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Photo Essay: Discovering the Magic of the French Alps

Although we have seen many mountain ranges in our lives, from the Rockies to the Smokey Mountains, the Alps provide travellers with a totally different feeling. Maybe it is because they run east/west instead of the usual north/south of mountain ranges. Maybe it is because they are sitting in the middle of a foreign country. Either way, we were excited to experience the Alps for the first time in France.

Alps sitting

We made a special trip to a little town called Modane, right in the middle of Vanoise National Park, on the rail line between Turin and Paris. In the summer, this ski town was a virtual ghost town, forcing us to eat plain bread for lunch and boxed mac & cheese for dinner. We chose this location because it was walking distance from the mountain side and a hidden waterfall.

alps bw field

alps waterfall French Alps

While shooting in the French Alps, we captured on of our most famous shots to date, “Windswept Wanderer” [above right]. Shooting at the hidden waterfall in the alps was exhilarating. In order to capture the shots we wanted, we had to leave all of our valuables behind and get drenched by the falls’ mist.

Alps coventina

Alps pretty alps hills are alive

alps windswept 2

As with anything, there is always room for improvement. During this shoot, one of our lenses broke and the vast majority of photos were blurry and out of focus when we uploaded them to the computer when we were back home. Instead of crying about it, we vow to go back to this exact spot in the French Alps and do a “part two” to this shoot.

alps base

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3 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Discovering the Magic of the French Alps

  1. Lynn

    Just out of curiosity, how did you get your dress to flow like this, was it windy? Love the photos, i live in France and will explore the Alps this March for skiing =)

    1. Follow Me Away Post author

      The wind from the waterfall was enough to get the dress to flow! Where in France do you live? We love the alps so have a great time!

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