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Top 5 Best Weighted Blankets For Adults In 2019

Are you on the hunt for the best weighted blanket for adults? Sensory blankets, also known as weighted blankets, have suddenly exploded and have become all the rage. I will admit that I was skeptical about how weighted blankets would work and wanted to get a weighted blanket for anxiety that I have from work or travel stress. I was also worried that my gravity blanket would be too heavy and hot. Being from Florida, it is in the 90’s for over half the year and I didn’t want to sweat while I was sleeping. Coupled with the price of weighted blankets for adults, this kept me from taking the plunge and purchasing one for myself.

That is until my amazing boyfriend bought me one for Christmas. I was sad I didn’t receive one for Christmas until I opened my [very heavy!] present from him and it was one. I screamed in excitement and couldn’t wait to try it to see if it would be heavy or hot or if it would even work at all! I was pretty shocked to find out that the weighed blanket actually SLEEPS COOL and wasn’t hot in the least bit. Since it was so heavy, I wrongly expected it to be hot, but it is quite the opposite. And I am also happy to say that it works. It makes you feel so relaxed like you just left the spa and if you fold it in half it is even heavier for an even more calming experience.

After doing a ton of research on my own and comparing my research with my boyfriend, along with hundreds of other weighted blanket using adults, I have compiled a list of the best weighted blankets for adults in 2019! But first, I’m going to answer a few questions you may have like…

Best Weighted Blanket For Adults | Sensory Blanket | Anxiety Blanket

What The Heck Is A Weighted Blanket Anyway?

A weighted blanket also called a sensory blanket or a gravity blanket, is exactly what it sounds like, it is a heavy blanket! The weight in the blanket comes from tiny glass beads that are in each and every pocket which make the blanket your desired weight. The purpose of a weighted blanket for adults is to help relieve anxiety and to help you sleep better. The pressure on your body that you feel from being under the blanket is supposed to help make you feel calm and safe and help you sleep better. I was skeptical that this would actually work at first, but it really does help. I have talked to hundreds of people [in groups on FB and friends] as well as let both my and Terrence’s family try out the blanket and they all love the calming feel.

Weighted blankets also help with producing serotonin and Melatonin overnight so if you have insomnia or trouble sleeping, this is a great non-medicated way to help. Weighted blankets also help both adults and kids with ADD/ADHD and Autism if you need to calm down.

Best Weighted Blanket For Adults | Sensory Blanket | Anxiety Blanket

How Do You Use A Weighted Blanket?

The cool part about weighted blankets if they have many uses! You can simply put the sensory blanket on yourself as you sleep and be done with it if you want. I highly recommend folding the weighted blanket in half to get the full feeling of the weight before you lay under it. If you are feeling anxious, you can wrap yourself in the blanket with the blanket around your shoulders for a calming weighty feeling. You can also put the entire weight of the blanket on your lap as you watch TV or sip a tea. There are no wrong ways to use a weighted blanket for adults so it is up to you to use it any way that makes you feel relaxed and safe!

You can wrap yourself in a weighted blanket for adults

How To Choose The Best Weighted Blanket For You

There are a few factors that go into shopping for the best weighted blanket for adults. First off, you are going to want a gravity blanket that is about 10-13% of your total weight. Some people choose heavier because they want a stronger weight, but that is up to you. I am around 120lbs and my weighted blanket is 15lbs [so for an 150lb person] but I like it and could even go heavier.

Second, consider the size of your weighted blanket. Mine is a queen size and the weight falls both on top of me and around me so it is like a cocoon. My bed is also a queen size so I can spread out the blanket if I want to share with my partner as well. If you want more weight on you without having to fold the gravity blanket in half, I recommend getting a smaller blanket such as a twin size that is still in your desired weight.

Finally, you are going to want to choose what material your blanket is. Mine is 100% cotton with glass beads which sleeps very cool. If you want a warmer blanket because you don’t live in Florida, look for warmer suggestions.

Weighted blankets for adults vary by price, but a good one will run around $80-$120 and is well worth the investment. Some people even choose to make their own, but the time and cost of material will run even more than just paying for one yourself. If you really want a great gravity blanket but don’t have the funds, keep your eye out for sales around major holidays but act quick, the blankets are gone in mere hours!

close up view on a weighted blanket for adults

5 Best Weighted Blankets For Adults In 2019

#1. Best Beginner Weighted Blanket: ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket

Of course, I have to recommend ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket as the best beginner weighted blanket for adults because it is the one I have and love! It is 100% cotton and comes with glass beads which makes it sleeps very cool. This is a great choice if you live in a warm climate like Florida where I live or if you tend to sleep hot. I love the ZonLi blanket because it offers multiple weights, sizes, and colors. If you are looking for an anxiety blanket that comes with many choices, this is a great choice for you.

I have the 60×80 15lb version of this blanket in grey and it was a great choice on the part of my boyfriend and I highly recommend it. You can get this sensory blanket all the way up to 30lbs in a king size bed size. Make sure to check out my tips for buying a weighted blanket for adults above before making your decision so you choose the right weight and size that is best for you!

Kitten with a weighted blanket for adults

#2. Best Soft Weighted Blanket For Adults: Weighted Idea Soft Blanket 

The whole point of sensory blankets is for them to be a sensory experience! If you are looking for a soft weighted blanket, the Weighted Idea Soft Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover is the perfect choice for you. If you are considering buying a soft weighted blanket, understand that it will sleep warmer than my 100% cotton blanket, but it will also be softer. The interior of this weighted blanket is also 100% cotton, but the outside is made of a minky fabric. It is weighted with poly pellets which makes it hypoallergenic and great to have around kids or pets.

It comes in multiple sizes and tops out at a 15lb 60×80 queen size which I recommend as I have it above. There are also smaller options if you want it for kids. The Weighed Idea blanket comes with a duvet cover that you can unzip and wash if you ever spill anything on it. I would suggest buying this blanket if you love soft fluffy things and live in a cooler climate or somewhere with air conditioning in the summer.

reading a book in a weighted blanket for adults

#3. Best Weighted Blanket For Couples: CuteKing Weighted Blanket

If you are on the hunt for a weighted blanket for couples, the rules are slightly different. The CuteKing Weighted Blanket is a great example of the perfect weighted blanket for couples. If you are choosing one for you and your partner, you are going to want to choose a heavier and larger blanket than you would for yourself. The CuteKing Weighted Blanket comes in queen and king sizes up to 25lbs which is great for partners sleeping together. This allows the gravity blanket to distribute weight more evenly so that you can each feel a part of the calming effects of the blanket.

This weighted blanket for anxiety comes in a variety of weights from 15lbs-25lbs. If you are sharing this with your partner, I highly recommend getting a king size 25lb sensory blanket. This way, the blanket will be big enough to cover both of you and will still pool around the outside edges so you are both under the weight and wrapped in a tight cocoon with your partner. Like my blanket, this weighted blanket for couples comes with 100% cotton with glass beads so you and your love can sleep cool without worrying about sweating!

#4. Best Affordable Weighted Blanket: Hypnoser Weighted Blanket 2.0 

Choosing a good weighted blanket for adults is an investment, however, there are some blankets that run a little more affordable than their counterparts. The Hypnoser Weighted Blanket 2.0 runs about $20 cheaper per weight category than other options out there, but it is still a #1 bestseller on Amazon so it is really quite a great choice. It is 100% cotton and has smaller pockets to keep the little weighted beads from moving all around. This keeps the weight all in one place making it easier for you to feel the “hug” of the blanket.

The best deal on this weighted blanket for adults is the 48×72 15lb option. If you are looking for a personal sized weighted blanket for adults, that is the choice for you and by far the most affordable 15lb blanket on this list. It won’t be queen size, but the weight will be tightly distributed for a heavier feel especially since the pockets are sewn together more tightly. As far as affordable weighted blankets for anxiety go, this one is a wonderful choice!

#5. Best Luxury Weighted Blanket For Adults: Premium Weighted Blanket By Rocabi

If you are a fan of the finer things in life, this Premium Weighted Blanket By Rocabi will not let you down! It is a wonderful option if you are looking for a great luxury weighted blanket for adults. It is well made, posh, and nice enough that you won’t mind displaying it when guests come over. You could even use it as a comforter on your bed, no one will ever know. Unlike other anxiety blankets on this list, this one is even patterned! The grey and white combination combined with the minky material are what make this blanket fall in the “luxury” category.

The Rocabi Luxury Blanket also comes with not one but two covers. You can use the premium soft cover or take that cover off for a 100% cotton blanket if you want to sleep cooler. This is a great way to use the blanket for both the winter and summer. All options are 60×80 in size so they will easily fit a full or queen bed. This premium weighted blanket for adults ranges in weight options from 15-30lbs so you have a full range of options depending on your needs. If you are looking for a luxury weighted blanket experience that is both useful and pleasing to the touch and eye, this is the perfect blanket for you!

laying down with a weighted blanket in bed | anxiety blanket

Choosing the best weighted blanket for adults is easy if you simply follow the easy tips above and check into my recommended blankets. Anxiety blankets are a wonderful way to relax and feel safe without medication and can also aid in a variety of problems such as insomnia and ADHD. I love mine and know so many people who are happy they made the investment. I hope that you love your weighted blanket as much as I did. If you own a blanket different from the ones on this list, let me know which one in the comments! And if you purchased one of the ones mentioned here, or the same one I have, I would love to know how you like it!

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