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Best Hiking Boots For Iceland in Winter Or Summer

On the hunt for the best boots for Iceland? This isn’t another post where someone on the internet will tell you what to wear in Iceland just to make money. These are our real tried and true suggestions. We are both shoeaholics [is that a word?] and own many pairs of hiking boots, walking shoes, snow boots, and more. Since we have traveled to Iceland multiple times, we are here to give you the details on the best boots for Iceland. We have worn some fantastic pairs of shoes to Iceland and also have owned some terrible pairs [which obviously won’t be suggested!]

Best Hiking Boots For Iceland in Winter Or Summer | What to wear in iceland

Whether you are traveling to Iceland in winter or summer or visiting Iceland in the off-season, a solid pair of shoes is a must. We always recommend that your boots for Iceland be waterproof, no matter what time of year you visit. All of our suggestions here will be shoes we have personally owned or as close to those shoes as we can come if a new and improved version is out.

When finding the best shoes for Iceland, we truly suggest investing and spending a little more money. During our travels in Iceland, we have seen many people who didn’t invest in boots for Iceland and instead are walking around on ice and snow in Converse or sneakers! Wet feet are no fun which is why we highly recommend buying or borrowing a quality pair of boots for Iceland!

We have broken this post down into two sections. The first will be the best boots and shoes for Iceland in summer. The second will be our suggestions for quality boots for Iceland in winter or during the off-season.

Best Hiking Boots And Shoes For Iceland In Summer

Best Hiking Boots For Iceland in Winter Or Summer | What to wear in iceland

Best Iceland Hiking Shoes For Women

When it comes to the best shoes for Iceland for women, waterproof is key! Weather in Iceland is unpredictable no matter what time of year you visit so one day it may be sunny and the next instant it may be rainy. Since there are a lot of waterfalls in Iceland, you will be near wet ground so waterproof boots for Iceland are necessary and suggested! We are beyond happy we have used waterproof shoes everytime we visited Iceland.

Columbia’s Dakota Drifter Waterproof Trail Shoe. We love this shoe and have it in grey! It is ultra comfortable and fully waterproof! It is often hard to find waterproof shoes but when looking for what to wear in Iceland, this needs to be your first priority! We can vouch that these shoes are fantastically waterproof and are a solid buy for your trip to Iceland!

Columbia Redmond Mid Waterproof Trail Shoe. If you are looking for shoes for Iceland that have a little more ankle support, these mid-rise waterproof shoes are perfect for you! We have carried these shoes before and they do take up a little more space in luggage, but some people prefer a more bulky shoe. After trying both styles, Victoria prefers the first suggestion and likes shoes for Iceland that are lower cut. Terrence, on the other hand, loves boots for Iceland that go up around the ankle for support. The best hiking boots for Iceland are the pair that you feel like you will be most comfortable in!

Merrell Sugarbush Refresh Waterproof Hiking Boot. If you are on the hunt for what to wear in Iceland and want the best boots for Iceland that are both stylish for all of your epic photos AND waterproof, these Merrells are the shoe for you. For us, Merrell’s don’t tend to be quite as perfectly waterproof as Columbia brand, but these shoes are top quality and fashionable. These boots for Iceland are a true hiking boot, yet the leather look makes them a little fashionable and less rustic! Since these boots are more sturdy than just regular hiking shoes, you could technically pack them for a winter trip to Iceland too!

Best Hiking Boots For Iceland in Winter Or Summer | What to wear in iceland

Best Iceland Hiking Shoes For Men

As with women, waterproof shoes for Iceland is key no matter what time of year you visit! Many people think that just because they are going to Iceland in summer means they don’t need to waterproof their boots for Iceland. Make sure to invest or borrow a sturdy pair of hiking boots for Iceland! Here are our picks for men:

Columbia North Plains II Hiking Shoe. If you are looking the best affordable pair of hiking shoes for Iceland, this pair of shoes from Columbia is a solid choice! Terrence loved them until one day he put them on a radiator to dry after he got wet on the beach from waves and the insert shrunk so don’t do that! Otherwise, they are the best boots for Iceland for men! Terrence prefers shoes that cover the ankle but many people don’t and this pair is both affordable and saves room in your suitcase!

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot. This is Terrence’s favorite pair of boots for Iceland and his current favorite pair of hiking shoes in general. These hiking shoes for men are very substantial so if you are looking to save room when packing for Iceland, it is a good idea to wear them on the plane or carry them on the outside of your luggage. These boots for Iceland are waterproof and made of quality leather. They last a long time and are well worth the investment. With a thick pair of wool socks, they can double as shoes for winter if you don’t want to buy two pairs.

Best Hiking Boots For Iceland in Winter Or Summer | What to wear in iceland

Best Boots For Iceland In Winter

Best Women’s Winter Boots For Iceland

When shopping for what to wear in Iceland during the winter, make sure that you not only have waterproof snow boots but that you also have boots certified to keep your feet warm. Winter boots for Iceland should be quality and certify to keep your feet completely warm down to a certain temperature. If you are heading to Iceland in winter, we strongly urge you to invest in snow boots. It will be $70-$150 well spent and your feet will thank you! Don’t put these on your Iceland packing list if you are visiting during the summer as your feet will sweat and be too warm!

Columbia Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot. We cannot say enough about these boots for Iceland! If it isn’t freezing cold your feet will sweat, that is how good they are! The Omni-Heat technology means that these boots are certified to keep your feet warm up to temperatures of -25F. Victoria has worn these boots in Iceland and has stood on actual chunks of ice or walked in freezing water and felt none of it. If you are looking for what to wear in Iceland in winter, we strongly urge you to consider this pair of shoes if you don’t already have a solid pair of winter boots for Iceland. They are also comfortable and flexible so it is like you are wearing a comfy pair of slippers that keep your feet warm and dry for your entire trip to Iceland!

Columbia Heavenly Shorty Omni-Heat Snow Boot. Not everyone is into packing higher boots for Iceland so this is the pair those of you who prefer short boots should go for! These are the best boots for Iceland if you don’t want to bring something that hits higher on the leg, although we recommend it for maximum warmth! This pair of shoes for Iceland are certified with Omni-Heat technology and are warm and comfy like slippers!

Best Hiking Boots For Iceland in Winter Or Summer | What to wear in iceland

Best Men’s Winter Boots For Iceland

If you are planning a trip to Iceland when there will be snow or ice, packing winter boots is a must. If you are going during the summer, skip adding snow boots to your Iceland packing list because they will make your feet too warm! If there is one piece of advice we would give to people traveling to Iceland in winter, it would be to pack proper boots for Iceland. We don’t care if you borrow them from a friend or buy them brand new, we just want your feet to be happy and thankful you chose something warm and waterproof to wear in Iceland.

Columbia Bugaboot Plus Omni-Heat Michelin Snow Boot. These winter boots for Iceland are sturdy and rugged and the Omni-Heat technology makes them warm up to -22F which is far colder than you will ever reach in Iceland! We never understood why men’s shoes are less soft and comfy than the female version, but alas that is how things are. So if you are a man looking for what to wear in Iceland, these boots have your back. They do not pack small so we highly suggest to tie them to the outside of your suitcase if you are using a carry-on to save space. Do not wear them on the plane or your feet will sweat and you will overheat!

Merrell Turku Trek Waterproof Winter Boot. If you are looking to add a warm yet more stylish winter shoe to your Iceland packing list, this pair of Merrells has you covered. Most winter boots for Iceland are pretty rugged, especially for men, but we love that this pair is warm, waterproof, and nicer to look at! If you are looking for what to wear in Iceland and don’t want something bulky or huge, this pair of winter shoes for Iceland will be a good bet. We love the waterproof leather and the nicer look of them, but overall prefer our first suggestion if we had to pick one pair of boots for Iceland.

Best Hiking Boots For Iceland in Winter Or Summer | What to wear in iceland

If there is one takeaway we hope you got from this article about what to wear in Iceland, we hope it is that you should invest in boots for Iceland that are waterproof any time of year and certified to be warm for the winter. Iceland is a fabulous country to visit but it is essential to have the proper clothing on your Iceland packing list in order to have a successful and enjoyable trip! If you have already visited, let us know what your favorite pair of boots for Iceland is!

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23 thoughts on “Best Hiking Boots For Iceland in Winter Or Summer

  1. Lyuthar Jacobs

    This is one of the most informative articles on the web. Iceland is one of best places to visit during winter. Though I am yet to visit the place during summer, at that time these tips gonna help me! Keep up the good work. ☺

  2. Rebeca

    What I have learned when going on vacation/holiday is to bring the most comfortable walking or hiking shoes you can find regardless of cost, and make sure to break them in long before your departure date. You will be walking and standing so much during your trip, that having the most comfortable shoe you can get will be more than worth its weight in gold.

  3. Nancy Calvin

    I bought Waterproof hiking boots for my trip to Iceland coming up in late September.Northside Snohomish Trail Waterproof midrise. Have been wearing them around the house with wool socks. They feel great!
    Hope they do well on my trip! Still don’t know if I should bring my snow boots!

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      We are going in september and are NOT bringing our snow boots if that helps. It is tempting but there won’t be any snow so not a need!

        1. Follow Me Away Post author

          Yes we would recommend it! We just went in September and it was already snowing in most of the country!

  4. Jenna

    I am thinking about traveling to Iceland the end of October for a northern lights tour. Will I need to bring winter boots or what is the best footwear for end of October?

    1. ANNETTE

      am travelling mid Oct also , would my mid waterproof boots do as i mostly do summer hikes and this would be a 1 off trip in this weather.

  5. Venkatesh Prasad

    Hi, I am travelling to Iceland in mid February, going on a road trip(golden circle) I have Columbia north plain II hiking shoe, is it sufficient at this time or do we need snow boots. Please suggest. Thank you in advance.

  6. Tricia

    We are going on a trip to Iceland in February and will be doing a lot of hiking, sightseeing at the glaciers, waterfalls, etc. I have Keen Hiking Boots, but they are not very high (more like a sneaker). I am concerned with getting snow in them/my socks getting wet. Do you still recommend the North Face Winter Boots for that type of hiking situation? Thanks so much for your help. This article was very informative!

  7. Lynn

    My toes need a little more room than the typical Columbia shoes I have had in the past. To be fair, I live in a mostly wet climate in the US right now, and have Columbia sneakers and they seem to be a little snug in the toe.

    Keen seem to have a little more toe room, but I am not sure if they have a boot that would be as good as the ones you recommend.

    Do you have any suggestions for Keen type boots? Ones with good traction?

    Will be headed to Iceland mid-August, to help my son move there for college.

  8. Niki

    Hi there, I’m going down to Iceland in November and I have bought the sorel Whitney tall II winter boots and the Columbia Minx shorty winter boots. Are these shoes appropriate for the terrain and weather?
    Thank you

  9. Len Quime

    Hi, thank you for your post. Really helpful when planning on our trip to Iceland this coming November.
    Do you think the Columbia Heavenly Boots will be fine in glacier hike?

    Thanks for your reply.

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