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JustFly’s Top 5 Hacks For Finding Cheap Flights

Travel Hacks For Finding Cheap Flights

The only thing better than travel is knowing you hacked the system and got a super great discount on flights and/or accommodations. While we can’t all book ultra-cheap flights using only miles and points, there are other ways to enjoy savings.  Seasoned travelers know all the tricks for doing this but, if you are new to the online travel scene, pulling the trigger can be a daunting task. So, how do the pros do it? In our second guest post by JustFly, the online travel company specializing in finding cheap flights will give you a little insight into how you can hack the system. 

JustFly’s Top 5 Hacks For Finding Cheap Flights:

Just Want To Get Away? Search For Fares, Not Destinations

5 Insider Tips For Finding Cheap Flights

If you are flexible regarding your destination, simply shop around for cheap flights in order to find a super-cheap fare.  That doesn’t mean you are tied to landing in a specific city. Check out numerous destinations within the region you want to visit and you will almost certainly find a fare that will get you within close proximity to your desired destination. For example, you can fly from various European destinations to Tampa, Florida for $1200 round trip. If you search in Orlando, Florida, just an hour east, flights are knocked down to almost half the price!


Make Sure You Review Prices Up To 24 Hours After Booking

5 Insider Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

While cancellation policies with airlines are often lose-lose situations, there is potential to hack the system. According to JustFly’s review, make sure you monitor prices for the first 24 hours after purchasing. Almost all airlines have a 24-hour grace period where you can cancel flights and avoid fees. Always check with your airline first to be 100% sure before canceling the flight you already have. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush! Another insider trick….do your follow up search using an incognito browser! Airlines and travel sites use algorithms to know when you are a returning visitor and often use that information against you. 


Deal Days And When You Should Book

5 Insider Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

Ready for some rapid-fire facts? Here we go! First, the best time to book is either six weeks in advance or days before your departure. The six-week mark is generally when you’ll find a safe deal. If you want security at a decent price, this is your window. If you’re a gambler or seasoned traveler, the last five days before departure is when airlines are pushing to sell their empty seats. In terms of discounts, your best bet is to shop on Tuesdays. This is often when airlines release their newest deals. Lastly, try and depart on a Wednesday as it is generally the cheapest day to leave.


Take Advantage Of Social Media

5 Travel Hacks For Finding Cheap Flights

Many people try and stay away from social media but airlines and travel agencies certainly do not. Companies will often post exclusive and last minute deals on social platforms before sending them out in an email. Due to inventory reasons, these deals may be sold out before you even receive the airline’s newsletter. Give your favorite airlines and travel websites a “like” and “follow” on social media and stay tuned for deals on cheap flights!


Be Flexible

5 Travel Hacks For Finding Cheap Flights

When searching for discounted airfare, try to remain as flexible as possible. Adding or dropping a day from your trip has the potential to yield huge savings if you are lucky. For instance, flying out on a Thursday may cost you $250 round trip, but leaving a day earlier may bring the total price to just $175. Keep an open mind and work with the fare calendar in order to shave some extra savings off your fare.

If you loved this article, check out JustFly’s guest post on the List of Music Cities To Visit During The Summer. What is your favorite travel hack for finding cheap flights? Do you agree with JustFly? Let us know in the comments! 

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5 Tips For Finding Cheap Flights

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