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10 Prettiest Small Towns In Ireland + Map To Find Them

Are you looking to vacation in one of the prettiest small towns in Ireland? If you are thinking about coming to Ireland, these are some of the best towns to go to! It can be difficult deciding on where to go first, but these pretty towns in Ireland should top your trip. We have been to Ireland so many times that we have lost count, and there is always something new to see and do! We include a few of these pretty small towns on our Ultimate Ireland Road Trip Itinerary but some suggestions are brand new for you to discover here! 

This list should give you all the information you need to choose which small Irish towns to visit first while planning your trip. Whether it be the distance between them or the destinations, we have got you covered on what small towns in Ireland you have to go to before leaving!

Ireland is full of rich history, don’t miss out on visiting the peculiar but amazing places in Ireland! There are many legends and tales attached to each town, Ireland is said to be a very magical place. Through the mystery of it all, be sure to check out these beautiful Irish towns! You will not want to miss the local tours and museums that come with each town in Ireland that you visit. So, grab a pint of beer and start working on your accent, because here are the best towns in Ireland to visit!

10 Prettiest Small Towns In Ireland

10 Prettiest Small Towns In Ireland + Map To Find Them

Dingle Is One Of Those Towns In Ireland That You Cannot Miss

Top of our list is Dingle, Ireland! It is a gorgeous little town and one that is a treat to visit. Make sure to look around for local areas, as this small town in Ireland is great for pictures and beautiful scenery. Traveling by car is your best option to get to this pretty Irish town, but be careful driving along the peninsula! If you are interested in visiting Dingle, here is a post about the Top 10 Things To Do In Dingle! 

Enjoy Star Wars? This beautiful town in Ireland is known for it’s scenery and as a film destination for Star Wars. Even though it has been a tourist area for quite a bit, this village in Ireland has not lost the feel of a small Irish town. The local pubs make it homey and welcoming to new visitors, but still has a medieval look and feel to it. Dingle looks over a lively harbor and is the spot for seafood; Doyle’s Seafood Restaurant is delicious is isn’t too bad on the wallet! Eating at a yummy restaurant while looking out onto the water is very peaceful and something you will want to try!

The small Irish town also has a very old church called the Gallarus Oratory, located on the Dingle Peninsula overlooking the Ard Na Cainthe Harbor. Historians argue over when it was built but the first account of it’s presence was documented in 1756. Feel the centuries past by visiting this old chapel and take pretty pictures by the seaside. While you’re in this small town in Ireland, don’t forget to visit the Eask Tower overlooking the Dingle Harbor! Built in 1847 to guide ships into the mouth of the harbor, this stone wall is a must-see destination!

Dingle Is One Of Those Towns In Ireland That You Cannot Miss

Westport Is Crawling With Pirates Who Want To Give You An Unforgettable Experience

Did you know that most of the small towns in Ireland weren’t planned? Well, Westport is one of the Irish towns that was planned in 1780 by architect James Wyatt. This small town in Ireland served as Google’s first fully 3D town and when it is time to go, all you have to do is head to Google Maps and relive this amazing experience! There are so many amazing activities to do in this small in Ireland like, cycling along the Great Western Greenway or going to the Westport Arts Festival in late July. Don’t forget to take photos, this small town in Ireland is absolutely gorgeous, you cannot beat the views! Check out our guide to visiting County Mayo in Ireland where Westport is located! 

This small Irish town also is home to Westport House, built in 1650 by a descendant of the pirate Grace O’Malley! In fact, the property has a theme park called Pirate Adventure Park. The grounds also include Grace’s castles and dungeons you can still go into and tour! This small town in Ireland is home to so much history and you would be remiss not traveling to! Check out Ring’s Bistro on Market Lane to eat some of the best Irish cuisines in this small Irish town.

Westport is a small Irish town that has to be explored. You will find the best spots to stop and take pictures at or even just revel in the beauty all around you! Even the most insignificant places hold gorgeous views that just leave you speechless. Finding pretty places to wonder is not hard in this small town in Ireland, go exploring!

Westport Is Crawling With Pirates Who Want To Give You An Unforgettable Experience in this small town in Ireland

Westport Is Crawling With Pirates Who Want To Give You An Unforgettable Experience in this small town in Ireland

Howth Is One Of The Easiest Towns In Ireland To Access And A Must-See

Getting to Howth is extremely easy! Taking the fast train from Dublin’s city center is the guaranteed way to travel to Howth from a large city. Very low cost for the train and you see some beautiful views along your way as well! Howth was the first small town in Ireland we visited on our very first visit! You can check out the Photo Essay Of Howth we did from our first trip! 

Located about 30 minutes right outside of Dublin is this amazing old small town in Ireland. If you like being outside and walking to your destinations, this small Irish town has it all! When you visit, take care to go hiking on the Howth Cliff Walk Loop, it is an easy trail that follows the cliffs and has gorgeous views. Make sure to stop along the way and photograph what you see! The cliff tops are so pretty and you get to brag to you friends!

Ireland’s Eye is a big place to go when you’re in Howth! It’s breath-taking views are absolutely a must-see and you get to walk along sandy beaches! Going to Ireland’s Eye is only about a 15 minute boat-ride and there is so much to do once you arrive. If you like fishing or want to try your hand at it, they have tours you can take! Or if you are an avid bird watcher, they have guides that can take you to view some local species.

Howth is home to a castle that is over 800 years old and is still inhabited by the descendants of the original homeowner, how cool is that! Although it is occupied, the family who lives there allows for visitors on the weekends so it is perfect for a Sunday activity. Attached to the grounds is a golf course and a cafe that you can visit and drink some tea or coffee at! The cafe is open May thru September, so it is perfect for a summer trip! This small town in Ireland is historic with a modern twist, be sure to visit!

Howth Is One Of The Easiest Towns In Ireland To Access And A Must-See

Howth Is One Of The Easiest Towns In Ireland To Access And A Must-See

Cobh Is A Beacon Of History And One You Should Definitely Check Out

This small town in Ireland is a definite travel destination because there is a unique history to the town. Cobh was the last port of call for the ill-fated Titanic ocean liner. There is a museum in the site of the original White Star Line Ticket Office, Titanic Experience. You can follow the lives of the final 123 passengers who boarded the cruise liner and join the immersive audio tour.  If you are a history buff and have seen the movie Titanic, I highly recommend you check this out before leaving Cobh.

St. Coleman’s Cathedral in this small Irish town on top of a hillside terrace is one of Cobh’s most prominent features! A four octave range 47-bell carillon, the largest in Ireland, is located inside the church and you can hear them in the summer! Inside the cathedral are immaculate stained glass windows and amazing architecture, you will want to take plenty of photographs.

When you’re in this small Irish town, seeing all of the wonderful scenery and visiting the historic landmarks, don’t forget Spike Island! In the 1850’s the worlds largest prison to the 1980’s riot exhibition and prisoner cells. This former Prison is welcome to anyone who wants to see over 1300 years of history. Located about 2 miles away from the small town Ireland, you will not want to miss this experience.

Cobh Is A Beacon Of History And One You Should Definitely Check Out

Sneem May Be Small But It Is One Of The Cutest Towns In Ireland

One of the smallest towns in Ireland on this list with a local population of only 557, Sneem has beautiful views and places to visit. Blueberry Hill Farms is a go-to for visiting Sneem, there you can be up close and personal with the farm animals and feed them yourself! You can take tours of the farm and be informed of the farm activities and why the owners do what they do. At the end of the tour, you can even make your own candles, and believe me, they are amazing! A little something to take back with you as well as the exquisite views of the farm and the surrounding area in this small Irish town.

Going back to the magic of small towns in Ireland, here is an absolute must-see recommended place to visit. The Way the Faeries Went is the most gorgeous place to take pictures and you really feel like you are in a spiritual place. A short walk by the waterside, you will not want to miss little faerie houses and sculptures. Enchanting and rustic, this little off-the-beaten-path walk is sure to bring you pretty pictures and good memories.

Sneem is an amazing place full of ethereal, scenic areas and makes for a great stop if you are driving the Ring Of Kerry. Traveling to this small town in Ireland would be the talk of the trip due to its local pubs and cool unknown walking paths. There is so much more to look at and visit here, all you have to do is go looking!

Sneem May Be Small But It Is One Of The Cutest Towns In Ireland

Adare Is One Of The Best Places For Photos From Small Villages In Ireland

We stumbled upon this small village in Ireland by accident but you should visit on purpose! The cottages are so historic and lovely! Known as one of Ireland’s prettiest towns, Adare has so much to offer! Extremely picturesque, this small Irish village is designated a Heritage Town by the Irish Government, make sure to go see exactly how beautiful it is! The Holy Trinity Abbey Church is one of the best places to take photos and travel to because of its gorgeous stained glass. You’ll want to stay and have a good look around because of the stonework done on the church, you will be absolutely floored by this small Irish village!

Adare also hosts a string of cottages built in the 19th century by landlord Earl of Dunraven. The small village in Ireland used to house workers building Adare Manor but now they house craft stores and fine dining restaurants. Not only will you eat amazing food, but you get to eat inside a small and old, but beautiful cottage.

Adare Castle is another must-see in this small village in Ireland! Built in the 1200’s, this castle is a monument to how strongly it was built. Cromwell Troops ruined the castle in 1657 but much of the Great Hall, bakery, and kitchens remain. Do not skip this amazing experience to see pretty cottages and beautiful architecture!

Adare Is One Of The Best Places For Photos From Small Villages In Ireland

Cashel Presents A Massive Medieval Complex That Will Blow Your Mind

This small town in Ireland is a top destination for so many people for good reasons! Cashel was on our list to visit for years and we finally made it in 2018 and it did not disappoint. Not only does this small Irish village include historical museums but a giant and exalted medieval complex overlooking the small Irish town. Called the Rock of Cashel, it is a hulking partially in ruins fortress that also has a 13th-century cathedral and Hall of Vicars. This is something you do not want to miss out on because it is historic and you can take some of the most majestic pictures on your entire trip!

Many small towns in Ireland have a local historical center or small museum but Cashel has museums about the Great Famine and eve the 1916 Easter Rising. Do you like concerts and dancing? The Brú Ború Cultural Center has performances ranging from traditional Irish music to restaurants and bars. During the summer months, the center has live traditional Irish music and dancing, they even have a historical exhibition called ‘Sounds of History’, where you can tour the center with an audio guide.

Cashel is one of those small towns in Ireland that if you miss it, you aren’t really getting the whole picture. It might be hard to visit so many small Irish towns, but if you play your cards right, you’ll be able to visit some truly beautiful areas, like Cashel!

Cashel Presents A Massive Medieval Complex That Will Blow Your Mind in Ireland

Kinsale Is One Of The Towns In Ireland With Lots Of Historical Significance 

Kinsale is one of the best towns in Ireland because you get more when traveling to there! This small Irish town has two 17th century fortresses that oversee the River Brandon. How amazing is that? Two large old fortresses protecting you from whatever may come! Kinsale also has a remembrance garden for the firefighters who tragically lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York. It is amazing to see how far their bravery was felt from so away. This garden overlooks the River Brandon as well as Kinsale Harbor, so not only do you have a beautiful garden to take pictures at, but a view of the water.

While we are on the topic of water, have you heard of the Lusitania? It was a passenger ship that was torpedoed in 1915, many people lost their lives, but Kinsale has a museum dedicated to teaching those about the sinking! If you like Titanic, this is surely something to go visit! Also located under the museum is the Old Head Signal Tower that was built during the Napoleonic Wars during the threat of a french invasion. So much history in one building! You can see amazing old photographs and an awe-inspiring panoramic view atop the tower.

This is one of the towns in Ireland you do not want to miss out on. There is so much history and stories to be told within the towns in Ireland limits.

Kinsale Is One Of The Towns In Ireland With Lots Of Historical Significance 

Kilkenny Is A Gorgeous Town In Ireland That You Need To Go To For The Art Festivals

Kilkenny is one of the most medieval towns in Ireland! When you visit, be prepared to load yourself with very old history and your camera with the best pictures you will take. Kilkenny has very well-preserved buildings and has deeply religious roots. There is an amazing array of castles, abbeys, cathedrals and so much more! It is recommended you go ahead and check out this huge castle called Kilkenny Castle, built in 1195 by Norman Occupiers and still stands to this day. Its stateliness gives you an ominous but exhilarating feel, discovering the inside with tours is the best way to view this castle. There are also astounding views on the castle grounds, so when you go, take pictures!

If you are into nature, Kilkenny has one of the best gardens to walk around from the towns in Ireland. Called the Woodstock House and Garden, this stunning area has everything to offer! Giant trees that seems to go on forever, gorgeous views of the small Irish town and crumbling architecture to take beautiful photos at. Do not miss out on visiting these gardens, you will regret not going!

Kilkenny has something for everyone, trust us when we say you will want to spend more than a two days here because there is so much to see! This small Irish village also hosts many art shows, festivals, and celebrations. Many of them are hosted during the summer so check out what festival is happening before you go! Whether it be touring castles or exploring on your own, Kilkenny has the most incredible scenery and views from other small towns in Ireland!

Kilkenny Is A Gorgeous Town In Ireland That You Need To Go To For The Art Festivals

Clonakilty Has Ireland’s Only Model Village And Worth Taking A Look At

Do you love the beach? Well Clonakilty has one of the best beaches from towns in Ireland! Beautiful landscapes that give you a rush of the ocean and ever-changing seasons. On a hot day, Inchydoney Beach is the best place to go, the water is cold and the sun is warm. On a cold or wet day, the landscape is magnificent. If you haven’t seen or been to Clonakilty’s beaches yet, hop to it! They are absolutely amazing and you will be so upset if you miss going!

If you do not know who Michael Collins is before visiting Clonakilty, be ready to learn then! Home to the Michael Collins Center you will be immersed in the life and times of Michael Collins, an Irish revolutionary and leader in the Irish’s struggle for independence. Definitely check out this amazing little place that gives you so much history and fantastic information on who this man was. This small town in Ireland also boasts a model train village for all ages. This spectacular place called West Cork Model Railway Village is Ireland’s only Model Village and an amazing sigh to see. Take wonderful pictures of this little village and see what Clonakilty looked liked back in the 1940’s!

From all the towns in Ireland, Clonakilty has really exciting destinations and you should check them out! If not for the Model Railway, then definitely the museum of Michael Collins. Never lose a chance to educate yourself and visit Clonakilty!

Clonakilty is one of the prettiest towns in Ireland you must see!

Self [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)], from Wikimedia Commons

Map Of The Prettiest Towns In Ireland

If you were wondering where these cutest towns in Ireland are located, we took out the leg work and created this map just for you. This map of the towns in Ireland will show you exactly where each and every one of them is located. While you are planning your trip to Ireland, make sure to check out our map of Irish towns so you can see which towns are closer together and where your favorites are located around the island. That way, you can maybe even visit a few in a day or during the duration of your trip. Make sure to download this map “offline” on the Google Maps app so you can use it during your trip in Ireland!

Click Here To Access Google Maps Locations

Map Of The Prettiest Towns In Ireland

We hope you loved some of our favorite small towns in Ireland. Ireland is one of our favorite countries and we have been so many times we lost count. There is something to see, do, and discover no matter how many times you have visited Ireland. If you visit any of these towns in Ireland, let us know which ones were your favorite. If you visit a different but equally pretty down, we would love to hear about it too! 

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10 Prettiest Small Towns In Ireland + Map To Find Them

maps of the cutest towns in ireland

map of the prettiest towns in ireland

map of the prettiest towns in ireland

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