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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2019: Best Haunted Houses You Shouldn’t Miss

If you wait all year and plan the most epic Halloween season than get ready for this years Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2019!  This annual event opens up on September 6thand runs until November 2nd!  If you are familiar with what we love than you know we love Halloween Horror Nights and plan to go every year!  There are quite a few different options for tickets to attend so make sure you look ahead and plan to get the right package for you and your budget. 

There are a lot of houses to see and if you can’t swing the Express Pass, we put together a list for the MUST sees.  Your HHN 2019 would not be complete without this list.  If you can’t wait and want a sneak peek review, just keep reading and we will give you our top six picks and why you should put them in your plans.  Download the event map for HHN 2019 and plot your course, just make sure you plot these houses on that plan!

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2019: Best Houses And Scare Zones You Shouldn’t Miss

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2019: Best Houses And Scare Zones You Shouldn't Miss


If you want to start your Halloween Horror Nights off right, how can anyone miss this epic house inspired by Jordan Peele’s movie “Us”?  We got the opportunity to see this film when we were in Oman and we were shocked by the ending.  The ending is what made it and we can’t wait for the house!  In this experience you will walk the Wilson Family beach house and experience the movie through the eyes of the characters.  Explore the underground tunnels and meet your own worst enemy…yourself.  If you loved the movie, you’re sure to love this house! 

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2019: Best Houses And Scare Zones You Shouldn't Miss

Stranger Things

This is the second year that Halloween Horror Nights Orlando has done Stranger Things, after its debut last year, we are not surprised to see it back again this year.  We thought Seasons 3 was the best yet and we know there are going to be some incredible things.  The Stranger Things house from 2018 was amazing and we are sure that this year it will be just as, if not more, amazing as last year.  When visiting this house, you’re transported all the way to Indiana and its iconic Hawkins locations.  While you’re there, you are sure to be scared out of your wits and not only from the Demodogs!

Halloween Horror Nights Stranger Things


We love classic houses and this one should be well done and no different.  Celebrating its 35thanniversary, this is the first time that this house will be featured and Halloween Horror Nights Orlando.  Walk the 30 year old streets of NYC and see the Temple of Gozer with Gozer the Gozerian, view Slimer the ghost, and be terrorized by the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. 

Depths of Fear

Depths of Fear is a Halloween Horror Nights Original. We LOVE original ones and this one is supposed to be underwater themed.  We love unique houses and an underwater theme seems like it is going to be so fun and unexpected!  If you’re like us and enjoy the original scary scary, this story is for you.  The underwater miners have unearthed a race of deadly creatures and are fighting for their lives.  These slithering beasts shoot acidic, flesh-eating eggs at their human hosts.  You will be drawn into their chaos and the inevitable ending of their underground mining facility.  Can you escape fast enough?

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2019: Best Houses And Scare Zones You Shouldn't Miss


Yet is another HHN Original and as I said, we like unique things so a winter theme with a huge Yeti will be interesting.  Halloween usually marks the middle of autumn, so it is an exhilarating change to have a house be themed around a cold winter.  This Halloween Horror Nights story starts in Alaska in the Yukon.  Winter loggers and trappers are looking for freedom from the freezing arctic blizzard.  In their attempt to seek refuge they come across something more terrifying than the blizzard, the Yeti’s.  These beasts will rip the Alaskans limb for limb, the thirst for blood will push the Yeti’s to hunt down every last one of them.  Will you be able to make it out of the ice caved labyrinth?  Will you get to see the light ever again?

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2019: Best Houses And Scare Zones You Shouldn't Miss

Nightingales: Blood Pit

If you like Roman and Greek history, make sure you check out Blood Pit.  A Roman themed house is unique and different.  The details and designs will be sure to shake things up from a traditional Halloween Horror Nights scare.  This house may be last in our list, but that doesn’t make it a runner up for scares.  Ancient Rome is suffering a horrific and record breaking drought and the only way the emperor sees to resolve this, is to have never-ending gladiatorial games. While the gladiators destroy each other in massive blood baths, out come the Nightingales.  The Nightingales feed on death and the blood soaking into the arena is their wake up call.  As you venture through this murderous sport, you will witness the massacre that the Nightingales inflict on the human combatants.  Will your fresh blood entice them?  Will you now be the sport?

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2019: Best Houses And Scare Zones You Shouldn't Miss

Do you plan on attending Halloween Horror Nights this year?  If so, we would love to hear your plans for navigating this amazing event. Share your favorites scares, houses, tips and tricks

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