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Travel Hack: Finding Hidden Outlets at the Airport

We have all been there; those moments at the airport when your phone or computer battery dies and you still have a 3 hour wait just to board your flight [The horror!!] Although many airports are improving their traveler care, outlets are still super difficult to find. Follow these easy travel hacks to locate some secret outlets that are hidden in the void that are busy airports around the world:
  •  Surprise! Sometimes power outlets are hidden under a group of pay phones! Since almost everyone has a cell phone these days and pay phones are usually desolate, hit up these hidden gems and charge your technology in peace.
  • Watch out for the maintenance workers. Their vacuums/carpet cleaners etc. have to be plugged in somewhere! Follow the power cord to find out!
  •   Find an airport bar. Yes, the kind with liquor, since the “work stations” will most likely be overrun with other travelers. Ask the bartender if there is an outlet you can use. He/she will usually oblige. outlet
  •  If you need to get a quick charge on your phone but do not have a lot of time, restrooms, especially women’s, usually have outlets near the counter. This short charging time will at least give you a boost until you can find a more convenient place. Bonus: you can charge your devices while you freshen up!
  • Finally, if all else fails, try and remember to pack a small power strip in your personal item carry on. If there are only a few outlets you can plug in the power strip and people will be able to share.

Did we miss anything? What are your favorite places to find hidden outlets at the airport? Tell us in the comments!

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