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Photo Essay: Clearwater Beach’s “Haunted Ocean”

Haunted Ocean by Follow Me Away

Confession: We shot “Haunted Ocean” before we started our “Follow Me Away” project and when we were brand new at working with each other. You will notice two different aspects that set this shoot apart from our Follow Me Away series.

Haunted Ocean by Follow Me Away

#1. Don’t be alarmed at the presence of makeup (thank you Melinda Clark Henry!). All of our shoots (save this one) are 100% natural face and hair. #2. The use of props. we never use props on the road and rarely use them in our work when we are “at home.” We love to keep our work as natural as possible but thought you would love this series anyway!

Haunted Ocean by Follow Me Away Haunted Ocean by Follow Me Away

Trade secret: Clearwater Beach, Florida is super beautiful but if you drive less than a mile south, you will come across a sister beach known as Sand Key Beach. That is where we shot these photos. Clearwater Beach has a very famous pirate ship that sails the waters every day and we were extremely excited to capture this icon in our images.

Haunted Ocean shot in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Haunted Ocean shot in Clearwater Beach, Florida haunted ocean where the boats go

Shooting at Clearwater Beach certainly caused a draw. You can’t tell in these photos, but there were tons of people on the beach and even a few other photographers taking family and wedding photos. The key to creating great images is capturing your shot without all the “noise” that may be in your environment. Focus on your subject and you are golden!

Haunted Ocean shot in Clearwater Beach, Florida

During “Haunted Ocean,” we were lucky to have this lovely gown provided by the Art Institute of Tampa. It was long and flowing when we were on land, but as soon as the bottom got wet, it became very heavy and was difficult to walk in. We had to be careful when changing positions and walking through the ocean. Even Clearwater Beach has potentially dangerous rip tides!

Haunted Ocean shot in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Have you ever visited Clearwater Beach, Florida? What did you think? We would love to hear your opinion! 

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Haunted Ocean shot in Clearwater Beach, Florida

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