’ve had my IUD in for 3 years 3 months. Hmmm I was so sick in my body it’s unbelievable. Since I got my last son the same amount of time the IUD is in I’m always passing discharge from my vigina, I’m always with an infection so them I decided to visit the doctor after it be came a problem with my husband. I was in the gynecologist clinic for 8 months with no result, there isnt an anti biotic i have not drink. smh they even wanted to do a surgery to take out my fallopian tube because we can’t figure out what’s causing the infection, any way I told my doctor I don’t need a surgery and I never went back to clinic. Last month I went to the wash room to urine and to my surprise after doing so there was a piece of copper on my liners (please note I didn’t know it was the copper T i was passing out) I decide last week to go visit another doctor a friend told me about because ohhhh gosh I’m always sick, blotting like crazy, cold feeling, tiredddd oh my!!!
      all I wanted was sleep even at work and i was getting very dark. So I explain all this to the doctor and he told me it’s the IUD that was infected when he examine me, we decided to take it out and he was unable to do so because of an infection in there, so i had to go to the theater to have it removed and the doctor requested a clean out too so I went along with the doctor request. After the theater when I awoke the exact copper that i urinated last month was the same copper on the IUD. However as I’m writing now my body feel so good. There’s no discharge from my vigina and right now I have to drink stuff to sleep lmao. People that IUD isn’t good. I can only imagining persons who did surgery for nonsense and the proble m was the IUD all along. All my pains are gone.

  74. Megan

    Just got my iud out today. They need to do a study on this because my doctor just looked at me point blankly and said that my mood swings were probably a result of me being bipolar and had nothing to do with the iud. I was literally breaking down every month in crying fits. We’ll see how the changes work. But, this confirms a lot of what I was feeling. Thank you for sharing. I am going to wait to see what happens and then check if I am bipolar.

  75. Amanda

    Thank you for sharing your story. This resonated with me so much. I had the same exact psychological effects and of course a heavier and more painful period. I had the copper IUD for a little less than a month. I can’t believe you survived with it for 11 months.

    This information (the danger of the copper IUD) is being stifled because it will taint the reputation of the product. If there are any people out there considering this option, please know the risks involved and be prepared for one of the biggest fights of your or your partner’s life.

  76. Caroline

    Had a copper iud for 13 years. Had it removed 3 months ago and improved mood and motivation and the sad crying episodes stopped too. But it’s the fatigue its still bad, improved but bad and really bad 10 days before my monthly. I am taking cbd oil to help but only recently so will see. Just feeling tired all the time is so frustrating.

      1. Peny

        Thank you for sharing about this IUD. I just had mine 3 days ago. Since then, I am having non stop cramps and excessive smelly vaginal discharge. I knew there’s something wrong so I tried to look articles online about its side effect. Now I want to remove it. Do you think it is okay to ask for IUD removal eventhough is not even a week?

  77. Kirstine

    Finally commenting on here because this is the blog post I’ve had in the back of my mind all year since getting my iud.
    I had my iud placed about 1 year ago; I had read about copper toxicity before getting the iud, but figured “hey, it’s probably not that bad” and since I was in school and planning my wedding, I just went ahead and got it. Something to note is that a year PRIOR to getting the copper iud (and on zero birth control) I was already experiencing more confusion about life, random fatigue and a couple panic attacks.
    I got married last July, about two months after the iud was placed, and moved out of state to live with my husband. The rest of the summer was so sad and lonely for me, but my best friend called me every morning, and coming back to my home state in the fall to finish school definitely cheered me up. I had forgotten all about possible copper toxicity.
    In December, having graduated and now living with my husband again, I reached a new low – more fatigue, not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, starting to wonder if I had a serious issue with depression.
    I researched amino acids, starting taking l-tyrosine (which seemed to help my mood) and a low dose of iron for a week before each period. That has seemed to help also.
    And I thought I was set up to go for a few more years before getting the iud out. But my mom, who was seeing a doctor for other health reasons, mentioned copper toxicity to me again after her doctor commented on the white spots in her fingernails. I have a few white spots on my fingernails too, and have recently been wondering if the hair on the top of my head is thinning, and one of my breasts swells a bit when I’m warm. Additionally, my husband and I have been talking about finding a therapist/counselor for me due to my always feeling somewhat depressed and unmotivated. (I’ve also been a little paranoid, wondering if I’m becoming slightly manic/depressive, because sometimes when I’m happy I just feel ‘too’ happy, if that makes sense)
    Anyways, I’ve been doing loads more research than I did a year ago, read lots of interesting details on coppertoxic.com (I nearly cried reading the list of emotional symptoms, thinking “this is me, this is me!”) and am planning to get tested asap, and hopefully get the iud out soon after.
    I’m so glad I was able to find this post again after a year, and just want to say thank you – I’m not sure if the iud is to blame for all my current emotional issues, but it’s starting to look like it’s at least a piece of the puzzle. Thanks!

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      WOW!!! I am so so glad you came back! THANK YOU for sharing!! Thank you so much! It def is and I highly recommend getting it out and doing a detox and seeing if it helps you!! Please keep me posted!

  78. Nisha

    Thank you so much for sharing! I just got mine removed this morning. I had a period that lasted 10-12 days every month for 3yrs! It had to go. I also experienced anxiety and fatigue. I’m excited to see if the removal helps.

  79. Christine

    Thank you for your post.. Actually this is what is happening to me right now. Severe lower left abdominal pain.. Bloating even u may think am pregnant mood swings… And from the time I was inserted this iud was the start of my problems.. Am getting it out now I know its the behind my suffering

  80. Charito Lopez

    Hi there! I am absolutely in shock! I just had one fitted less than 2 months ago, my stomach it’s massive, I just look like 3 months pregnant, have pain in my back, so bloated at all the time, severe constipation and feel so tired. I have decided I am taking it out. Just wonder if when you took yours out your stomach went back to normal? I look and feel so bad, nothing fits me and feel so uncomfortable . Thanks!

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      If you take yours out ASAP it MAY go back. I have IBS and have to eat low fodmap now until forever and i had mine in for 11 months =/ def take it out ASAP

  81. Erin

    Thank you for sharing your story. I just had my copper IUD removed three days ago after nearly six years of serious illness and no answers. For the last two years, I’ve suspected the IUD might be to blame, but every doctor dismissed my concerns. They couldn’t point to a cause of tumors, constant infections, heart problems, premature ovarian failure, autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalance, high copper levels (via HTMA) and mood swings… but they were confident that it wasn’t the Paragard. Last week, my neurologist suggested that the body isn’t meant to house foreign objects and told me to take it out. Three days post-removal, I still feel like death, but I am incredibly hopeful after reading your story. I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow and it would be the best feeling in the world if I’m able to hike again and to truly enjoy life. Thanks again for sharing your inspiring story! I’m so sorry for what you had to go through, but grateful to have come across your experience.

  82. Ashley

    Wow! I had mine in for 11 years and I thought I was crazy. The sadness, oh the awful sadness, serious depression that I tried so many things to do to fight it. So many things would just make me sad and cry and I was on edge all the time. Then the last part you just said about the chronic sinuses, holy crap, I never linked it to the IUD. I had it removed about 3 weeks ago(I told my husband it had to go, we have to figure out something else) and now that I think about it I haven’t really experienced any problems with the sinuses. I was having a lot if issues with them, it was to the point I was about to schedule an appointment with a doctor because something wasnt right so we will see as time goes on what happens. My mood has changed so much for the better and I’m ordering some cbd to heal even more, I’m just so relieved. I hated being like that and fought hard to not be cray cray, lol and now I know I wasnt crazy.

  83. Jacquelyn Bloomfield

    I only had my Paragard in for 3 months and I noticed a 10lb weght gain as well as a VERY round belly. Diet did not change anything, sadly. I am feeling a little lost on how to proceed. I got my IUD out last month and I am still having intestinal issues that consist of bloating, gas, feeling full really quickly, and overall “bigness” in that region where I have never had before. I was hoping some of you would be able to tell me how long after removal any of these symptoms subsided or if there was something that you took to help expedite the process? Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

  84. A

    I had the IUD put in 6 months ago. Everything I was told is give it 6 months.

    I loved the idea of the simple no hormonal birth control. So I wanted to give it every chance I could.
    I never thought everything else could be related.

    Anxiety…. well I’m normally more of a anxious person.
    IBS…. I had that when I was younger so maybe it just came back or was the anxiety or my crappy diet.
    Hair falling out and thinning…. I am in my late 30s and my mom has super thin hair so maybe it’s just the age.
    Hopelessness….. anxiety and looking for a job could do that to anyone.
    Tiredness foggy brain….. that’s just normal. It isn’t like its too bad.

    The only thing I did relate to it is the heavy periods and maybe that caused some of the other stuff. But never thought the iud and copper itself was the problem.

    With each month the spotting seems to go down a few days. First month I had a pad on every day of the month. (Not exactly the ideal birth control but…)
    The spotting has lessened but is still way more than prior. Now, I used to be a very crampy heavy period kind of gal before my kid so I can honestly say copper iud period for me is WAY WAY worse.

    Thank you for your post I will be making an appt although I do want to be tested for ather potential issues I won’t be waiting and insist on the iud removal ASAP.

  85. Caitlin

    Just got my paraguard out today after 4 yrs. I have epilepsy, so hormonal BC made my life worse. Having had twins, i wanted a BC for maybe 5 yrs that would not give me seizures…and it didn’t. But i did wind up with nausea, paranoia, anxiety, awful brain fog, depression, and more difficulty with workouts when i have been fit most of my life. Not feeling attracted to the hubby anymore, no desire for sex, unpredictable periods and exhaustion. No patience, excited for the day to be over…. i have always been overly sensitive to hormones and meds so I really hope this was the cause of my problems. I will update soon! Glad it is out…

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