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The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit

If you are a couple [or even a single person looking for love] on the hunt for the most romantic cities in Europe, you are in luck! Europe is home to some dreamy places, and it is hard to find a European city that isn’t cute and quaint. That being said, we wanted to put together a list of the absolute most romantic cities in Europe that every couple must visit.

This list of the most romantic places in Europe will include some of your favorites or well-known destinations as well as some unexpected and off-beat travel destinations. European cities have a romantic vibe all their own and we know that you will love all of these recommendations. From popular places such as Austria and France to lesser-known gems in the Ukraine and Croatia, these are the most romantic cities in Europe that you should certainly visit!

most romantic cities in europe

The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit

Budapest, Hungary Is A Wonderfully Romantic City In Europe For Relaxing And Exploring

Suggested by 2 Food Trippers

Defined by its rich history and cut in half by the Danube River, Budapest is one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Most travelers often run themselves ragged exploring Budapest and its many tourist attractions which is fine if that is your travel style. These attractions include Buda Castle, the Parliament Building, Fisherman’s Bastion and the Grand Synagogue. However, visitors can easily find a day of romance by slowing down the pace and embracing the city’s unique, gilded charms.

We recommend starting a romantic day in Budapest with a leisurely visit to Gellert Spa, a world-class hot spring with multiple ornately decorated pools as well as plenty of cozy nooks and crannies. Follow the spa visit by indulging in some coffee and dessert at one of Budapest’s intimate cafes. Since Budapest is most romantic when the sun starts to set, end the day with a relaxed stroll along the Danube Promenade. The city feels like a fairy tale once the lights start twinkling. You won’t want the evening to end and it is easy to see why Budapest is one of the most romantic cities in Europe!

The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit | Budapest Hungary

Dublin, Ireland Will Romance You With Irish Charm

Suggested by This Travel Guide

Dublin, Ireland’s capital city, is one of the most romantic cities in Europe that many people may not even consider visiting. Easily walkable, and with plenty of great bars and restaurants to stop in at or souvenir shops to browse at, this is perfect for couples that want a relaxing city break. A romantic day in Dublin starts with a cup of tea or coffee at one of the many great cafes dotted throughout the city.

After that, take the time to explore the city center either by yourself or as part of an organized walking tour. The benefit of a walking tour, like those organized by Sandemans, is that you get to see all of the sites in a short amount of time – perfect for deciding where you want to come back to for a more in-depth visit. Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin Zoo, and The National Gallery of Ireland are just a few of the places that you should consider.

This is Ireland and, if you’d like to relax a little more in the afternoon, many of the attractions from the Guinness Storehouse to the Jameson Distillery center around alcohol. If you both love beer or whiskey, this Dublin will be the best romantic city in Europe for you! There’s also Templebar, of course, a part of Dublin that’s famous for its cozy and inviting bars. In the evening, there’s plenty of entertainment to be found from live music to standup comedy. And, if you want to finish the day in style, consider skipping the Uber and heading back to your hotel in a horse-drawn carriage instead. Many people wait to visit Ireland until they are older, but there is no time like the present to visit one of the most romantic cities in Europe!

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The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit | Dublin Ireland

Paris, France Is Our Favorite Romantic City In Europe

Suggested by Eat Live Travel Drink

When it comes to romantic cities in Europe, Paris takes the cake (or the macaron). Dubbed the “City of Love” for its language and popularity among newlyweds, there is something special about whisking your loved one away to this beautiful city where the Eiffel Tower glistens at sundown and the city smells like fresh pastries every day. For the perfect romantic day in Paris, wake up early and stroll the vast grounds and Palace of Versailles. Make sure to grab a coffee and croissant on the way since you will be exploring for a few hours. After taking in the gorgeous grandeur of Versailles, take the train back to the city to explore the Montmartre area.

Grab a picnic lunch and head to the City Park where you can see the Wall of Love. Once you have had your fill of strolling the cobblestone streets of Montmartre and seeing some of the best views of the city, the artists, and gorgeous facades, freshen up and go to the Seine and enjoy a dinner cruise with your loved one. Your evening cruise of romantic dining will take you by the popular sites of Paris. If you are feeling up for it, end your night with a show at the Moulin Rouge or an evening stroll around the Eiffel Tower with a glass of champagne to celebrate your love in a new city. We couldn’t make a list of the most romantic cities in Europe without adding Paris high on the list!

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Paris is one of the most romantic cities in Europe

Istria, Croatia Is An Underrated Romantic Destination In Europe You Shouldn’t Miss

Suggested by Nylon Pink

When you think of romance, you may not think of Croatia, which is a shame. The city exudes romantic Mediterranean vibes which is why it tops our list of the most romantic cities in Europe. When you see the harbor with the boats, the large church in the center, and the colorful houses, you feel like you’re in a movie. Take your date on a walk during the day. Go visit Old Town and the St. Euphemia church. You can enjoy the view of the coastline as well-we held hands the whole time and the breeze felt wonderful.

There is a certain charm also to the laundry hanging from windows, like the old days which adds to the reason why Istria is a charming and romantic city in Europe. If you like, go for a swim with your loved one on one of the nice clean beaches. If you are an active pair, go visit the Golden Horn Park. You will enjoy rock climbing, jogging and bird watching. Da Marcello Pane is where I ate, and I simply adored the wooden chairs and simple atmosphere.

My scallops were thoughtfully prepared and served with pride. I could have eaten a hundred. The hotel options here are rather expensive. You might do better with a studio apartment, which is what I chose. Apartment Creveni Mak is wonderful, and you can feel like a local. After all, local accommodation is often one of the best ways to explore these romantic cities in Europe!

Istria Croatia in Europe

Berlin, Germany Is A Haven For Alternative Romantics

Suggested by Travel With MK

Berlin is one of the most romantic cities in Europe, especially if you love all things alternative and funky! Alternative music concerts, quirky street art, hip underground cafes: Berlin is famous for being a thriving city, and a modern and creative capital. But before setting foot on Germany’s capital, we had never expected that Berlin could (also) be a romantic city! Right at the first evening as we checked into our hotel at Alexanderplatz, we were surprised to see how charming and romantic Berlin actually is.

Whichever neighborhood we went to, we often found ourselves walking through lovely parks or wild and eco-friendly gardens, such as the Prinzessinnengarten at Moritzplatz or Holzmarkt in Friedrichshain. One of the most romantic places for us in Berlin is definitely along the river Spree on the Museum Island, from the Berlin Cathedral down to the Bode Museum, right across the Monbijou Park. Sitting at the waterfront, we watched people across the river dancing tango, salsa or chacha under colorful lightbulbs at Strandbar Mitte.

Thanks to the laidback atmosphere of the city and the openminded locals, couples often don’t mind showing affections publicly. So when in Berlin, don’t hesitate to kiss your sweetheart and show him/her your love! To make your trip even more romantic, book your tickets to the dome of the Reichstag in advance, so that you can watch the sunset from the rooftop in one of the most romantic cities in Europe!

The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit | Berlin Germany

Vienna, Austria Is One Of The Well-known Romantic Cities In Europe You Should Visit

Suggested by The Traveling Honeybird

If you think of Austria as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, you are not alone! A city of unspoken beauty, delightful cafe culture and some truly marvelous museums, Vienna is easily one of the more romantic cities in Europe. It’s hard to walk around this city and not fall in love. Either with the city or with your significant other. The streets ooze an old school charm that you just can’t resist. And then there is the cafe culture. Coffee houses which are perfectly accommodating for you and your beloved to enjoy one another’s company over coffee and cake.

In fact, the whole city is happy for you to wander around lost in your own thoughts. If you only had a single day to enjoy the romance of this city then you better have your walking shoes on. Vienna is the ideal city to walk around, with plenty of places to stop for an ice cream or in winter at one of the infamous Christmas markets. Make sure you stop at a coffee house and book yourself in for dinner at Figmuller. Vienna is the perfect city if you are searching for the most romantic cities in Europe for a wonderful getaway with your sweetheart.

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vienna Austria, The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit

Lviv, Ukraine Is One Of The Most Unexpected Romantic Cities In Europe

Suggested by My Wanderlust

Lviv, Ukraine is one of the most underrated of all of the romantic cities in Europe. It’s also one of the most charming and romantic places I’ve ever seen. Winding lanes, colorful houses, and vast parks make a perfect scenery for wandering around and holding hands. Lviv has an amazing cafe scene, with over 1500 cafes in the city (the highest number of cafes per capita in the world). All the cafes I know in Lviv are among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, with each detail carefully planned, so you have endless opportunities to whisper to each other over a cup of coffee and delicious cake.

And if you fancy an evening at the Opera the one in Lviv is really good, with the stunning interior and incredibly underpriced tickets. You will be hard pressed to find another romantic destination in Europe with such affordable tickets for seeing shows together! That’s actually the best thing about any travel to Lviv – the city is incredibly cheap, the prices are so low you actually feel bad for paying so little for such a good service.

Fancy restaurants or cafes, good accommodation or all the activities are very affordable here. Best times to visit Lviv are late spring or early autumn when there are fewer people around but the weather is still good but it’s great in the winter time as well – when the city is covered in snow it looks like straight from the fairy tale! No matter what time you visit Liviv, it will leave a mark on your soul as one of the most romantic cities in Europe and you shouldn’t miss it!

Lviv Ukraine town square in Europe

Amsterdam, The Netherlands One Of The Most LGBT-Friendly Romantic Cities In Europe

Suggested by Backpack N Explore

Amsterdam makes for a great romantic city in Europe because it is so easily accessible from most other European cities and because it is one of the most tolerant and open places in the world. You can easily reach Amsterdam by train and their international airport is very busy and quite affordable to fly into! You can use Amsterdam as a jumping-off-point to explore other romantic cities in Europe, or spend your entire trip wrapped up in the charms this city has to offer!

Amsterdam is special to me because it is the first city in Europe I set my foot on – expectations were sky-high but the Dutch capital surpassed all bars we had set. What fascinates me the most is the ease with which you can transcend into a serene world of your own while strolling in a city as densely populated as Amsterdam. With 150 canals connecting the compact city and over 1250 bridges, the landscape is what dreams are made of. Walking on the bridges, watching the sunset is the most romantic thing to do in here. The city is also home to some exceptionally beautiful parks which come alive in the Spring – Vondelpark, Westerpark, Beatrixpark to name a few.

Amsterdam embraces love in all forms rising beyond all forms of inhibition – that’s reflected in the way it highlights the red-light district or celebrates the LGBT community, the people who are still marginalized in many parts of the world. Romance is in the air of Amsterdam, in the paintings of Van Gogh, in the music played at Rijk’s museum, in the floating flower markets and even in the lane behind the church that leads you to the Anne Frank’s house. In the words of John Green, Amsterdam is indeed “the city of Freedom”, and in freedom lies her romantic appeal. Amsterdam is an incredibly romantic city in Europe to visit no matter who you love or what you like.

Amsterdam Netherlands The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit

Santorini, Greece Is The Most Romantic Destination In Europe For Couples Looking For An Island Getaway

Suggested by Green Global Travel

Santorini (which was known in ancient Greece as Thera) is the southernmost of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, located around 120 miles southeast of Greece’s mainland. It’s the largest island of the tiny Santorini archipelago, which is the remnant of a long-dormant volcanic caldera. The island has justifiably been ranked as the world’s best island by such authoritative outlets as Travel+Leisure and the BBC. So we considered ourselves fortunate to visit this romantic destination in Europe twice during two small ship cruises of the Greek islands.

Santorini is, of course, famous around the world for its unique architecture, particularly the distinctive blue and white buildings of its most popular city. But the capital city, Fira, is larger, less crowded, and equally worthy of exploration if you are looking for romantic cities in Europe. Just get there in the early morning or late afternoon if you want to avoid the cruise ship crowds.

With its historic villages perched atop steep cliffs, donkeys winding their way up paths of narrow cobblestone streets, and quaint homes bleached white by the sun, we found Santorini to be the epitome of the romantic island serenity. There’s a hidden path behind one of the ancient churches in Oia that leads to spectacular sunset views. With a bottle of wine and a few moments of quiet reverie, it’s the perfect place to wind down a romantic day in paradise. Santorini is easily one of the most romantic places in Europe and you really can’t go wrong with visiting any of the places recommended here!

Santorini Greece is one of the most romantic places in europe

Istanbul, Turkey Allows You To Visit Two Continents At Once

Suggested by Backpacker’s Wanderlust

Istanbul is the only city that spans two continents, making it one of the most romantic cities in Europe. With borders in Europe and Asia, the city opens itself up to a melting pot of cultures and religions. This is what makes it truly spectacular and the mix of architecture between the beautiful Mosques and various churches can date back to the 1800’s. This blend can open the door to some truly romantic settings that you would not find in any other city and why not start the adventure at the gateway between Asia and Europe itself.

The Bosporus strait is the waterway that separates the two, and nothing is more magical than seeing the Asian architecture on one side of the water as you pass local fishermen on the European side before then heading deep into the local spice markets where all sorts of amazing sounds and smells are waiting to be discovered. If that’s not enough jump on a ferry and head off to one of the many ports around the city, be spontaneous and jump off at a random spot of choosing. You can be guaranteed that wherever you go it will be totally different to what you have already seen making Istanbul easily one of the top romantic cities in Europe!

The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit

Lisbon, Portugal Is A Romantic Western-European Captial That Every Couple Must Visit

Suggested by Year Of The Monkey

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is that underrated capital city in Western Europe which will woo you with its laid-back charm and gentle romanticism. You may not immediately think of Portugal when you think of romantic cities in Europe, but it will surprise you with its charms and affordability.

Sure, it might lack icons such as Paris’s Eiffel Tower or London’s Bridge for that romantic Instagram moment, but the winding lanes of the Alfama neighborhood echoing with the pensive strains of Fado from its cafes or the view from one of the many Miradouros (lookout points) of rows of red-tile-roofed houses or the pristine whiteness of the Belem Monastery are a perfect backdrop waiting for the next epic love story to happen (I can vouch for that as an Indian raised on a staple diet of unbelievable romanticism via Bollywood movies, one of which has also been extensively shot in Lisbon, such is its charm).

There is no doubt that love lurks in every corner of this beautiful city, be it a tram ride,  hand-in hand walks on the bustling Praça do Comércio, sharing the heavenly delicious Pasteis de Nata or a boozy rendezvous over Ginja, the famous Portuguese cherry liqueur. Lisbon is the place where you fall, nay descend gently into the laps of love, much like the quiet beauty that hangs in its air. I left a piece of my heart to this romantic city in Europe and I hope it pulls at your heartstrings too!

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The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit

Florence, Italy Was The Cradle Of The Renaissance And The Epitome Of Romance In Europe

Suggested by Untold Morsels

When thinking about romantic cities in Europe, your mind may immediately wander to those in Italy! Have you ever seen the sun dance on the surface of the river Arno as it flows under the Ponte Vecchio? Then you will know that Florence is one of the most romantic cities in Europe!

Florence was the cradle of the Renaissance and is blessed by architecture and culture that pulls at your heartstrings. As you stroll along the city’s pretty cobbled streets you stumble upon statues and cascading fountains. Duck into almost any church and you are mesmerized by masterpieces of art that have survived for centuries. Climb the dome of the Duomo for views of terracotta rooftops and the river winding through the city. But perhaps the romantic things about Florence are simple moments shared with the city as their backdrop.

A stroll through the enchanting Boboli Gardens, watching the city from above at Piazzale Michelangelo or aperitivo in the piazza at Santa Croce at dusk. Just make sure to find yourself a coveted room with a view of the Arno. Waking up and throwing open the shutters to reveal the colorful buildings of Florence bathed in sunlight is a memory that will stay with you forever if you choose to visit this romantic city in Europe!

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The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit

Villach, Austria Is A Small Town With Tons Of Romance

Suggested by Laugh Travel Eat

Villach is an unexpectedly romantic medieval city on the southern border of Austria. It is well connected to other parts of Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, making it easy to visit if you are visiting some of the other romantic cities in Europe included on this list!  If you are a lover of cobblestone streets, colorful houses, small town vibes, then Villach is what you are looking for and more.

With a pedestrian-only historic center perfect for a romantic walk, there are many churches and monuments to explore. Most notable is the main street Hauptplatz with rows of colorful houses and cute outdoor cafes. Near the modern town hall is the Church of St Jacobs, with a unique and romantic pink rib vault ceiling. While the city had existed since the Roman times, the majority of the building dates back to the 17th century, when the city was rebuilt after a major earthquake.

Aside from culture, you can escape to nearby spas for a couples relaxation session which should be included on any romantic cities in Europe itinerary! The closest thermal spa complex is only 15 minutes from the town with its own train station: Villach Warmbad. There are also many hiking trails meandering through the mountains and lakes in the area, such as Lake Faak. If you are visiting in the winter, there are also plenty of ski options making Villach a perfect romantic city in Europe to visit during any time of the year!

Austria The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit

London, England Is One Of The Most Famous Romantic Cities In Europe

Suggested by Delve Into Europe

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the most famous romantic cities in Europe. With the Royal Family living here and each and every wedding being a worldwide spectacle, it is not difficult to see why! There are so many things to do besides the Royal Family which makes London one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

The Royal Parks are wonderful places for a stroll together. In spring and summer the flower beds are ablaze with colour. At St James’s Park you get views of the city skyline one way and Buckingham Palace the other, and across The Mall, Green Park is another beauty. On the corner of Green Park is the Ritz Hotel, and you can book yourselves a table for two for afternoon tea there. The Palm Court is such an elegant romantic setting, and the food is sumptuous. You have finger sandwiches, scones with Cornish clotted cream and a feast of cakes and pastries.

There is also an incredible choice of romantic restaurants and bars in London, and some have amazing views. You get a wonderful close-up of the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral from the rooftop bar of One New Change, and a wider view from across the Thames at the Oxo Tower Bar and Grill (pictured). Another romantic dining spot is from Portrait Restaurant, which is attached to the National Portrait Gallery and has views over Trafalgar Square and Westminster. Above all, London becomes magical at night. As daylight fades and the city’s lights twinkle, it comes into its own. Take a walk around twilight, across Waterloo Bridge looking to Big Ben in one direction and the City of London in the other. Then head to Trafalgar Square and on to the bright lights and billboards of the West End for a great end to your day in one of the most famous romantic cities in Europe!

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The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit

Hamburg, Germany Is An Idyllic Romantic City In Europe For Lovers

Suggested by MC Adventure Blog

Hamburg is one of the most romantic cities in Europe because it offers German charm coupled with city vibes and romance. The city of Hamburg in Northern Germany has had a special place in my heart ever since I spent 2 months there on a theatre fellowship in 2013. It may not be your first pick when you think of romance, but Hamburg has some amazing idyllic spots that are so worth a visit with your special someone.

For the perfect Summer day, start by getting yourself to the Landungsbrücken piers, where you can watch the cruise ships float by and get some truly delicious fish from the market. Head on to the beautiful inner Alster Lake, which faces the city center. Here you can barbecue, take a walk, or even hire boats and kayaks to have some fun on the water. An absolute must visit is the Planten un Blomen Park, which boasts a rose garden and gorgeous Japanese gardens. Settle down with a picnic basket and take in the water and light show that takes place every Summer night at 10pm.

Afterward, party the night away in St Pauli, where you will find the hippest bars and clubs, or take a trip to the Reeperbahn, where The Beatles launched their career. If you and your sweetheart love nightlife, Hamburg is a great place to include on your list of the most romantic cities in Europe to visit together. For the perfect Winter day, do it all again, but this time add ice skating on the lake or join the crowds at the large Planten un Blomen ice rink. Whatever the season, Hamburg is young, scenic, and diverse, the perfect romantic city in Europe.

hamburg germany romantic city in europe

Tallin, Estonia Is One Of The Most Romantic Cities In Europe For Stepping Back In Time As A Couple

Suggested by Our Overseas Adventure

Tallin in Estonia is one of the most romantic cities in Europe because it’s like stepping back in time to the medieval ages. The Old Town is perfectly preserved with many beautiful buildings and churches. Most of the streets are cobbled and the turrets on many of the buildings are reminiscent of fairy stories – you half expect Rapunzel to lean out at any moment and throw down her hair!

The Town Square is the heart of the Old Town and a great place to get your bearings, view the beautiful architecture and explore down the quaint side streets. Once you’ve worked up an appetite exploring the streets of one of the most romantic cities in Europe, check out one of the many restaurants serving Estonian and Russian fare. Many of them have medieval-themed decor and traditional dishes on offer. A must try is the honey and cinnamon beer which is served in pottery mugs as it would have been in the 16th century!

The best place to view the gorgeous Old Town is the Patkuli viewing platform. Here you can get a panoramic view out over the building tops – with beautiful green trees during the summer months, vibrant oranges and yellows during fall and powder sugar-like snow during winter. Tallin makes this list of the most romantic cities in Europe because it has so much to offer and is like visiting a fairytale village.

tallin Estonia romantic cities in europe

Zermatt, Switzerland Is The Quintessential Swiss City For Couples

Suggested by The World Pursuit

Many people, whether they know it or not are familiar with Zermatt, one of the most romantic cities in Europe! The famous Swiss town has something very distinct about it, and that is the Matterhorn. The 4,478 meter pyramidal peak that towers over the town has been slashed across Switzerland tourism pamphlets, Toblerone chocolate bars, and Ricola commercials for years. However, there is much more to Zermatt than the iconic mountain peak. The Swiss village is the epitome of European charm. Expensive and classy European charm, but beautiful and incredible romantic nonetheless.

The Zermatt village is entirely car-free and is where young and old couples can come and enjoy European romance at it’s finest. This romantic city in Europe is based in the Swiss Alps making the perfect backdrop for everything. Boutique hotels, designer shoes, Michelin star restaurants, and cafes line the streets making it hard to ever get bored with your sweetheart. Once you leave the town and get into the mountains a whirl of activities open up. Snowboarding or skiing in the winter, sledding, or going for a hike in the mountains. If you are looking for the most romantic cities in Europe you surely won’t be disappointed with this Swiss village.

The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit

Brasov, Romania Is A Real-Life Fairytale Village

Suggested by Two Drifters

Brasov is literally a fairy tale which is why it is one of the most romantic cities in Europe! We loved spending two months in this lovely city, but you could have a spectacular romantic getaway here, too. Walking the cobblestone streets hand in hand may be cliche, but it is oh so nice here. You can stroll up into the nearby wooded areas too, or if you’re looking for an adventure, hike up to the top of Mt. Tampa.

Want a fairytale castle? Both Bran Castle and Peles are an easy day trip from Brasov which adds to why it is one of the romantic cities in Europe you must visit! There are a host of romantic restaurants in town, including the cozy and elegant Bistro Albert, which is in an old wine cellar. Brasov is a beautiful place to go any time of year, but winter is especially romantic as the snow swirls around you and your loved one. Have a great time!

brasov romania in winter

Brugge, Belgium Is The Venice Of The North And What Is More Romantic Than Venice

Suggested by The So Full Traveller

Venice, Italy isn’t the only romantic city in Europe to captivate your heart through a labyrinth of dreamy canals and bridges. Brugge, Belgium, sometimes referred to as the Venice of the north, does just this but with the added touch of fairy-tale charm you would expect from any of these romantic cities in Europe.

You’ll find yourself enchanted by cobblestone streets, canals dotted with angelic swans and gingerbread-style homes. Multiple romantic hotspots are known throughout the city, some originating from ancient legends. For example, the Minnemeer (more commonly known as the Lake of Love), promises a life of everlasting love if a kiss takes place on its bridge. However, by just taking a saunter with your loved one you’ll sure conjure up your own personal hotspots.

Highly recommended is a stroll in the evening when the city is calm and quiet and light from street lanterns dance off the cobblestone lanes. You’ll feel nothing but cozy wrapped up in the walls of Brugge. Most travelers visit the area in summer. While this is a beautiful time of the year for Brugge, it also means this is when there is the most traffic. If you’re looking for the most intimate of experiences with your partner and the city self, visit during the off-season of spring, fall, or winter. Brugge should be included on any list of romantic cities in Europe and should be visited any time of year!

brugge belgium The Most Romantic Cities In Europe Every Couple Should Visit

Barcelona, Spain Is One Of The Romantic Cities In Europe For Lovers Who Enjoy The Sea

Suggested by Travel Collecting

If you love warm air and the sea, Barcelona will be one of the most romantic cities in Europe for you! Barcelona is a magical city; it is the perfect place to wander, to eat, to drink, to relax, to admire the views, and to be absorbed with the one you love. Gaudi’s and other modernist designers’ fantastical architecture is the perfect backdrop for a romantic vacation. Climb the stairs of the Sagrada Familia together, fantasize about living together in Casa Batlló or catch a show at El Gran Teatre del Liceu.

For an impossibly romantic day, wake up late then take a cooking class. Shop in the historic La Boqueria Market, cook delicious Catalan food and enjoy a lunch that you made together. After lunch, head to Gaudi’s Park Güell where you can wander through the grotto and sit arm-in-arm admiring the wonderful views of Barcelona. As the day wanes, head to La Pedrera (Casa Milà) where they have evening jazz on the roof in summer.

There is nothing more romantic than standing surrounded by incredible Gaudi spires with a glass of champagne admiring the views as the sun sets and listening to a live jazz band playing nearby. Then head to a tapas bar (Taller de Tapas is a chic favorite) for a leisurely meal of tapas and sangria. Afterward, wander down pedestrianized La Rambla; buy some flowers, stop and enjoy the performers and have your portrait drawn together. End your evening in another tapas bar for a nightcap to round off the perfect romantic day in one of the most romantic cities in Europe!

visit barcelona spain in europe

Prague, Czech Republic Is Eastern-Europe’s Most Famous Romantic City

Suggested by Jet Set And Forget

One of the most romantic cities in Eastern Europe is Prague. From the architecture to the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, everywhere you turn there is romance which is why it is included on this list of most romantic cities in Europe! The city seems to have been untouched since the 1300’s, with castles to tour and old churches to explore, Prague will be sure to steal a piece of your heart the moment you arrive.

One of the best places to see the sunrise and the sunset is on the Charles Bridge. It does tend to get crowded at peak hours with tourists, brides, grooms, and lovers trying to catch that perfect photo so make sure you arrive early. Head underneath to see the love and peace signs on the John Lennon Wall, or the love locks all over the bridge. Or go strolling down narrow cobblestone lanes in the Old Town district before walking up to the top of Petrin Hill for a city view that make your heart flutter.

Prague even has a special day dedicated just to lovers! Head to Petrin Hill on May Day and kiss your lover in front of the statue of the romantic poet Karel Macha and your mutual love will be eternal. Just one visit to Prague and you will understand why it is one of the best romantic cities in Europe!

Prague is one of the most romantic places in Europe

Ljubljana, Slovenia Is One Of The Most Romantic Smaller Cities In Europe

Suggested by Go Beyond Bounds

The Slovenia capital city Ljubljana is one of our favorite romantic cities in Europe. The city is small and compact with a plenitude of things to do and see which makes it the must-visit city on Europe bucket list. Ljubljana is also one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. The calm and tranquil Ljubljanica River winds through the city embracing the old town of Ljubljana. Several iconic bridges spanning the river are great spots to stay for some time and take in the views of the city with the gentle gush of the flowing river in the background.

Visit the Neboticnik which is a skyscraper with a cafe, bar and an observation terrace on the 11th floor. Enjoy the views of the city over a cup of coffee or beer. The city views are enchanting at night when the river shimmers with the illumination of the city. There are numerous restaurants and cafes along the riverside which have outdoor seating, order a patisserie or pick a scoop of gelato and enjoy the views as the world goes by.

For history buffs, there are numerous churches and a magnificent Ljubljana castle which are you should not miss. Lake Bled and the coastal town of Piran are popular day trips from Ljubljana. Both are set in a picturesque location and also makes for a lovely trip! It is easy to see why Ljubljana is one of the top romantic cities in Europe that every couple must visit.

Ljubljana Slovenia is the most romantic city in europe

These romantic cities in Europe will not disappoint, no matter what time of year you visit! From Paris and London to the Ukraine and Estonia, there are romantic cities in Europe for everyone to discover! Whether you love the beach or the mountains, nightlife or small towns, there is a romantic city in Europe calling your name!

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