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Hands Down, This Is Where To Stay In Vienna

If you’re on the hunt for ideas on where to stay in Vienna, then this is the article for you! Sigmund Freud, the famous father of psychoanalysis, coined his home-town Vienna as “The City of Dreams.” The nickname still applies to this city, and for good reason. Vienna has been repeatedly ranked as the world’s best place to live and that fact alone attracts travelers from all over the world. For many people, Vienna is a city in which time stands still, and simple pleasures like sipping coffee in a quaint café will make you feel a sense of contentment and magic. With all this city has to offer, choosing where to stay in Vienna is a big decision because it can affect the entire duration of your trip!

So where should you stay in Vienna? It depends on what your personal needs and preferences are. Trying to decide where to stay in Vienna can be quite the challenge, especially if you’ve never been to the city before. As a place of high praise, travelers tend to get confused on how to weed out the places that could be right for them and the places that aren’t quite what they’re looking for. Deciding on where you want to stay while traveling is one of the first and most important decisions you can make, so it’s vital that you choose wisely in order to make the most of your trip.

When you’re choosing where to stay in Vienna, there are many things to consider such as budget, public transportation connections, atmosphere, proximity to good sightseeing locations, and more. In this article we will go through everything you need to know when making the decision on where to stay in Vienna so you can move on and focus on planning your trip!

Read more to find out where to stay in Vienna and see this amazing view from St. Stephen's Cathedral!

Hands Down, This Is Where To Stay In Vienna

Understanding the Districts of Vienna

Understanding Vienna’s inner geography is the first step in finding the best place for you to stay. Once you’re familiar with the layout of each district, you are better equipped to determine which area best suits your needs. The map of Vienna is broken into 23 different districts. Each area has its own pros and cons, which we will list below to further aid you on your search for the best place to stay in Vienna. Even though each district in The City of Dreams would make for a great neighborhood to stay in during your trip, there are seven distinct options with an unparalleled charm that makes them our personal favorites. Read on below to find out where to stay in Vienna and which residential option is perfect for you!

map of the districts in Vienna Austria

Innere Stadt is the heart of Vienna

Vienna’s first district, Innere Stadt, is the beating heart of the city and the first recommendation on our list. This is the best option for where to stay in Vienna. Smack-dab in the middle of a number of historical sights and various other land-marks, this is the sweet spot of the city. If you’re not staying here you can be sure that you’ll be commuting here from another place, so if you prefer to be right in the middle of things during your stay, this is definitely where to stay in Vienna. We believe this option is also great for those of you who are first time travelers due to its unparalleled access to the grand and marvelous sights right next door!


  • Beautiful architecture and scenery
  • Easy to find a hotel
  • Amazing restaurants and shops around every corner
  • Close proximity to the best landmarks and historical sights like the Hofburg Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Vienna State Opera, and more
  • Well connected to other districts


  1. Everything revolves around this district (literally) so it can be very expensive
  2. Since it’s the heart of the city, there is likely to be a lot more tourists here than in other districts

Find out where to stay in Vienna near Hofburg Palace 

Best Hotels in Innere Stadt

Affordable: Motel One Wien-Staatsoper

Of all the places to stay in Vienna, this hotel has a great price that will make your stay worthwhile. A crisp white building, this hotel has free wifi, an elegant interior, a 24-hour help desk, and an exceptional location. Motel One Wien-Staatsoper is next to the Karlsplatz Metro Station, the Vienna State Opera, the Albertina art Museum, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, so you are only minutes away from the best sight-seeing in Innere Stadt! With a friendly staff and an unbeatable price, this hotel is one of the best places to stay in Vienna. 

Check Rates on Booking.com

Mid-Range: Singerstrasse 21/25 Apartments

Singerstrasse Apartments is great for either the solo traveler or a group visit to Vienna. Each apartment unit comes with a kitchen and dining area, a living room with a TV, a bathroom and spacious bedroom. You also have free wifi, air conditioning, and free parking if needed, and the helpful international staff speaks English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, and Russian. Best of all is the location, only 1,000 feet from St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Stephensplatz Underground Station. The Vienna State Opera and Hofburg Palace are only 15 minutes away! Singerstrasse 21/25 Apartments is a great option for where to stay in Vienna.

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Upscale: Hotel Topazz and Lamée

If you love modern architecture and being in the heart of the city, then Hotel Topazz and Lamée are for you! This option actually consists of 2 hotels that face each other across the street, with similar prices and features. Hotel Topazz is a striking building with oval windows offering you a lookout of Innere Stadt, while Hotel Lamée is sleek and tall with a posh high-rise balcony for guests to enjoy. Both places offer free wifi, room service, air conditioning and a prime location, sitting within walking distance of St. Stephan’s Cathedral, Hofburg Palace, and the Vienna State Opera. With their beautiful interiors and unique design, Hotel Topazz and Lamée are definitely the most wonderful upscale places to stay in Vienna!

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Check out where to stay in Vienna in Innere Stadt

Photo Credit: Hotel Topazz via Booking.com

Leopoldstadt is practical and well connected

The district of Leopoldstadt is one of Vienna’s main residential areas. Leopoldstadt has some dark history, as it was named after Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I, whose hatred for the Jewish population at the time led to the expulsion of the Jewish community in the area during the 17th century. The non-Jewish residents then changed the name of the town from its previous “Im Werd” to “Leopoldstadt” to honor Leopold I. However, over the centuries, the Jewish population has come back to settle in the area and you can find Jewish staples like kosher and halal food in the Leopoldstadt market called Karmelitermarkt.

Centered between the Danube River and the Danube Canal, the second district is a unique area. It is one of the larger districts in Vienna and makes for a peaceful space to unwind after a busy day of adventuring around The City of Dreams. A fun fact about Leopoldstadt: It is said that the potato chip was invented here in 1920 at a restaurant called The Schweizerhaus, or “Swiss Hut.” 


  • The riverside district is good for strolling along the water in relaxing parks and taking in the scenery
  • Well connected to the city center, just 10 minutes away
  • Fun activities include going to the Prater, an amusement park featuring an enormous Ferris Wheel and many other thrilling rides as well as great restaurants


  • Not many hotels, but plenty of rentable private apartments (Airbnbs).
  • A very large district, so depending on where you are, it might be farther away from the city center than you wanted.

The Danube Canal features some great options on where to stay in Vienna

Best Hotels in Leopoldstadt

Affordable: Vienna Inn Apartments

This apartment complex is perfect for those who want a good location with a cheaper price in Leopoldstadt. Just off the Danube canal, Vienna Inn Apartments is just a few minutes from the city center and close to the best attractions in Leopoldstadt! Free wifi, a flat-screen TV, a kitchenette and sofa lounge could be yours if you pick this cheery, bright option for your stay in Vienna. 

Check Rates on Booking.com

Mid-Range: Hotel City Central

This amazing hotel is just 10 minutes away from St. Stephen’s Cathedral, making it right on the border between Leopoldstadt and Innere Stadt. With comfy furnishings and a free buffet breakfast served every morning, Hotel City Central is not to be missed! Take advantage of the great price and prime location for one of the most delightful hotels in Vienna!

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Upscale: Der Wilhelmshof

Of the many hotels in Vienna, Der Wilhelmshof will not disappoint! This building is next to the giant Prater amusement park, right by the Ferris Wheel, as well as 2 metro stops that take you to the city center within minutes. Rooms are spacious with great décor and the staff will make you feel right at home.

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Find out where to stay in Vienna in hotels like Der Wilhelmshof

Photo Credit: Hotel Der Wilhelmshof via Booking.com

Landstraße is Vienna’s cultural center

Landstraße (Landstrasse) is the third district of Vienna and dates back to the 1200s. If you find yourself thinking about where to stay in Vienna and want an area deeply rooted in history, this is for you! It is said that Richard I (also called Richard the Lionheart) of England was captured in Landstrasse in 1192 by Leopold V, Duke of Austria. Richard was accused of murdering Leopold’s cousin, Conrad of Montferrat, and was held for ransom for about 2 years. Also tied closely to the roots of Landstrasse is the famed Belvedere Palace, which originated in 1697. Constructed in the Baroque style, you won’t want to miss out on visiting this grand structure after deciding on where to stay in Vienna. 

In this neighborhood, there’s an endless amount of adventures to go on plus all sorts of sight-seeing that you’re sure to enjoy. Look out for the eccentric Hundertwasser house with its quirky layout and multi-colored exterior and take a breather in the picturesque Botanical Garden at the University of Vienna (the garden actually dates back to 1754 when Empress Maria Theresa was said to have ordered medicinal herbs to be planted at the time!).


  • Home of the iconic Belvedere Palace and other famous historical sights (Mozart is believed to be buried in Landstrasse!)
  • Lots of options on where to stay in Vienna as it is a large district
  • Only 12 minutes to the city center, very accessible with public transportation


  • In such a large area, you could get lost more quickly
  • Some areas in Landstrasse are more expensive than others, making it difficult to pinpoint the best places to stay here 

Learn more about where to stay in Vienna by the incredible Belvedere Palace

Best Hotels in Landstrasse

Affordable: Sommerhotel Don Bosco

Although it’s a little further outside the city center, Sommerhotel Don Bosco has an unbeatable price! Centered in a friendly neighborhood near the Hundertwasser house, this property has rooms with city views and the nearby metro stop has direct connections to the city center. 

Check Rates on Booking.com

Mid-Range: Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel

Would you like to stay in a historic building that’s only a 5 minute walk from the Belvedere Palace? This hotel has it all! A private garden, indoor pool and sauna, an original restaurant serving authentic Austrian dishes—with so much to offer, who wouldn’t want to stay here? The Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel is an excellent choice of places to stay in Vienna!

Check Rates on Booking.com

Upscale: Ruby Sofie Hotel Vienna

This hotel comes with a fantastic location! The Hundertwasser house is 3 minutes away and the famous sights in Innere Stadt can be easily reached in a 15 minute walk or even faster through the nearby metro stations. Rooms are air-conditioned with extra-long beds, and some rooms have vintage furniture from the building’s past as a former concert hall. The Ruby Sofie sure seems like one of the coolest hotels in Vienna!

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Look up where to stay in Vienna in Landstrasse

Photo Credit: Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel via Booking.com

Wieden is a youthful, multicultural paradise

The fourth district of Vienna is a tiny sliver of the city called Wieden. Wieden is a very nice neighborhood, with great areas to walk around and take in the animated atmosphere around you. There are many activities to do in Wieden, such as visiting the famous Baroque Karlskirche Church (St. Charles Church).

Believe it or not, this church was built in response to the Black Plague that swept through central Europe in the 18th century. While the plague was renowned for killing half of Europe’s population, Austria wasn’t as affected by it until around the late 1600s to the early 1700s. The Holy Roman Emperor at the time, Charles VI, made a vow to build a church dedicated to St. Charles Borromeo (known for his care of plague victims) if Vienna was spared, and so as the plague passed, Karlskirche Church was born. You can see this beautiful building for yourself and learn more about its history if this is your favorite option on where to stay in Vienna!

Also in this district are fantastic multicultural markets like The Naschmarkt, the most popular market in Vienna that originated in the 16th century. It contains hundreds of food options like sausages, cheese, wine, fresh fruit, sushi, kimchi, and more, and attracts tourists and food sellers from all over the world! Wieden is truly a great place to check out when researching where to stay in Vienna.


  • Very close to the city center; just 5 minutes away!
  • Beautiful architecture and fun activities like the Wien Museum (centered entirely on the history of Vienna)


  • A small district; can be hard to find different residential options in the limited space available
  • Might be a little more crowded than the other districts outside Innere Stadt due to its small size and prime location

Karlskirche Church is a historic sight you need to see after deciding where to stay in Vienna

Best Hotels in Wieden

Affordable: Carlton Opera

An Art Deco building rests in the Naschmarkt area, waiting for you during your stay in Vienna! This unique hotel hosts a breakfast buffet, a historical elevator, and a bright yellow exterior, making it easy to spot. Carlton Opera is definitely high on the list of places to stay in Vienna!

Check Rates on Booking.com

Mid-Range: Vienna’s Place Apartment Karlsplatz

Only 1,000 feet from the Naschmarkt market, this building is a great deal for its location. Bright, spacious rooms overlook the wide streets of Wieden so you can kick back and take in the city after a busy day of sightseeing. Free wifi, a full kitchenette, and parking space are available for you to use to your heart’s content. 

Check Rates on Booking.com

Upscale: Das Triest Hotel

This luxurious hotel is complete with gorgeous furnishings and an incomparable location. Just 5 minutes away from the Vienna State Opera, Karlskirche Church, and Naschmarkt, Das Triest is a very historical building. It used to be the main stagecoach station from Vienna to Trieste over 300 years ago, with the original stables now converted into various rooms inside the hotel. Don’t miss the chance to stay in one of the best historic hotels in Vienna!

Check Rates on Booking.com

Das Triest Hotel is where you should stay in Vienna

Photo Credit: Das Triest Hotel via Booking.com

Margareten is budget friendly

Hate paying more money for a good location? Margareten is perfect for you! Margareten is the closest you can get to the heart of Vienna but for overall cheaper prices. You won’t be in the exact center of the city, but you will save a pretty penny and still get to enjoy the great cultural sights of Vienna. Margareten has roots in art and design, as it was originally an artisan district but eventually gave way to house the growing middle class in the 19th century. If you choose to stay here, you’ll enjoy seeing the great architectural details on all the lovely buildings and glimpse some fun shops as you go about your day.


  • Best location for the cheapest price
  • Easy transportation to the city center is available
  • Near the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace, a vast Rococo-style estate that is open to visitors


  • Not a lot of historic sightseeing is in the immediate area
  • Farthest district from the city center; about 20 minutes from Innere Stadt

Naschmarkt is a great place to be once you've decided where to stay in Vienna

Best Hotels in Margareten

Affordable: Pension am Wienfluss

This guesthouse has a great central location and the best price to match! Pension am Wienfluss is surrounded by fun things to see and do, like the Vienna State Opera, Albertina Museum, Karlskirche, and more. If you choose to stay here, you definitely won’t miss out on all the excitement during your stay in Vienna!

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Mid-Range: Ananas Wien

Another great budget option for hotels in Vienna, the Ananas Wien has its own restaurant, gift shop, and hair salon. It’s close to Naschmarkt, the Mariahilferstrasse shopping street (more on that below!) and guests can also access a bike trail right next to the hotel. Best of all is the price! Make sure to review this place later as you build a list of places to stay in Vienna!

Check Rates on Booking.com

Upscale: Holiday Inn Vienna City

Bordering Wieden, the Holiday Inn Vienna City in Margareten is a good choice for those who like to ditch the tourists. With a courtyard dining area, fitness center, and tasteful décor, this hotel can suit everyone’s needs. The Holiday Inn is near Naschmarkt and a fun shopping square and you can take the metro into the city center in minutes.

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Visit Ananas Wien Hotel when figuring out where to stay in Vienna

Photo Credit: Ananas Wien Hotel via Booking.com

Mariahilf is the supreme shopping district

Mariahilf is the sixth district of Vienna and is a great destination for all your shopping needs. If you’re in the mood for some serious shopping, Mariahilferstrasse is the place to go. The long strip of storefronts is perfect for any shopaholic, and there are also independent stores and vintage boutiques on the nearby streets that prove to be hidden gems for anyone around. Mariahilf also borders a section of Wieden where the Naschmarkt is located, so if you want to visit the Naschmarkt market, you can do so from Mariahilf!

If you get tired of shopping or want something fun to do, then visit the unusual Haus Des Meeres, an old Nazi gun tower that was transformed into an aquarium. Spend a few relaxing hours looking at the numerous sharks and exotic fish in enormous fish tanks that come in all shapes and sizes and check out the amazing top floor with full panoramic views of the city. Mariahilf has plenty for you to do and is a fantastic option for where to stay in Vienna!


  • A historically significant district filled with clues to the past history of Vienna
  • Lots of fun options to choose from when planning your day 


  • While there is plenty to see and do here, it is still a little far from the city center (about 13 minutes)
  • Some of the shops might be a little expensive, so keep an eye on how much money you plan to spend

You don't want to miss beautiful Mariahilf on your search for where to stay in Vienna

Best Hotels in Mariahilf

Affordable: Wienderland Bed & Breakfast

This hotel is situated near the Haus de Meeres Aquarium, Mariahilferstrasse, and the Leopold Museum. With vibrant décor, delightful street views, and an amazing price, Wienderland Bed & Breakfast could be one of the perfect places to stay in Vienna!

Check Rates on Booking.com 

Mid-Range: Hotel Anatol Wien

If you’re a serious shopper, you’ll definitely want to stay here, as Anatol Wien is steps away from Mariahilferstrasse! Enjoy comfortable lodgings, a great location and a friendly staff as you enjoy your days in Mariahilf.

Check Rates on Booking.com

Upscale: Hotel Mocca

Hotel Mocca is very close to the fun-filled Haus de Meeres Aquarium and Mariahilferstrasse. Rooms come with great city views, flat-screen TVs, free wifi, and more! This is a wonderful upscale hotel in Vienna with all the expected amenities and a wonderful location. If you love Mariahilf, Hotel Mocca could be just for you!

Check Rates on Booking.com

Hotel Mocca is a prime location for where to stay in Vienna

Photo Credit: Hotel Mocca via Booking.com

Neubau is heavily sought after

Neubau is a great district for creatives and intellectuals, as well as those who enjoy frequenting impressive art galleries and engaging museums. Neubau is home to the massive MuseumsQuartier, an art and culture complex. Built in the 18th century, what was once the Imperial stables of Vienna is now a series of buildings split into different museums and galleries. You can see examples of fine art and architecture, music, fashion, literature, dance, photography, theater, and more. The MuseumsQuartier is perfect for all ages and will delight all who choose to visit the exhibits here!

Another fun thing to do in Neubau is visit Neubaugasse Street, lined with all sorts of different shops. You can find stores specializing in furniture or antiques, little independent boutiques with the best window displays, charming shops with vintage clothing and accessories, and even record stores selling classic vinyls. Neubau has streets built for fun walks through the city, perfect for spotting the best restaurants and quaint cafes, as well as the unique street art that pops up on every other building.


  • Picturesque scenery at every turn
  • Fun activities for all ages
  • Only 12 minutes from the city center


  • As an up-and-coming trendy neighborhood, prices in Neubau are rising 
  • Depending on where you shop, goods for sale are often very expensive

Research where to stay in Vienna to be close to the fun MuseumsQuartier in Neubau

Best Hotels in Neubau

Affordable: Pension Pharmador

This hotel might have the best staff out of all the hotels in Vienna! They give guests free maps of the city and excellent recommendations on nearby restaurants and activities. You can also conveniently book city tours or opera tickets within the hotel. The Pension Pharmador truly sets an example as one of the most friendly places to stay in Vienna.

Check Rates on Booking.com  

Mid-Range: Max Brown 7th District

With a stylish yet cozy design, Max Brown 7th District is near the Natural History Museum and the MuseumsQuartier. A buffet breakfast is served every morning and private parking is available for guests who need it. Enjoy walking through the pretty streets and seeing all Neubau has to offer as you go about your day, after a good night’s sleep in Max Brown 7th District.

Check Rates on Booking.com

Upscale: Rosa Linde Comfort B&B

The lovely units at this complex feature beautiful furniture and designs. Neubaugasse is just a quick 5 minute walk away and the MuseumsQuartier is just 7 minutes away. Metro stations are also nearby, providing direct connections to the city center. With such spotless, pleasing rooms, Rosa Linde Comfort B&B is sure to be one of the most delightful places to stay in Vienna!

Check Rates on Booking.com

Pension Pharmador is a great place in Neubau if you want to know where to stay in Vienna

Photo Credit: Pension Pharmador via Booking.com

We hope you enjoyed this post on where to stay in Vienna! No matter what district you choose to stay in or wherever you decide to go sight-seeing, Vienna has something for everyone and your trip to the City of Dreams will be unforgettable. Let us know what you think of all these amazing places to stay in Vienna and what district you love the most!

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