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Hawaii Packing List: 10 Things You Are FORGETTING To Bring

Are you looking to make sure your Hawaii packing list is complete before you head to the island of coconuts, beaches, and the Aloha Spirit? If you’re looking for a specific list of what to wear in Hawaii, you might be in the wrong place. We are writing this article to make sure you won’t forget the most important things when packing for Hawaii. Despite the fact that many individuals claim “all you need in Hawaii is a bathing suit and a sense of adventure,” we’d like to ensure that you are well prepared for your trip! 

We’ve seen many people forget essential items on their trips and packing for Hawaii is no different. These are often items people overlook or don’t think twice about packing, but trust us, reviewing these 10 most important things for your Hawaii packing list is a must if you’d like to be fully prepared for this adventure. You will thank yourself later for the thought and effort you put into packing for Hawaii because it’s not all just swimsuits and sunshine! Whether you are hiking on Oahu or surfing on Waikiki Beach, these packing tips for Hawaii apply to everyone! 

While packing can be stressful, we’re here to make sure you have thought about every aspect when packing for Hawaii, and we hope this advice will serve you well when traveling to the land of the carefree– because, really, who want’s to be stressed due to packing mishaps when in Hawaii? An Ariel View of Hawaii's mainland: something you might want to see when thinking of your hawaii packing list!

Hawaii Packing List: 10 Things You Are FORGETTING To Bring 

1. Bring Along a Portable Smartphone Charger.

Portable power banks are a must for traveling anywhere, so make sure to add this to your Hawaii packing list! Whether you are going on one of the many tours in Hawaii, walking around the Polynesian Culture Center for the day, or driving back and forth across the island, make sure to purchase a portable power bank when packing for Hawaii. Portable power banks can range from $10-$40, but they are a great investment, as they will help recharge your phone on the go. 

Please make sure to add this to your Hawaii packing list, as you’ll want a fully charged phone between taking lots of photos and updating social media to share your fun with friends back in the mainland. Avoid a dying battery by bringing a small portable charger. You will thank us later! 

We recommend the Anker Powercore 1000 and use it during all of our travels. While it is a little more expensive, it has great quality and should be added to your Hawaii packing list if you’d like to keep your phone alive and usable during your travels!

Don't forget a phone charger when planning your Hawaii packing list so you can take photos of waterfalls like this woman is!

2. Don’t Forget A Waterpoof Phone Case!

Hawaii is an island, which means: there’s water everywhere! Waterproof phone cases are a must for your Hawaii packing list. Not only will this give you the chance to bring your phone to the beach or on a shark diving tour or take photos without then fear of dropping them into the void of the ocean, but most of the time, waterproof phone cases double as a shock-proof case or sand-proof case, ensuring that your phone will not be damaged by sand or a great fall, which is perfect for when packing for Hawaii!

Many travelers have protested that the new iPhones are already water proof up to thirty meters, but please remember that this is only in freshwater and that this is not a dependable claim. We would rather you be safe rather than sorry with your phone: how else will you be able to update your social media apps, take photos and talk with loved ones on then mainland? We highly suggest investing in a waterproof phone case. It will provide that extra layer of security and protection for your phone during all of your adventures.

When planning your Hawaii packing list, waterproof cases are a must so you can do water adventures like this young woman and document your experience!

3. A Reusable Water Bottle Is A Must. 

You’re in the sun. All the time. There is no way to avoid it! Hawaii is fantastic for getting a tan, but with that exposure, you must add a reusable water bottle to your Hawaii packing list. While cups of water are free in restaurants and at most food trucks, you’ll often find yourself thirsty at the most inconvenient parts of the day. From spending an afternoon on the beach to hiking a trail, you’ll want to add a reusable water bottle to your list when packing for Hawaii just to make sure you stay hydrated and healthy! 

By simply having a sip every thirty minutes or so, you will ensure that you’re feeling more hydrated, and thus, more prepared to take on any adventure. Bringing a reusable water bottle, or even a filtered water bottle, is great preparation when packing for Hawaii as it will force you to drink, helping you balance the sun exposure and heat that will seem to follow you everywhere– but this isn’t to say that Hawaii tap water isn’t safe. Feel free to drink water at said food trucks and restaurants. It just might be easier to have a bottle of your own for instances where water is not readily available! Stay hydrated easily by adding a reusable water bottle to your Hawaii packing list.

Hawaii Packing Lists must include reusable water bottles so you stay hydrated on gorgeous hikes!

4. Multiple Memory Cards Are Always Great!

There is no doubt about it: Hawaii is beautiful. From sunsets to sunrises and all the time in-between, it is a gorgeous island full of life, culture and sights you must see. Because of this, you’ll probably be taking a lot of photos! If you have a camera on your original Hawaii packing list, make sure to add additional memory cards to your list as well. 

Purchasing additional memory cards can cost as little as $20 and take up no space in your checked bags or carry-ons when packing for Hawaii. Having a back up can also save you a lot of heartaches if something goes awry! There is no worse feeling than coming across a perfect photo or moments and then finding out you don’t have enough space to capture it. We have been there before and we don’t want you to feel the same disappointment we have felt! We want you to be able to be out and about and have the chance to capture every beautiful moment on camera. We want you to have this item on your Hawaii packing list to ensure that you can hold onto your memories for forever. Plus: the more pictures, the better, right? 

Make sure to bring more memory cards with your Hawaii packing list so you can document beautiful views of the beaches-- just like this one!

5. And Don’t Forget About Extra Smartphone Storage Too With A Smartphone FlashDrive!

If you are not traveling with a camera, we would highly suggest adding a portable smartphone flash drive to your Hawaii packing list. With the quality of smartphone cameras increasing with each new product, it’s no longer necessary for you to bring a camera on all of your traveling adventures, but you do not want to risk losing your memories via smartphone– and trust us, it happens! 

The best way to back up your memories via smartphone is with a portable smartphone flash drive. A flash drive is a small storage device that you can connect to your smartphone and then safely and easily download the photos onto another device. 

There is no worst feeling in the world other than losing your photos, and thus a few of your memories, from a trip. We have done this before, which is why we now always back up our photos to a mobile flash drive. It is easy to do and if, say, your phone gets broken or stolen during your trip, you will still be able to recover all of your photos via flash drive. 

We recommend the IDiskk 3.0 12GB as it is a certified device. People of all ages are documenting their vacations on smartphones and we highly recommend investing in one of these devices to store your photos during your trip. Please add this to your Hawaii packing list, even if you traditionally utilize cloud storage. The internet may be limited and we don’t want you to have to rely on a fast and secure connection to save your memories. You do it first with the aid of a flash drive– it is a must when packing for Hawaii! 

You must add flashdrives to your hawaii packing list so you don't run the risk of losing your photos!

6. Stay Dry With a Poncho.

This is one of the biggest things people forget on their Hawaii packing list! Just because the Islands of Hawaii are known for sun and beaches, doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to rain, wind and cooler weather! Adding a poncho to your Hawaii packing list instead of a travel umbrella will help you save space, and it will help you stay dry when necessary. A poncho can fold up with ease, taking up only a bit of space in your suit case, and can be thrown into a backpack when you’re sightseeing. It is quick to whip out and put on and actually offers more coverage than an umbrella.

But do make sure you pay attention to what kind of poncho you are purchasing when considering what to wear in Hawaii: you don’t want a poncho that is cheap and will rip easily! Make sure to purchase a quality poncho and have it on hand. Often, storms in Hawaii don’t last long, but having the means to stay dry is something you will thank yourself for later. So, make sure to add a poncho to your Hawaii packing list! 

Add a poncho to your Hawaii packing list: it isn't always sunny there! It can be rainy and gloomy like in this photo!

7. Packing Earplugs May Come in Handy! 

Please, take it from us and thousands of other travelers and add earplugs to your Hawaii packing list. They are essential! Many apartments or AirBnBs in Hawaii may not have air conditioning, and thus, sleeping with light fans or windows open can lead to a lot of “white” noise at night: from traffic to the crowded streets of the Waikiki strip, you might want to ensure some peace, quiet and comfort with earplugs. These are the earplugs we travel with

Bonus: earplugs are also really useful for when flying! Getting to Hawaii can be a lengthy trip, so adding earplugs to your Hawaii packing list may come in handy when you are trying to sleep on your flight to/from Hawaii.

Add earplugs to your Hawaii packing list because those super touristy areas, like the one pictured here, can be busy with traffic and sound when trying to relax!

8. A Waterproof Dry Bag Will Save You (And Your Stuff!) 

While a backpack or purse may offer some storage room during your travels and adventures, waterproof dry bags are one of the best investments to make for your Hawaii packing list. Dry bags are inexpensive, clean easily and work well. They can be dropped into water, submerged in water, and your belongings will not get wet.

We highly recommend purchasing one when packing for Hawaii as it offers protection for your things during any adventure. From going to the beach, to doing a boat day trip or even doing a more extensive water based excursion such as jet skiing, this waterproof dry bag will ensure that your stuff stays safe and dry all while being right by your side. 

Adding a dry bag to your Hawaii packing list will keep your things dry during all your water adventures!

9. Sunscreen Is Your Best Friend– Don’t Forget It! 

We have already mentioned that a reusable water bottle would be a great investment when packing for Hawaii because of the constant sun the island has to offer. In addition to dehydration, don’t forget that this constant sun can be a source of sunburn! Avoid getting burnt easily by adding sunscreen to your Hawaii packing list. 

You don’t want to spend your vacation nursing a painful sunburn, so please, please pack sunscreen. But, even more importantly, we encourage you to look into reef safe sunscreen. this sunscreen is safe for the coral that surrounds these islands as well as the sea turtles that visit the beaches! Because Hawaii has a fragile ecosystem, it is important to at least consider using reef safe sunscreen to protect both yourself and Hawaii’s nature from the damaging chemicals that normal sunscreen has. 

The sun can be hot and blinding like in this photo-- so make sure to add sunscreen to your Hawaii packing list to protect your skin!

10. Water Shoes Are Always A Good Idea for Hawaii! 

Hiking in Hawaii is beautiful and is an adventure that you MUST do because of all of the fantastic views it offers. From Diamond-Head-day-long-hikes to 15-minute-trails, there are hikes for everyone! But, these hikes can be intense and can cover some muddy terrain or loose gravel/rocks. Thus, we suggest bringing lightweight, mesh, water shoes. Adding these to your Hawaii packing list will help you avoid packinghouse heavy hiking shoes, giving your more room and weight in your suitcase, but water shoes are almost better to hike in anyway, because they are breathable. Your feet won’t get too hot, and the soles of these water shoes provide great traction in wet and slippery conditions. 

Even if you aren’t hiking, these water shoes are great protection for the soles and tops of your feet. Snorkeling near coral can be dangerous: sharp coral and shells can tear up your skin easily, and these water shoes can offer protection against what could be a slightly painful experience. And, bonus! Water shoes can stop the tops of your feet from getting sunburned! 

Adding waterproof shoes to your Hawaii packing list will help protect your feet during steep hikes like this one!

Other Items To Not Forget On Your Hawaii Packing List: 

Planning your Hawaii packing list doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds. By following these simple tips, you will be well on your way to packing like a pro for Hawaii. These items are often forgotten or overlooked by travelers, but they can save your vacation from heartache if added to your bags when packing for Hawaii. 

Of course, Hawaii has stores and you can buy things you may have forgotten, but the stores may or may not be open, have exactly what you need, and may cost a pricy penny! Do yourself a favor and add these items to your Hawaii packing list today!

10 things you will need in hawaii

10 things you will need in hawaii

10 things you will need in hawaii

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