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Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland Worth Your Money

Are you on the hunt for the best tours in Iceland? If you want to take a tour while you are in Iceland but are afraid of paying too much or having a terrible or boring experience, rest easy! Touring Iceland with a professional guide is a great option if you are looking to see and experience the best, without doing a ton of planning on your own. We have been to Iceland multiple times and have compiled this list of trustworthy tour operators in Iceland. Even if you are looking to visit Iceland on a budget, you are in luck for finding a tour that gives you the most for your money.

Whether you are looking for a tour of the Golden Circle or a Northern Lights viewing tour, Iceland has something for everyone! These tours in Iceland will provide you with enough options from group and private tours to multi-day tours so you can choose the option that best suits you for touring Iceland. Don’t forget to wear your balaclava and check out our Iceland packing list because you are going to want to be warm and cozy during your tours! If you are looking for the best Iceland tours, get ready to find them all in one place!

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland Worth Your Money

15. Northern Lights Tour From Reykjavik (4 Hours)

Be honest, the only reason you are visiting Iceland during the off-season is so you can see the Northern Lights! This four hour Nothern Lights tour departs from Reykjavik and takes you into the darkness for best chances of viewing the lights. This is actually exactly where we saw the Northern Lights in Iceland on our first trip so hopefully, you will have the same luck! For just $17 more, you can upgrade to a more private Iceland Northern Lights Tour that departs Reykjavik in a mini-bus instead of a full-size bus.

Make sure you pack a good windproof jacket and get ready to be in awe as the lights dance around the sky! If you plan to visit Iceland in winter, you are going to want to make time to see the Northern Lights! These are some of the best Iceland tours for seeing the Northern Lights so you are in good hands!

Book here: Four Hour Northern Lights Bus Tour

You may also love: Northern Lights Boat Cruise (2 hours)

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

14. Icelandic Horse Riding Tour Through Lava Fields (3-4 hours)

First of all, Icelandic horses are pretty much the cutest animals on the planet! If you plan to take an Iceland road trip, there will be plenty of opportunities to stop and photograph them! That being said, there is nothing better than getting to meet an Icelandic horse up close and ride it through a lava field at one of these memorable tours in Iceland. An Icelandic Horse Riding tour will make you feel like you are in a scene from Game Of Thrones! The length of this Icleand tour is long enough that you get to spend time with the cute horses but not so long that you are freezing in the Icelandic climate. Make sure to wear layers and a warm thermal top as well, as this is one of those Iceland tours that may get chilly!

Reserve your tour: Icelandic Horse Riding Tour

Want to be pampered? Try: Horses and Spas: Riding Tour And Spa

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

13. Hop On Hop Off Tour Of Reykjavik (24 hours)

Reykjavik is one of those cities you are going to want to learn everything about. What better way to see the city than with an affordable hop on hop off bus tour? Reykjavik is rich with Scandinavian culture and a bus tour allows you to learn a lot of new things and get off and explore whenever you want! We particularly love the Reykjavik waterfront so make sure you hop off the Reykjavik city tour and spend some time there. If you are looking for the best Iceland tours that show you the city, these are great options. Make sure to wear your cold-proof shoes because the frozen ground can get chilly on your feet. There are also many cheap hotels in Reykjavik under $80 per night so you can stay in town and then walk to your bus tour in the morning!

Get your tickets here: Reykjavik Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

Book here: Reykjavik Minibus City Tour (3 hours)

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

12. Silfra Fissure Snorkeling Tour (2-4 hours)

Dreaming of going on one of those tours of Iceland that let you swim in Arctic waters? You have seen those videos online of people swimming between the tectonic plates in Iceland and now you can take a Silfra Fissure Snorkeling Tour and make your own memories! The Silfra Fissure tour leaves from Reykjavik so you don’t have too far to go until you are submerged in crystal clear waters. Make sure you pack your swim trunks! This is one of those Iceland tours that is perfect for swimmers of all skill levels as you will be wearing flotation devices and will be aided by trained dive operators for the duration of your snorkel tour in Iceland. 

Book here: Silfra Fissure Snorkeling Tour

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

11. ATV Adventure Tour In Reykjanes (3 hours)

Want to journey to the moon without leaving earth? That is exactly where you will go when you take an ATV Adventure Tour of Reykjanes! From hot lava stones to the oldest lighthouse in Iceland, you will get to get to explore all of what Reykjanes has to offer from your very own ATV on one of the best tours of Iceland. Since you will be riding pretty fast, make sure to wear a windproof coat so you stay warm. This is one of those Iceland tours is especially fun for kids and teens as they enjoy riding or driving their very own all-terrain vehicle!

Reserve your tour: ATV Adventure Tour In Reykjanes 

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

10. Iceland Game Of Thrones Tour (8 hours)

Know someone obsessed with Game Of Thrones? The popular TV series was filmed in Iceland and you can actually take a Game Of Thrones Tour In Iceland! This best Iceland tour is a full day and lasts 8 hours which makes the higher price-tag totally worth it. One of the newer tours in Iceland, this tour will take you to multiple filming locations and show you how they were utilized in Game Of Thrones. It is a total winner, especially if you want to surprise an obsessed loved one with a Game Of Thrones tour in Iceland!

Book a tour: Full Day Iceland Game Of Thrones Tour

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

9. Icelandic Whale Watching Tour From Reykjavik (3 hours)

Whale watching is one of those things that you can do all year round and here are some of the best tours in Iceland to see these majestic creatures. Whether you travel to Iceland in the summer or the dead of winter, there is pretty much always a whale watching tour for you to enjoy. Icelandic whale watching tours are a wonderful and educational experience for the whole family and are much loved by photographers looking to capture the perfect shot! These Iceland tours are run by a reputable and safe agency so you know you are getting the best Iceland tours for your money. It gets cold on the water so wearing a warm hat and scarf is a must!

Book here: Whale Watching Tour From Reykjavik

Reserve here if you are near Husavik: Traditional Whale Watching Tour

In North Iceland? Book here: Akureyri Whale Watching Tour 

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

8. Icelandic Beer Tasting And Tapas Food Tour of Reykjavik (2 hours)

Looking for the best Iceland tours that offer more culture than adventure? Head to Reykjavik for a night on the town at an Icelandic beer and tapas food tour. Since food in Iceland is already so expensive [you should head to an Icelandic grocery store if you hope to save], and alcohol is cost prohibitive, the price on this beer tasting and tapas tour in Iceland is extremely affordable! You can easily spend this much per person on a simple burger and fries-type meal in Reykjavik without any alcohol. Take advantage and taste some Icelandic beer. This is one of the Iceland day tours that is perfect for foodie lovers and merry-makers.

Reserve your spot: Local Beer Tasting And Icelandic Cuisine Tour

Want more food? Try:  Reykjavik Food Tasting Tour (4 hours)

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

7. Golden Circle Tour From Reykjavik (8 hours)

This trip is one of the bestselling guided tours in Iceland of all time! It is a fan favorite and it is easy to see why! On the Golden Circle Full Day Grand Tour you are treated to the ultimate Iceland Golden Circle experience. Not one detail is left out and you have plenty of time to take in waterfalls, thermal pools, and even geysers. If you are looking for one of the best Iceland tours, consider taking this one!

It is one of the best Iceland tours because, for an extremely affordable rate, you pack in everything there is to see on the Golden Circle. If you don’t have a full day to devote to Iceland tours, try the 6 hour Golden Circle Afternoon Tour. This tour in Iceland doesn’t last as long and is cheaper than the full-day option. You will want to pack warm gloves as you will be snapping a ton of photos!

Book now: Full Day Golden Circle Tour From Reykjavik

You might also like: Golden Circle Afternoon Tour

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

6.Ultimate Snaefellsnes Peninsula Tour (11 hours)

The Snaefellsnes Peninsula is a much lesser known part of Iceland even though it is home to Kirkjufell, a mountain that is seen in almost every article about Iceland! If you are looking for one of the tours of Iceland that is a little off-beat, this is the Iceland tour for you! The Snaefellsnes Peninsula Full Day Tour leaves from Reykjavik and explores the highlights from this western Iceland destination. By choosing one of the tours in Iceland that head to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, you will get to enjoy rocky coastline, lava fields, waterfalls, mountains, and more! Socks and warm shoes are a must for this all-day Iceland tour.

Check pricing: The Snaefellsnes Peninsula Full Day Tour From Reykjavik

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

5. Crystal Ice Cave Tour In Skaftafell National Park (3 hours)

The crystal blue ice cave is one of the best Iceland tours and people travel to the country specifically to take it! The Crystal Ice Cave Tour departs from Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and before you know it you will be standing in a stunning cave. Ice in the cave will make for stunning photos and this is an Iceland tour you won’t soon forget! Packing snow pants for this tour will do wonders in keeping you warm so you can enjoy the beauty of Iceland! You can only visit the ice cave during the winter so if you want to best tours of Iceland, make sure to visit Iceland during the winter! 

Reserve now: Iceland’s Crystal Ice Cave Tour

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

4. Glacier Wonders Tour In Skaftafell National Park (3 hours)

Have you ever wanted to walk on a glacier? This is one of those Iceland tours that lets you get up close and personal with these massive giants! Put on glacier gear and get ready for the Glacier Wonders Tour In Skaftafell National Park. On this best tour of Iceland, you will get a chance to marvel at the vast Icelandic wilderness by hiking on Iceland’s largest glacier. The trip is shorter so you won’t freeze on the ice, so make sure to bring your GoPro to capture every bit of the experience!

Book this tour: Glacier Wonders Tour In Skaftafell National Park

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

3. Tour Of Landmannalaugar And The Icelandic Highlands (11-16 hours)

Landmannalaugar is known as the pearl of the highlands and some of the best Iceland tours you can take allow you to visit. The highlands can only be accessed during certain times of the year so make sure to check to see if these tours in Iceland are running during your trip. A Tour Of Landmannalaugar And The Icelandic Highlands is unforgettable as you get to see active volcanic landscapes and experience the vast wilderness that is the Icelandic Highlands. This is one of those tours in Iceland that isn’t for everyone since it is more active and lasts quite a long time but it is totally worth it if you have the time and stamina. Bringing a Balaclava is a smart choice to protect you from the wind!

Reserve here: Tour Of Landmannalaugar: Pearl Of The Highlands

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

2. Helicopter Tour In Iceland Of Volcanic Craters (1 hour)

If you are on the hunt for the best tours in Iceland that don’t involve hours of sitting on a bus or long hikes, a helicopter tour is perfect for you! A Helicopter Tour Of Geothermal Iceland will have you flying over active geothermal basins, lava rocks, rocky coast, and the vast Icelandic landscape. You will get to see ancient volcanic craters from the air and take in breathtaking views of mountains and distant glaciers on these best Iceland tours. Pack your camera because the views are about to get epic! If a shorter Iceland day tour is all you have time for, you can’t go wrong with a helicopter tour of Iceland!

Book now: Helicopter Tour Of Geothermal Iceland

You may also love: Reykjavik Panoramic Helicopter Tour

In love? Book this: Romantic Helicopter Flight Over Reykjavik 

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

1. South Iceland Full Day Tour From Reykjavik (10 hours)

We saved the best Iceland tours for last! If you can only pick one thing to do in Iceland, make sure you make time out take an Iceland tour that visits the south coast. If you are saying in Reykjavik, the south coast is totally doable as a day trip and you won’t want to miss it as it is truly one of the best tours of Iceland. The South Iceland Full Day Tour From Reykjavik covers everything you need to see from Iceland’s black sand beaches to the most popular waterfalls in Iceland!

South Iceland is highly recommended and we can’t stress enough how you do not want to miss this part of the country! If you want to take it a step further, consider a south Iceland tour that also stops at Iceland’s glacier lagoon and even includes a boat tour on the lagoon! Although the tour is 14 hours long, seeing the glacier lagoon in Iceland is not to be missed! Packing a daypack for this tour is a must.

Book here: South Iceland Tour From Reykjavik

Reserve Now: South Iceland Tour With Glacier Lagoon Visit And Boat Tour

Top 15 Best Tours In Iceland For Your Money | Top Iceland Tours

Best Time Of Year For Taking Tours In Iceland

The best time of year for taking tours in Iceland truly depends on you and what you want to see! We know that is no easy or straightforward answer, but it is the truth! Tours in Iceland vary so you will have to choose what you want to do or what is on your bucket list and then choose what time of year you want to visit Iceland based on that! For example, if it is your dream to take a Northern Lights tour in Iceland, then you are going to have to visit in the winter or late off-season. There are no Northern Lights in Iceland during the summer so if you want to take a Northern Lights Tour in Iceland it is essential to plan your tour during the winter.

Similarly, if you want to take an Ice Cave tour in Iceland, you must visit during the dead of winter as well! This is the only time the ice is frozen and safe enough to walk beneath. That being said, many of these best tours in Iceland can be done any time of year! For example, the south coast tour listed above or any of the beer and food tours are running pretty much all year so the choice is up to you!

Choosing when to go to Iceland is easy once you decide which tours in Iceland you want to see. If you really want to see the midnight sun and have 24-hour daylight during your trip, we recommend visiting during the summer! If you want the best of both worlds and still want the chance to see the Northern Lights, then September and October will be a great time to go! There are many options for touring in Iceland and it just depends on what tops your list!

Visiting the Glacier Lagoon is one of the best options for touring Iceland! | Glacier lagoon tour in Iceland

When To Choose A Private Tour In Iceland

How do you know if a private tour in Iceland is right for you? Private tours in Iceland are more expensive than group tours, and although we listed some private tours above, we are going to go in more detail here! Private tours in Iceland are right for you if you are traveling with a large group of people or larger family, hate hanging out with a huge group of other travelers, have a bit more money to spend, and want things tailored to what you want!

When we chose to go on a private tour of Thorsmork, we wanted to be able to choose what we wanted to do and decide how long we wanted to stay. Of course, these private tours of Iceland are on a schedule, but the schedule is much more flexible, allowing you to spend more time at one location and less at another if you so choose. You can even skip a location altogether, as long as you discuss it up front with your guide ahead of time!

Unlike the best tours in Iceland which are priced per person, private tours in Iceland are priced per group. If it is just you and someone else, splitting $1000 fare may be steep. If you are splitting that fare between 4-5 people, suddenly a private tour in Iceland just became more affordable! Private tours in Iceland are especially helpful if you are a photographer, someone with children, or really looking to get a personalized and in-depth tour of Iceland with an experienced local guide.

Some of our favorite private tours in Iceland include: 

Private Aurora Hunt Northern Lights Tour From Reykjavik (4 Hours)

Wonders of Snaefellsnes Private Tour From Reykjavik (12 Hours)

Private Day Tour Of South Iceland From Reykjavik (10 Hours)

Private Glacier Lagoon Tour In Iceland (13 Hours)

Private Golden Circle Tour From Reykjavik (8 Hours)

Choosing a private tour in Iceland is a great idea to customize the tour

The Best Multi-Day Tours Of Iceland

If one of these day tours of Iceland isn’t what you are looking for, don’t worry! If you would prefer a multi-day tour of Iceland instead, there are plenty of options for you! Multi-day tours of Iceland are a great idea if you aren’t looking to do any planning yourself and just want to arrive in Iceland, see all of the epic and beautiful sites, and let someone else worry about all of the planning. You can choose both longer and short multi-day tours of Iceland depending on how much time you want to spend.

There are often longer tours of Iceland that are 7-10 days and there are also shorter multi-day tours of Iceland that range from 2-5 days. Shorter multi-day tours in Iceland could be a great idea if you are already planning a trip to the country and want to stay based in Reykjavik but want to take a longer tour to other parts of the country where you still don’t have to worry about anything! Choosing a multi-day tour of Iceland will also depend on your budget, time, and interests. Take a look at our list of suggested multi-day tours of Iceland and see if one or more fit your budget and schedule! There is truly a tour in Iceland for everyone so we are confident you can find something fantastic to see and do!

Suggested Multi-Day Tours Of Iceland:

5 Day Winter Tour Of Iceland: Golden Circle, South Coast, Ice Cave

3 Day Golden Circle, Glacier Hike, Ice Cave, Northern Light Tour Of Iceland

2 Day Guided Iceland South Coast Adventure

3 Day Relaxation and Exploration Tour Of Iceland From Reykjavik 

2 Day Jökulsárlón, Glacier Hike + DC-3 Plane Wreck Tour In Iceland

best tours in Iceland multi day tours of Iceland options

What To Bring On Your Tour In Iceland

No matter what time of year you are heading out for your tour in Iceland, there are a few essentials you must be aware of! First, check out our list of what to wear in Iceland for winter and summer so you can be well packed when you arrive in Iceland. This article focuses on the clothes you should pack no matter when you are traveling to Iceland and no matter what you will be doing! Here, we will break down what you should bring on your tour of Iceland so that you are prepared and enjoy the day.

A Good Camera

When you are taking a tour of Iceland, you are going to want to bring along a great camera! If you have a newer smartphone, then you could be good to go. We recommend checking out the GoPro Hero 7 if you are looking for a great adventure camera for both photos and video! We also love the Sony A6300 as it is a good quality camera, pretty affordable, and easy to use when touring Iceland!

A Waterproof Daypack

When touring Iceland, you are going to need something to carry your essentials in. Ladies, this is the time to leave the purse at home and take something more substantial. Guys, you will want something waterproof as the weather in Iceland changes on a dime! A waterproof daypack like this Hikepro 20L is perfect because it packs up small for your flight and will keep your essentials dry during your tour in Iceland!

Granola Bars

Most of these best tours in Iceland do not include snacks so that is up to you to bring. If you are going on one of the longer tours of Iceland that are 10-13 hours long, you are going to want to be prepared with food! We love these Quaker Granola Bars and always bring food to Iceland since it is such an expensive country. You can easily buy bars in advance so you can save time and money once you are in Iceland.

Portable Power Bank

When taking tours of Iceland, you will be gone from your hotel for a very long time. You are going to want to have your phone charged so you can document your tour in Iceland which is why we always recommend taking a portable power bank like this one! These portable chargers are good for multiple charges and will keep your phone ready for photos and calls if necessary.

Waterproof Shell Pants

We highly recommend packing a waterproof shell for pants such as the Columbia Storm Surge Pants. That way, if it is raining or you are hiking behind a waterfall, all you have to do is put these pants on over your normal clothes. If you are touring Iceland for hours and hours, the last thing you will want is wet pants. These waterproof plastic pants will be a lifesaver when taking tours in Iceland and they don’t cost an arm and a leg to buy!

what to pack when touring Iceland | what to bring on tours in iceland

How To Get To Your Tour In Iceland

The majority of the best tours in Iceland begin and end in Reykjavik. The majority of the time, you will be picked up from your hotel or accommodation for your tour of Iceland. This is one of the major benefits of taking a tour in Iceland. You won’t have to worry about renting a car or driving in Iceland and you will be picked up and dropped off at your hotel. We highly recommend reading the fine print to make sure the Iceland tour company will indeed be picking you up at your hotel.

Sometimes, tour companies in Iceland will specify a general meeting spot where you will all meet your guide. This location is generally a well-known location in Reykjavik and you will be able to catch local public transportation to the spot. Usually, you are picked up directly from your hotel when taking tours of Iceland, but we just wanted to let you know that this isn’t always the case. Make sure to check with your tour provider when booking to ensure that you will be picked up.

On the day that you will be touring Iceland, your tour operator will provide a time to meet in the lobby of your hotel or at the specified meeting location. We highly recommend getting to that meeting point early so as not to hold up the entire tour if something happens. If the tour says to meet at 8:30am, make sure you are in the lobby at 8:15-8:20am so that you can get a good seat on the tour bus and so that you aren’t the one holding up the Iceland tour. The rest of the travelers touring Iceland with you will thank you for your thoughtfulness!

where to meet your guide when touring Iceland

Additional Reading For Your Trip To Iceland

Which one of these best Iceland tours are you most excited about taking? If you have already been on one of the many tours in Iceland, what did you think? We are excited to hear from you in the comments!

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    Swimming between techtonic plates???!!! Helicopter ride? Northern lights tour?? Walk on a Glacier??? Thank you Terrence & Victoria for this list of spectacular things to do in Iceland! More importantly, thanks for vouching for the tour operators. That’s often the most difficult & cumbersome part: the vetting process. So much to do/see. So little time!

  2. Liliane Fawzy

    We only did a whale watching tour when we were in Iceland but we walked up to that area where they swim between tectonic plates and it’s something I’d totally want to do when going back! Also really want to catch the Northern Lights!

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    I’ve been reading so many blog posts about Iceland and I haven’t been myself. But I would love to go, the hikes you mention sound amazing and I was actually surprised how many different things you can do. I would definitely do the Northern Lights Tour because I haven’t seen them yet and I would love to! Not sure if I would be up for horse riding but the National Parks sound great. I love the Snorkeling Tour, too, although I imagine it to be suuuper cold?!?!

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    I didnt realise there was so much to do in Iceland! I really want to go and now I want to even more! Ive heard it is really expensive and this is the thing that stops me.The horse riding tour looks fabulous. My daughter would love that! Ive also pinned your post incase I save enough money to one day visit!

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    As for the diving one that looks totally amazing but that water has to be FREEZING to this little cuban boy. So I may just admire your pics.

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    I really want to take a Northern Lights tour, and am starting plans to go to Iceland as soon as we can. Do you know what the odds are of actually seeing the lights on any given night? I mean, would you spend the money and then not get to see them?

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    Seeing the Northern Lights is right up there on the bucket list! I didn’t know there were tours like that, good to know as I’d probably go solo, too expensive to take the whole family.

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    I want to do ALL of the tours! The Northern Lights are high up on my bucket list – as is swimming between the tectonic plates. And I love that the foodie scene is really coming to life up there. It really makes for a perfect travel destination (for me, at least!)

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    Oh wow, this is a brilliant article. There are so many more options than I had imagined… horse-riding, snorkelling too! Iceland is in my top 5 on the bucket list… this is bookmarked!

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    Wauw! I have thought of visiting Iceland a few times, I think nature must be great there! But what an amazing tours you have summed up! Some of them really special! I would not know which one to choose anymore 🙂

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