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10 Of The Prettiest Cafes In Paris + Map To Find Them

If you are looking for the prettiest cafes in Paris, you have come to the right place! Paris is home to some of the prettiest cafes on earth so you are in for a real treat. The magic of Paris lies in wandering the cobble-stoned streets and discovering cute spot after cute spot to relax, have a drink, and enjoy the people walking by. No real plans and no real things to see, just good old-fashioned cafes in Paris. Whether you are looking for cafes in Paris for photography [there are so many pretty ones], for an authentic bite to eat, or for a morning cup of coffee, there is something for everyone! 

The definition of a cafe is “a small restaurant selling light meals and drinks” so it isn’t exactly JUST for coffee and nothing more. Lots of these lovely Parisian cafes also offer wonderful light dining options that you will totally love! 

Some of these magical cafes in Paris are famous and easy to find, while others are off-the-beaten-path and you are going to need Google Maps to find them. Luckily, we make it easy to find all of the best Pais cafes by including exact locations and how to find them so you don’t have to worry during your travels. So come hungry, put on your beret, and then get ready to visit the best cafes in Paris!

these are the prettiest and best cafes in Paris

10 Of The Prettiest And Best Cafes In Paris

Odette Is One Of Our Favorite Cafes In Paris

We are going to start by recommending one of our favorite cafes in Paris! Odette is tea and cakes shop and is located in the Latin Quarter of Paris. For us, it is one of the best cafes in Paris because of its location and style and just how pretty it is! While it is quite small, it is filled with plenty of charm and is located on one of the prettiest streets in Paris!

Our favorite thing about this pretty Paris cafe is how the two buildings are nestled against a large building! This is such a unique architecture style and it seems as if the cafe was there first and large buildings sprung up around it, or the cafe was added along with the large buildings almost as an after thought! 

This is one of the cafes in Paris that is located in the main tourist area but most people never even think to come here! It is located just off the island where Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle are located on a random side street that you would honestly never really come across unless you were looking for it! It is also named after the owners Grandma who was also named Odette! The specialty you should try here is Choux Pastries!

There are TWO cafes in Paris with the similar name of “Odette” so please be careful and make sure to go to the correct one which we have included instructions to below! 

Click Here For Google Maps Location Of Odette

Closest metro stops: The closest metro stops to Odette are either Saint-Michel – Notre-Dame or Cluny – La Sorbonn. Both are about an equal distance away from Odette so if you want to visit this Paris stree don’t worry about choosing one over the other! Just go with whichever is closest to you!

Odette is one of the best cafes in Paris

Deli-Cieux Offers Breathtaking Sunset Views Of Paris

Deli-Cieux is easily the Paris cafe with the best views! While most cafes in Paris are situated on ground level, Deli-Cieux is located high above the city. It is located on the top floor of the Printemps department store in the 9th district. When you arrive at the store, make sure to tell the doorman that you want to visit Deli-Cieux or the Printemps rooftop terrace and he will provide you with instructions on the correct elevator/lift to take in order to reach this fantastic spot! It is also one of our Top 10 Best Sunset Spots In Paris!

The rooftop terrace at the Printemps department store is home to both a bar and one of the best cafes in Paris. You can have a drink of coffee or tea or even something stronger if you like! You can also have something to eat as there are plenty of options and the views are incredible. If you want to grab your drink and stand outside, you can stand on the upper level with ease. If you want to sit down, you must arrive at this Paris cafe a bit earlier so you can wait in line as the chairs and tables outdoors are in high demand. The wait isn’t too bad and you won’t regret it!

Click Here For Google Maps Location Of Deli-Cieux

Closest Metro Stops: Havre-Caumartin is the closest metro stop to this Paris cafe. It is literally right across the street from the entrance. If you are coming via RER the Auber stop is only a short walk away too! 

sunset view from Printemps cafe in Paris

Café de Flore Is One Of The Oldest Cafes In Paris

If you love historic charm, visit Café de Flore! Café de Flore is one of the oldest cafes in Paris and it is frequented by locals and celebrities alike! Flore means flowers in French and yes, you guessed it, Café de Flore is surrounded by flowers on its awning! Along with being one of the oldest cafes in Paris, it is also one of the prettiest due to the flowers!

Café de Flore has remained unchanged since World War 2 and you can feel its old world charm when you slip into one of the red booths or sit outdoors along the sidewalk. Hemingway himself frequented this spot for delicious coffee along with many other famous historical people. Our tip? Since this cafe in Paris is so famous that means it is more expensive than other Paris cafe options too. If you want to visit Café de Flore but want to save money, simply go for breakfast instead! It is so good and you can still experience all that it has to offer. Even better? Just grab a drink to save money! 

Click Here For Google Maps Location Of Café de Flore

Closest metro stop: Saint-Germain-des-Prés is the closest metro stop to this lovely Paris cafe and it is less than a block away from the location. 

outside view of cafe de flor Parisian cafe

Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole Is Home To Wisteria 

Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole is one of the prettiest cafes in Paris all year round, but it comes alive during the spring and summer! This is when Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole is covered in tons and tons of perfectly purple wisteria. It only happens for a few weeks during the spring, but it makes Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole easily one of the prettiest cafes in Paris.

If you aren’t visiting Paris during the spring, don’t worry! Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole is still covered in vines and the colorful chairs are still situated out front. If you are looking for one of the more photogenic Paris cafes, then you will want to ensure that Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole is on your list. This pretty cafe in Paris is actually located on the same island on the Seine where Notre Dame Cathedral is. Although the inside is closed, you can still visit the outside of Notre Dame so if you choose to do so, why not stop at Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole for a coffee and bite to eat? 

Click Here For Google Maps Location Of Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole

Closest Metro Stop: The Cite metro stop is the closest one to this Paris cafe. It is about 2 blocks away so it isn’t a bad walk at all. 

chairs in front of traditional Paris cafe

La Maison Rose Is One Of The Most Photographed Cafes In Paris

Not a scroll on Instagram goes by without seeing a photo of La Maison Rose. Every Paris feature account seems to be obsessed with this spot and of course tourists and Instagrammers alike love it too. This doesn’t mean you should shy away from La Maison Rose because it is popular. This cafe in Paris is popular for a reason! It is a gorgeous pink building nestled on a cobblestone street in Paris and it seems to just “cling” to the larger buildings around it. 

Now La Maison Rose is both a cafe and a restaurant so you can either choose to stop in for tea and sweets or for a full meal. It doesn’t seem to be open as often as other cafes in Paris so make sure to check out the opening times before you have your heart set on visiting this lovely little spot. How can you beat a pink Paris cafe? This is why it tops our list of the best cafes in Paris that you must visit! Don’t be afraid to take pictures, but be respectful of locals who live in the area and those who have chosen to dine [which we hope you will too!] 

Click Here For Google Maps Location Of La Maison Rose

Closest metro stop: Lamarck – Caulaincourt is the closest metro stop to La Mansion Rose. If you are exploring the nearby area and happen to get off at another metro stop, it is still possible to visit this cafe in Paris you may just have to walk about 0.5 miles and the walk may be a bit steep. It is best to get off at the Lamarck – Caulaincourt stop for easiest access.

la maison rose french cafe at sunset

Le Recrutement Offers Eiffel Tower Views

Le Recrutement is located in the 7th arrondissement which is our favorite district in Paris. Aside from loving the 7th, Le Recrutement made this list of prettiest cafes in Paris because of the Eiffel Tower views. Now, you won’t be able to see the views from inside the cafe or even outside. You must walk across the street and you will get a wonderful view of Le Recrutement on your right and the Eiffel Tower straight down the middle of the road! 

Le Recrutement is a lovely cafe in Paris and also offers vegetarian options as well as late night bites. Sometimes it is open to 2am where it transitions from a cafe to a bar/late night spot. We love how the red awnings and yellow lights of the sign contrast against the street and Eiffel Tower views. This is another one of our favorite cafes in Paris simply due to the photographic composition and views alone! Stop for the views stay for the cafe! 

Click Here For Google Maps Location Of Le Recrutement

Closest Metro Stop: Invalides and La Tour-Maubourg are the two closest metro stops to this lovely cafe in Paris. The latter is closer by a block or two but Invalides isn’t a bad walk either! You will really enjoy this part of Paris if you choose to visit this cafe.

cafe in Paris with eiffel tower in background

Du Pain et des Idées Offers Some Of The Best Pastries In Paris

Du Pain et des Idées is world-famous in the food scene for its pastries. Although many wouldn’t technically consider it a Paris cafe, it makes this list because A. it is pretty and B. you can get coffee there and C. you can get a delicious pastry. Isn’t that essentially a cafe? There isn’t huge dining areas like many other cafes in Paris but you can walk up and take out your drink and pastry to go! 

Du Pain et des Idées has been featured in many fancy culinary magazines and has won many awards. Despite this fame, this lovely Parisian cafe still feels local and is frequented by locals quite often. The tourists that find their way there are often very interested in the culinary scene so you won’t find your average Paris visitor at this spot. If you are a pastry lover then this is one of the best cafes in Paris for you to visit! Also, we want you to visit and let us know if you would consider this to be a cafe like we do!

Click Here For Google Maps Location Of Du Pain et des Idées

Closest metro stop: Jacques Bonsergent is the closest metro stop to this Paris cafe. It is only about 1.5 blocks once you get off the metro. 

exterior of blue Parisian cafe with bike

Le Consult Is One Of The Busiest Paris Cafes

Le Consult is easily one of the busiest cafes in Paris in our experience. Sure, other cafes near the Eiffel Tower may seem busier, but they are also larger and there are more options for drinks and dining nearby so it doesn’t always feel this way. Le Consult is located up in Montmartre which is home to very narrow streets. Once upon a time, Montmartre used to be a less touristy spot of Paris but those days are long gone. 

Unless you go very early in the morning or very late at night, you will usually not see Le Consult free of people. Tourist busses and tours drop people off right near Le Consult and everyone stands around waiting for their tour or goes inside to grab a drink. Sounds crowded, right? The choice is yours but Le Consult is easily one of the prettiest cafes in Paris and we think you should still go!

We simply are telling you about the crowds so you go in with an open mind and aren’t left disappointed upon your arrival. If you want to experience eating and drinking at Le Consult we recommend going for a morning coffee before all of the crowds. There may be a wait but that is okay because Montmartre has so much to see and do. This is also one of the most popular cafes in Paris on Instagram as well so if it looks familiar, you may have seen Le Consult before! 

Click Here For Google Maps Location Of Le Consult

Closest metro stops: The closest metro stops to Le Consult are either Abbesses or Lamarck – Caulaincourt, depending on where you are before you visit one of the prettiest cafes in Paris. If you get off on Abbesses, understand there will be a steep walk up a hill to get to Le Consult but it is one of the best Paris cafes so the walk will be worth it!

girl sitting in front of Le Consult cafe in Montmartre Paris

Les Deux Magots Was Frequented By Surrealist Painters

Les Deux Magots is another one of the more historical cafes in Paris, but it is still very pretty. The outside of this Paris cafe is situated across from a lovely gothic-style church and courtyard so while you are drinking or dining, you can take in the views! Les Deux Magots once has a reputation as the undercover meeting point for all intellectual elite in the city. It was also frequented by famous surrealist painters and famous names such as Julia Child, Picasso, Hemingway and more. 

The best part about Les Deux Magots is that you can see two cafes in Paris at once! It is just a block away from the beautiful Cafe de Flore listed above! They are very close in location but offer different vibes. If you choose to go to one, why not see both of these pretty Paris cafes and let us know which one spoke to you more? Historically famous or one of the oldest? Which did you prefer?

Click Here For Google Maps Location Of Les Deux Magots

Closest metro stop: Saint-Germain-des-Prés is the closest metro stop to this cafe in Paris. It is located just across the street from the entrance to the cafe so you should have no trouble finding it during your visit!

beautiful green cafe in Paris exterior with chairs

Le Moulin de la Galette Is One Of The Most Unique Parisian Cafes

We are obsessed with Le Moulin de la Galette and it is easily one of the most unique cafes in Paris! It is located up in Montmartre and is often forgotten about. If you want to visit something off the beaten path, make sure to check out Le Moulin de la Galette. This lovely Parisian cafe is located inside an old mill and there is a windmill on top of it! It honestly doesn’t get any more unique than that!

This is one of the best cafes in Paris for a quick lunch bite too if you are wandering around Montmartre. You can quickly escape the crowds and relax for a little bit in the shadow of old-world Paris. The cafe gets its name from the Galette, a folded savory dish native to France. If you haven’t had one before, we highly recommend giving it a try on your next visit to Paris!

Click Here For Google Maps Location Of Le Moulin de la Galette

Closest Metro Stop: Lamarck – Caulaincourt is the closest metro stop to this lovely cafe in Paris. You won’t know it is there until you stop upon this glorious hidden gem! 

windmill above cafe in Paris

Map Of The Best Cafes In Paris

We created this lovely map of all the best cafes in Paris for you to download and see where they all are. We know that when you travel, having easy access to maps is essential. We wanted to cut down on the leg work so we created the below map just for you. If you don’t have phone service in Paris, simply download the map offline via Google Maps so that you can get the best experience possible and you will still be able to find all of these lovely spots! 

Click Here To View The Google Map

map of the best cafes in Paris with locations

And there you have it! 10 of the prettiest cafes in Paris! If you end up visiting one of these cafes based on our suggestions, please visit us on Instagram at @followmeaway or @followmeawaytravel and let us know which you visited and which you thought! We would be glad to share your photos on our stories! We hope you have a fun time visiting these pretty Parisian cafes. 

map of the prettiest cafes in paris

prettiest cafes in paris

10 pretty cafes in paris


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