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5 Adventurous Activities To Add To Your Ireland Itinerary

Whether you are creating your Ireland itinerary or just dreaming of trips to come, you probably didn’t know that there are tons of adventurous things to do in Ireland [scroll down for the #1 most epic extreme activity in Ireland!] You will be hard-pressed to find someone who considers Ireland to be a destination for adventure lovers. If you picture ancient castles and Irish pubs when you think about Ireland, you surely aren’t wrong [and all of that is super fun], but there is so much more to the Emerald Isle than meets the eye! So grab a travel-sized umbrella and get ready for some fun!

5 Adventure activities to add to your ireland itinerary | best ireland itinerary

5 Adventurous Activities To Add To Your Ireland Itinerary

5. Ride Electric Bikes Along Ireland’s Great Western Greenway

If you are looking for a bit of soft adventure to add to your Ireland itinerary, renting an electric bike is just the thing for you! The Great Western Greenway is located in County Mayo and is a long and safe bike path that takes you through cute cities and beautiful Irish countryside. When you rent electric bikes they give you a boost when going up a hill and help you to travel longer distances with ease.

They are perfect for the person who wants to get a little exercise without doing all the work because you still have to pedal the electric bike! They sure made riding 18km of the Great Western Greenway enjoyable instead of exhausting. Start in Westport and end in Mulranny where you can stay at the Mulranny Park Hotel and enjoy stunning vistas and yummy food. Add riding bikes to your Ireland itinerary if you want to experience one of the best ways to see Ireland!

The Ultimate Guide Of Things To Do In Mayo Ireland | Things To Do In Westport | Top Ireland Attractions

4. Hop Into A Wetsuit and Add Stand Up Paddle Boarding To Your Ireland Itinerary

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) isn’t just for tropical locations! It is actually quite popular in Ireland! If you are looking for a fun adventure activity to add to your Ireland itinerary, SUP may be just the thing for you! You better pack your swimsuit because you may get wet, and falling off the board is part of the fun!

Pure Magic Watersports provides SUP, surfing, and kitesurfing trips out of Dublin and Co. Mayo. Whether you are on Ireland’s east or western coast. you will get the opportunity to paddle board on the ocean surrounded by spectacular green coastline!  Either way, if you are looking to add a little adventure to your Ireland itinerary, SUP may be the perfect thing for you to do in Ireland!

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5 Adventurous Activities To Add To Your Ireland Itinerary | Ireland Itinerary | Adventure Tours In Ireland

3. Ride A BMX Bike Across A High Wire In The Treetops At An Adventure Park In Ireland

Sure, there are zip lines in tropical places such as Costa Rica and the Caribbean, but did you know you can zip line in Ireland too? For the ultimate adventure experience in Ireland for the whole family, head to a local adventure park such as Zip It which has multiple locations around Ireland. If you are taking an Ireland road trip, you will most likely start and end in Dublin so get in some adventure while you can too!

While ziplining is one of the more fun things to do in Ireland, there is so much more to do in the treetops such as ride a BMX bike across a high wire, climb on ropes, swing into cargo nets and more. If you aren’t comfortable with an activity, just skip it! Riding a bike across a high wire in the Irish forest and then ziplining down at the end is why visiting an adventure park should be added to your Ireland itinerary.

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2. Hang Ten And Go Surfing In Ireland

Okay, you may think the idea of surfing in Ireland is a little bit nuts, but it is totally a must-do to add to any Ireland itinerary. It is one of those adrenaline pumping things to do in Ireland that you will never forget. Surfing in Ireland is fun for both beginners and experienced surfers alike. You have to don your wetsuit and pack your swimsuit in your suitcase before you receive an easy introductory lesson on a massive and easy-to-use surfboard. Instructors are kind and informative because they want you to have fun and love surfing in Ireland as part of your Ireland itinerary.

If you have surfed before or are a professional, simply find a reputable company to rent your surfboard from and possibly go with a guide for some suggestions. For example, surfing in Donegal is unmatched in Ireland because of the lovely waves, stunning views, and enjoyable experience for both newbies and experienced surfers alike. If part of your group wants to add surfing to your Ireland itinerary while the other half doesn’t, no worries! Watching your friends and family surf in Ireland while you enjoy the view from one of Ireland’s many pristine beaches is just as fulfilling!

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1.  Jump Off Cliffs And Explore Hidden Caves By Going Coasteering In Ireland

For the number one, ultimate adventure activity to add to your Ireland itinerary, you have got to go coasteering. If you aren’t from Ireland or the U.K., you probably haven’t even heard of coasteering in your life, but we are here to tell you it is one of the most fabulous things to do in Ireland.

5 Adventurous Activities To Add To Your Ireland Itinerary | Ireland Itinerary | Adventure Tours In Ireland

Coasteering is the ultimate adventure activity where you suit up in a wetsuit and helmet and swim along the hidden caves along Ireland’s Coast and jump off cliffs into the crystal blue water below. If you can’t swim, that isn’t a problem because everyone is required to wear life jackets and wetsuits which keep you afloat and safe. An experienced guide will help you navigate the rocky coast and if you don’t want to partake in a certain activity, you are free to participate in what makes you comfortable. Yes, the water is cold and we went in October, but a wetsuit sure did help these Floridians enjoy the experience! One of the highlights of all of our travels ever!

5 Adventure activities to add to your ireland itinerary | best ireland itinerary

You are most definitely going to want to bring a GoPro for cool photos of you jumping into the water! If you are in Bellmullet or in Mayo in general, Wavesweeper Sea Adventures offers epic and affordable Coasteering adventures that you won’t soon forget. Coasteering is one of the more memorable things to do in Ireland, especially if you love adventure and adrenaline! If there is one thing that should top your Ireland itinerary, this should be it!

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