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Best Shoes For Disney For Women And Men In 2019

Planning a trip to see “The Mouse” and looking for the best shoes for Disney? We are annual pass holders, live an hour away from Disney, and my [Victoria] first trip was when I was just 9 months old, so this isn’t another post where someone will tell you what to wear to Disney World just to make money. These are our real tried and true suggestions on the best shoes for Disney!

All of our suggestions here will be shoes we have personally owned or as close to those shoes as we can come if a new and improved version is out! When finding the best shoes for Disney World, we truly suggest investing and spending a little more money if you don’t already have a good pair! During all of our visits to Disney, we have seen so many people who didn’t invest in quality walking shoes and whose feet are hurting and in pain! [We have been those people too!]

Best Shoes For Disney World For Men And Women

Since we go to Disney as often as possible [seriously!] we are here to give you the real deal on the best shoes for Disney World. We have worn some fantastic pairs of shoes to Disney and have also tried some terrible pairs that won’t be suggested for your Disney packing list because they destroyed our backs and feet!

No matter what time of year you are visiting Walt Disney World, adding a solid pair of walking shoes to your Disney packing list is a must. When we visit just one park for a half day, we clock in 8 miles! If you are spending a full day you may clock in double that or more when it is all said and done. You will want to see as much as possible during your Disney trip so proper shoes are essential. We always recommend that the best shoes for Disney are the ones that are supportive yet breathable because this is Florida and Florida is hot!

We have broken this post down to the best shoes for Disney for women and the best shoes for Disney for men! Each section will have recommendations for shoes, sandals, boots and more!

Best Shoes For Disney For Women

Each and every woman who goes to Disney is going to be looking for something different. Some women want to look cute, some women want shoes for Disney that are great for chasing kids, some women want slip ons, the list goes on forever! One thing that all women who are visiting Disney should want in their shoes is support! No matter who you are, you are going to need a comfortable and supportive shoe for the parks! Here are my tried and true suggestions for shoes you must bring when packing for Disney!

Best Women’s Sandals For Disney

Vionic Farra SandalI literally cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE this sandal! I originally bought them for a trip to India where I wore them every day for 2 weeks, but they quickly became my best shoe for Disney! I even went back an bought a second pair in the same color just in case Vionics ever stopped making them! Vionics are my favorite brand for Disney because they are supportive, affordable, and perfect for Disney in the Florida heat!

They needed NO time to break in and can be cleaned in the shower with a toothbrush. I was originally worried that the tan bottoms would become dirty [and they do] but it is so quick to wash them and they look like new! If I had to recommend the best shoes for Disney and you could only bring one pair, this is the pair! They come in black, tan, red, and blue! They are also the best shoes for Disney if you are going to be chasing after little ones and want a shoe to stay on your feet without feeling bulky!

Vionic Women’s Amber. Similar to the Farra Sandal suggested above, these Vionic sandals offer a ton of support while remaining stylish which is why they make it onto our list of the best shoes for Disney! My mom who is 66 owns this pair and I steal them to wear to Disney when I want to switch it up! They offer a bit more support on the upper foot than the Farra sandal so they are the best shoes for Disney if you like your entire foot to be cradled by the shoe. They are fast drying and easy to clean too!

SOLE Women’s Sport Slide SandalIf you ask my mom Linda, these are the best shoes for Disney World! She swears by them and wears them all the time during the winter and the summer! No matter what time of year, my mom loves these shoes for Disney! She buys hers from Amazon and loves the support they offer and how they target pressure points in your foot. While they aren’t as stylish as other suggestions, they get the job done and are a great quality shoe for Disney!

Crocs Women’s Patricia Sandal. Yes, back in the day I actually did used to wear traditional Crocs to Disney! Thankfully, Crocs have innovated since my teenage days and now have so many more options like these supportive sandals! I love these shoes for Disney because they are very affordable so if you are looking for a quick-drying pair of shoes and don’t want to break the bank, these are the best shoes for Disney to choose! They also come in multiple colors so you can match with your outfits! They are so affordable you may even choose to buy two pairs of these shoes for Disney World!

Best Shoes For Disney For Women And Men

Mom and I at Disney. I’m wearing the Vionic Ferra and Mom is wearing the Sole Sport Slide Sandal suggested above

Best Women’s Flip Flops For Disney

Vionic With Orthaheel Tide Sequins. If you are more of a flip-flop lover and are looking for the best shoes for Disney, this is it! I originally bought these shoes for my first trip to Europe and they got me through 15 days abroad and many Disney trips! I have had them for 4 years and they are still going strong! They are very supportive, and as someone who has back problems, the best shoes for Disney for me are the ones that give me support! If you are a gal who doesn’t like sequins, this shoe comes without them as well! I personally have them in black and wear them everywhere I’m not wearing the Farra sandals!

Vionic Bella Flip Flops. If you are looking for a thinner strap flip flop, these are the best shoes for Disney World for you! Like the sandals listed above, they have a cloth bottom and are oh-so-comfy and supportive! The Vionic Bella comes in many colors, we have them in flower pattern and in cork! You can see more colors here! This sandal has a thinner strap than the pick above so it looks less like an “orthopedic shoe” if that matters to you. The strap is thinner and the bottom is cloth instead of plastic. Choose whichever flip-flop you think will be the best shoe for Disney for you based on our suggestions!

Columbia Women’s Kea Vent Shoe. Looking for the best shoes for Disney that are both affordable and supportive? These Columbia flip flops are a little more affordable than the Vionic suggestions above but ultra comfortable and supportive! Unlike traditional flip flops, these have a little area for your toe to be held secure and it really makes all the difference! These are perfect for the more sporty women or people who don’t really care about being stylish at Disney but want something understated and high quality. I have these in tan, but they come in a variety of colors [as you can see I really like tan shoes for Disney for some reason haha!]

Best Shoes For Disney For Women And Men

Wearing my black Vionic Tide Flip Flops at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Best Women’s Sneakers And Closed Toed Shoes For Disney

Merrell Women’s Zoe Sojourn E-Mesh Q2 Ballet Flat. If you aren’t the sandals and flip-flops kind of woman, that is totally okay! There are still plenty of the best shoes for Disney you can choose! These Merrell shoes wear like a super-comfy ballet flat! I have worn traditional ballet flats to Disney and they sucked because they are just cloth and have no support! These Merrell shoes are closed toe and offer a ton of support for walking around all day! The mesh makes them breathable so you can wear them in the Florida heat! I have them in black!

Brooks Womens Launch 4 Sneaker. If you love sneakers, this pair of Brooks sneakers is affordable and comes in many colors. My mom is an athlete and runs marathons and triathlons and these and the suggestions below are her go-to shoes for Disney so you know they are good quality and annual passholder approved! If you aren’t looking to break the bank when buying the best shoes for Disney, these come in at a good price too!

Adidas Women’s Lite Racer Shoe. We love these shoes for Disney because they are understated and affordable! You really can’t go wrong with Adidas when looking for the best shoes for Disney and this particular shoe comes in a lot of colors so you can pick which fits best for you. If you are planning a trip to Disney during the summer, keep in mind the sneakers hold in rainwater much longer than flip flops! If you choose these shoes for Disney then make sure that you are indoors for a storm!

Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain BootOkay, these Hunter Rain Boots are another pair of shoes for Disney that I totally swear by! I originally bought them for an October trip to Ireland and quickly wore them for my Christmas trip to Disney and multiple winter trips after that! If you are looking for the best shoes for Disney to keep your feet dry during the summer and are willing to wear rain boots, these are a great choice and you won’t get a drop of water in! If you know you are planning a trip to Disney during hurricane season, pack a pair of rain boots just in case! Nothing is worse than walking around Disney in shoes that are wet!

Best Shoes For Disney For Women And Men

Me wearing my Hunter Boots at Disney all decked out for Christmas!

Best Shoes For Disney For Men

Alright men, if you are reading this, these are the shoes Terrence owns and wears to Disney during both the winter and summer. Like the women’s shoe, the most important aspect of finding the best shoes for Disney for men is to find supportive shoes that dry quickly and are breathable! Terrence owns a variety of shoes for Disney and prefers to wear his closed toe shoes or sandals over flip-flops. Guys, if you like flip flops, throw away the cheap Walmart pair and invest in a pair that won’t throw out your back after walking 15 miles at Disney World! You can’t go wrong by adding any of these suggestions to your Disney packing list

Best Men’s Flip Flops And Sandals For Disney

Columbia Men’s Techsun Slide Athletic Sandal. Terrence loves slip on shoes for Disney and these are very supportive and not like his normal “around the house” slides from Walmart! If you are a guy who loves to wear slides, we beg you to consider spending a little extra on a new pair of shoes! This Columbia pair is affordable and offers great arch support so your back won’t be dead at the end of the day! They also come in multiple colors. Terrence, of course, has them in black, his favorite shoe color.

Merrell Men’s Terrant Covertible Sandal. If you are looking for the best shoes for Disney World for men that offer more all-around support, these Merrell Sandals are perfect. They are a true sandal and offer both arch and ankle support. They also drain off water and dry quickly so if you get caught in a Florida thunderstorm, these won’t keep your feet wet for hours. These are also the best shoes for Disney if you plan on going on lots of water rides or if you have to chase down the kids and don’t want to worry about these shoes falling off!

Vionic Men’s Tide Toe Post Sandal. These are truly some of the best shoes for Disney for men! Terrence loves the color options and how they have leather accents and come in darker colors because as I said above, he is a darker color fan! These Vionic flip flops are extremely supportive and come with arch support and a thicker strap to make them stay on your feet and avoid hitting pressure points they shouldn’t be hitting! If you are a guy who loves wearing traditional flip-flops, this pair is stylish and fantastic for wearing to Disney because they dry quickly and offer great support! You really can’t go wrong and these are truly some of the best shoes for Disney for men!

Best Shoes For Disney For Women And Men

Terrence wearing his black Nikes and me in my Vionics with our friend Scott and my sister Vanessa at Epcot

Best Men’s Sneakers And Closed Toed Shoes For Disney

Merrell Men’s Tetrex Crest Wrap Sport Shoes. These are the perfect shoes for Disney if you are like Terrence and love closed toe shoes! He loves these because they are breathable and perfect for the Florida heat and rain. If you are a guy who wants a comfortable and affordable shoe that is still supportive, these are a great choice for you. They come in two colors and Terrence prefers the black because they go with everything! Having a supportive shoe for Disney is so important as you will be doing a lot of walking during your visit!

Men’s Baton Rouge Flat Feet Boat Shoes. If you are the kind of guy who loves Sperrys, these are the best shoes for Disney for you! They have a more stylish look than other supportive shoes and offer great arch support. They stay on your feet while walking around Disney World and the color goes good with any outfit! They are on the more expensive side, but if you are going to drop a lot of money on Sperrys you may as well spend a little more for a shoe with good quality support for your trip to Disney! You don’t want the whole family to be having fun and you are tired and annoyed because you didn’t pick the best shoes for Disney for your back!

NIKE Men’s Tanjun Sneakers. Looking for the best Men’s shoes for Disney that are both supportive and affordable? Behold these Nike sneakers for men! Terrence loves his Nike sneakers and wears them to Disney and beyond quite often! He loves how lightweight they are in the summer heat of Florida and that they dry quickly when wet. Given the price, the support these shoes provide is quite good and Nike is a great brand for the longevity of products!

PUMA Carson 2 Slip-On. Terrence bought these shoes at the Puma Outlet mall because of a BOGO sale and had no idea how much he would love them afterward! These are one of Terrence’s best shoes for Disney because he loves how easy they are to slip on, how they stay on your feet so nicely, and the support that they offer! When you are walking around Disney World for days, the last thing you want to do is to tie your shoes! These shoes for Disney are no-tie so you won’t trip over anything while racing your kids or your spouse to the fast pass line!

How To Prepare For Walking Around Disney 

Once you have your shoes for Disney, it is time to prepare for walking around the parks all day. As local annual pass holders, we easily clock in 10,000 steps on a “relaxed” day at Disney. If you are visiting from out of town and you plan to see and do it all, then you can easily walk 20-30,000 steps per day. Having sturdy shoes for Disney is essential, but preparation is key!

If you are choosing a closed-toe pair of shoes, make sure to pick a pair of moisture-wicking socks, especially if you are visiting Disney during the summer. The Florida heat is overwhelming and you don’t want your feet to sweat any more than they have to. Anything remotely related to wool will be a no-go! Cotton socks are okay, but socks with moisture-wicking included are even better!

If you are wearing sandals, make sure that there is no chance the strap will break on you! If the pair is getting old, maybe it is time for a new one before you walk miles and miles in them at Disney World. My Vionic Sandals listed above are very sturdy and they hardly need any time to break in. If you are purchasing a new pair of shoes for Disney, remember to give them plenty of time to break in before you go walk 10 miles in them. We recommend walking around your house in your new pair of shoes as you cook dinner or take the dog for a walk!

Finally, look up a few easy stretches online for your back and hips. After a long day at Disney, your back will hurt, even in the best shoes! A few simple stretches to do before and during your day at the Parks has the potential to be a lifesaver. Preparation is key for a great day walking around Disney World and a few stretches can go a long way.

If there is one takeaway that we hope you got about these suggestions on the best shoes for Disney it is that no matter what you get, you are going to want supportive and quick drying. Disney World is such a fun place and we love visiting any chance we can get, but as annual pass holders who have been hundreds of times over the years, we know that good shoes for Disney are vital to enjoying your day! We have worn crappy flip flops with no support and it really does kill you for a few days after! No matter what shoes you pick, consider your back and body!

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