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Cheap Car Rental In Iceland: Rent-A-Wreck Review

With prices on the rise, it is no wonder every tourist is in search of a cheap car rental in Iceland. Who would have ever thought that renting a wreck would be the best budget-friendly option? We chose Rent-A-Wreck Iceland because of their super affordable prices in one of the most expensive countries on the planet.

Cheap Car Rental In Iceland: Rent-A-Wreck Review | Rental Cars Iceland | What To Do In Iceland | Cheap Car Rental In Iceland | Follow Me Away Travel BlogWhat the heck is Rent-A-Wreck Iceland and what does it entail?

Okay, so you literally aren’t renting a wrecked car, but the prices sure seem like you will. Instead of being ultra new, rent-a-wreck cars are a couple years old and have a few dings and scratches. They are still checked by mechanics and are totally safe, but have a little wear and tear. For example, our car had a few dents on the outside, the windshield wipers made an odd noise, and the driver door needed a good slam to shut it. Did we care? No! All we cared about was the fact that our car got good gas mileage, was safe, and affordable for our drive around the Ring Road! 

The prices are very affordable….even for 4×4’s

Rent-A-Wreck Iceland prices were honestly very affordable. We checked out over thirty companies in search of a cheap car rental in Iceland and Rent-A-Wreck won out. They offer both automatic and manual shift cars, but you can save even more money by choosing a manual! Looking for a 4×4? Rent-A-Wreck Iceland offers great deals on those as well.

Cheap Car Rental In Iceland: Rent-A-Wreck Review | Rental Cars Iceland | What To Do In Iceland | Cheap Car Rental In Iceland | Follow Me Away Travel BlogThe booking process is easy and customer service is great

You have the ability to book your cheap car rental in Iceland straight from the Rent-A-Wreck website. If you have any problems or questions, customer service is quick and easy to get ahold of. If you are American, the phone number to the Icelandic rental location actually works without having to pay international fees! We called a few times and it was great to be able to speak to an employee to help answer all our questions.

Pick up/drop off is available from Keflavik Airport

Since the rental office is off of airport property, we were concerned how we would pick up our car. But just because we chose a cheap car rental in Iceland didn’t mean the service was cheap by any means. Our pick up was very smooth. An employee left the shuttle car running and warm as he helped us load our backs. When it was time to drop off our vehicle, we didn’t even have to get out of the car we were driving and proceeded straight to the airport. We loved that we didn’t have to load/unload our bags multiple times

Cheap Car Rental In Iceland: Rent-A-Wreck Review | Rental Cars Iceland | What To Do In Iceland | Cheap Car Rental In Iceland | Follow Me Away Travel BlogTons of affordable add-ons

Looking for car insurance for your trip? A GPS? Rent-A-Wreck Iceland offers a ton of add-ons for an affordable price. Their base price even comes with basic car insurance which we appreciated.

Hours of operation are 5am-2am

We loved that Rent-A-Wreck was open when we arrived early at 5am. Instead of waiting around for hours or checking ourselves in, we were able to work with an employee to ready our car and send us on our way. When we called upon our arrival, the phone was instantly picked up and we were notified of our pickup time. When hiring a cheap car rental in Iceland, the long hours of operation were appreciated.

Cheap Car Rental In Iceland: Rent-A-Wreck Review | Rental Cars Iceland | What To Do In Iceland | Cheap Car Rental In Iceland | Follow Me Away Travel BlogThe Verdict:

We loved renting a wreck and we loved having a cheap car rental in Iceland. The fact that the car already had a few exterior dents and scratches didn’t bother us one bit, and the inside was spotless. We are very open to hiring from Rent-A-Wreck Iceland in the future and from other rent-a-wreck properties!

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Editor’s Note: Rent-A-Wreck Iceland provided us with our cheap car rental in Iceland. Everything in this review reflects our thoughts on the experience. We truly enjoyed renting a wreck for the duration of our trip. 

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Cheap Car Rental In Iceland: Rent-A-Wreck Review | Rental Cars Iceland | What To Do In Iceland | Cheap Car Rental In Iceland | Follow Me Away Travel Blog


12 thoughts on “Cheap Car Rental In Iceland: Rent-A-Wreck Review

  1. Jenny

    Hi Victoria/Terrence,

    When did you go to Iceland? I am doing a solo trip at the end of Feb and I am debating whether to get a rental car or book tours. In the pictures it looks like you guys rented the Hyundai I30. Do you know if it is 4×4 or AWD? How were the road conditions when you went?

    Thanks for this post! It is very helpful.

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      Hi Jenny!! A rental car is so worth it! We always did an automatic 2 wheel drive. We have been in both the fall and winter when there was extreme snow on the roads and a 2 wheel drive NON 4×4 car worked out just fine and safely for us both times. The roads are plowed and salted but may have a layer of snow on them after a snow storm so just drive carefully. Other than that they are in wonderful shape!

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      They actually offered quite a variety of add-ons! Plus, that is why they are a”cheap” car rental…we expect to pay a little less and receive a smaller package!

  2. Dianna

    We booked through Rent A Wreck for March 2017-we didn’t opt for any insurance packages. Any thoughts about this decision?? Should we get any??

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      We didn’t get any either time we visited Iceland. If you put the car on your credit card for incidentals, your credit card should cover it. If you heard about Rent a Wreck or booked from our review, we would love to know! 🙂 Have fun in Iceland!

  3. James Henson

    “Rental car companies want to make money,”. “But they also want you to be happy so you’ll come back. And if you discover the person in front of you is paying 20 to 30 percent less, that doesn’t leave you a happy customer.”

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  5. Knigge

    In May 2018, I went in Island for 10 days with my boyfriend and we had a terrible experience with Rent a Wreck!

    They first gave us a car that was still dirty from the last customers (who also apparently filled the car with diesel). So it was indeed a wreck…

    Not knowing what to expect from car rental services in Island we accepted it grudgingly.

    As a start, we had to fill the tank with our own money because it was half empty. We spoke about it with the rental guy and he wrote an agreement on the rental contract so it seemed fine.

    However, at the gas station, we realised that some lights didn’t work. So we called rent a wreck and asked for another car, a reliable one!

    They said that they didn’t have any car available from the airport but that we could drive all the way to Reykjavik and they would arrange something there. So we started driving to Reykjavik. After 15 minutes drive they called us telling us to drive back at the airport because they found a solution.

    They did find another car but they actually made an arrangement with another car rental company. However, they wanted us to pay again for this new car and expected us to sign a random refund paper written by hands for what we paid for the first car. We refused outright and negotiated to finally get a car without making a new payment.

    After that episode everything went right with this second car.

    Yet we still had issue with the company because they were supposed to give us our money back for the gas we put in the first car. We called them many times during our holidays, but it was always very fuzzy and they never gave us a concrete answer. So then, we sent them an email with a copy of the paper the guy signed that said that they had to make a refund. They asked for our bank details even though they already had all this, so it seemed they just tried to win some time.

    As of today’s date, we still haven’t seen our money back and we lost loads of time because of their messed-up services.

    Rent a Wreck is a truly dishonest company I don’t recommend it!

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